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September 26, 2005

HarryTho's "Uncut" Monday Night Natalee Holloway Update And Commentary(Updated)

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It's been a "busy work" news day on the coverage of Natalee's disappearance. The media seem determined to spin for ratings, instead of digging for the truth. It's heavy on "soap opera" news coverage "dressed-up" for viewer interest, and light on substance. It's almost up to the readers and viewers to sift through the traffic of spin, and focus on the narrow range of possible scenarios - with the most probable most likely being other than what the media has spun to be the most obvious.

Fox News (Bill O'Reilly) hosted Tim Green and later Geraldo. Tim Green is associated with Current Affair that interviewed Joran van der Sloot in Holland. Geraldo was Geraldo.

First of all, Tim Green, after being queried by Bill O'Reilly concerning the nature of the interview with Joran van der Sloot, admitted to ambushing Joran van der Sloot into an interview on the street in Holland. Joran was unprepared for the interview and spoke off-the-cuff and from-the-hip. The Current Affair reporter removed any opportunity for coaching. What we heard was Joran van der Sloot naked and intimidated by the American press.

Joran responded politely and gave an account, with gentlemanly limitations. He presented himself as sincere and somewhat remorseful of the events. His account was plausible, though inconsistent with the story being told by the American media and the Twitty-Holloway group. Joran presented himself as an upper-class, young man in possession of a guided consciousness, immersed in a horrible life event. He is quite distinct from what we have been informed by the media about him and the Kalpoe brothers. Given his kind and gentlemanly comments during an ambush-interview, he clearly rises above the tactics of Beth & Jug Twitty and the media coverage from the likes of Geraldo, Scarborough's group at MSNBC news and Nancy Grace ... and even Tim Green of Current Affair.

I believe Joran's rendition of the events on the night that Natalee Holloway disappeared should be taken seriously. Two experienced, Aruban detectives: LT Rudy and Det. Nichalaas have both hinted at a Natalee-originated disappearance.

The other tidbit that came out is Joran's mention that he called Deepak Kalpoe for a ride home, after he left Natalee. Joran said that Deepak refused to pick him up. If true, and I believe that it is, then Deepak Kalpoe knew that Natalee would have been alone on the Marriott Beach. This fact leads to Joran's hypothesis to police: "I think Deepak may have returned, raped and killed her ..." (or words to that effect). Clearly, if Deepak's taped-statements are genuine, then his comments represent a consciousness a little lower on the civilization ladder than those of Joran in this interview. Also, had Deepak returned and met with Natalee with macabre consequences, he would have been a willing participant, if not the author, to the original lie about the Holliday Inn drop-off.

There exists a wide chasm between the mind of Deepak Kalpoe and that of Joran van der Sloot. This is a significant fact, I believe, that has gone unnoticed by all the media coverage. Joran van der Sloot respects Natalee Holloway; whereas, Deepak Kalpoe has nothing but contempt for her. Yet, by all reason, it should be Joran van der Sloot that has resentment for Natalee Holloway, after spending three months incarcerated. He doesn't! He even defends her honor (I realize how alien that must sound to people like Tim Green and Gerlado)!

I pray Dave Holloway watches Joran's ambush-interview with Current Affair. I believe he will come to this same conclusion.

Greta aired an except of the Joran van der Sloot interview on Fox News then hosted Beth Twitty and Arlene Ellis-Schipper. Beth Twitty defaulted to her routine "inconsistency extravaganza" concerning Joran's statements. Beth stated that the prosecutor has, in fact, to her that at least two of the suspects were involved in a sex crime. She admits that she has not been able to talk with the prosecutor and does not feel that the investigation is going anywhere. Greta refers to Joran as a liar.

Arlene Ellis-Schipper contends that the investigation is ongoing; however, there is no evidence of a crime. She reveals that Karin Janssen is an experienced prosecutor and knows what she is doing. Arlene avoids commentating on Joran's interview, other than to say that it has not aired in Aruba. Contrary to Beth's statements, Arlene states that the prosecutor met with Dave Holloway for some four hours a few days ago and is keeping the family informed of the status of the investigation.

Comment: When Deepak was taped saying "We all had sex with her...," the implication was that Joran, Satish and Deepak had sex with Natalee. Those may not have been the persons to which Deepak was referring.

On another take covered by our friends at Scared Monkeys, comes a story that focuses on Joran van der Sloot and his father that I believe approaches the bizarre (as do SM)...

Though Scared Monkeys point to the inconsistency of the statements - "Neither me, Deepak or Satish had sex with Natalee" and Deepak's "We all had sex with her," they could be true. Joran actually may not be aware of any sexual contact (penetration however slight-type) with Natalee. On the other hand, Deepak could have knowledge of sexual contact with Natalee amongst multiple partners. The media and the Twitty-Holloway camp have limited their appreciation and understanding of these statements to three suspect: Joran, Deepak and Satish. It is quite possible that Natalee's sexual encounters, if any, involved other persons.

Nancy and her Council of Cacklers take on Joran's ambush-interview. Dave Holloway comments during this session. He seems sold on Joran lying no matter what he says or what evidence the Aruban police discover. It would appear that the entire Twitty-Holloway camp, including Dave, and the media have drawn a line in the sand: Joran is guilty, and Natalee is the Blessed Virgin.

Sometimes I think everyone is wasting their (and our) time covering Natalee's disappearance. It's hard to foresee making any inroads into her disappearance with all the media hype and distortion. I find it hard to agree with anything the media is concluding. This latest ambush-interview is being regarded as a staged PR moment!

Update: Joran Van Der Sloot (blog) has images and video galore on the Current Affair interview.

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