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September 15, 2005

HarryTho Update To Wednesday's Natalee Holloway Commentary (with new info)

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[image via Joran Van Der Sloot Blog]

First, in what we'll call relatively new information that will contribute to an increase in your cortisol level (it will probably infuriate you) "Joran Van Der Sloot" blog has a post on Dr Phil's entrance into the mystery of Natalee Holloway's disappearance - in his post "Today On Dr Phil".

Dr. Phil has joined the search. He teams up with Jamie Skeeter, a retired chief of police and former commander, currently president of the California Association of Polygraph Examiners, to help Beth get some much-needed answers. "We need to tell these people, 'We will never set foot on Aruban soil again until you stand up and do what you have to do for this young woman. You just have to understand that."
Also from JVDS blog, an excerpt from Beth's input: Beth read Joran Van Der Sloot's testimony. "Now I want to tell you the truth. I drove Natalee -- We drove Natalee to my home at 1:40am. I want her to come in. I have sex with her. Next' -- and remember in all his statements she's coming in and out of consciousness -- next he says that then he took her to the beach, he took her to the Fisherman's Hut. And then he calls Deepak at 3:30 a.m. to come pick him up from the Fisherman's Hut. Deepak comes. And Deepak says 'Don't f**k with the b**ch. Let's go' In another excerpt but coming from Deepak:
Deepak Kalpoe, met with Jamie Skeeters in the lobby of his hotel and gave his impressions of Natalee: "To tell you quite frankly, dressed like a slut, talked like one. Would go in a car with three strange guys and her mother claiming her to be the goody two shoes. Enough of the BS already." Dr. Phil reacted to his comments: "There is not one shred of history or behavior to support the ridiculous things that were just said on that tape. You're dealing with somebody here that is without conscience, without the ability to appreciate the consequences of their actions."
In more, Kalpoe's mom actually said, "They lie. We all lie".
Two of Dr. Phil's investigators, Harold Copus and John Weeks sat down for an exclusive interview with Deepak and Satish's mother, Nadira. She requested that her face not be revealed and after the interview made several attempts to keep what she'd said from being aired on Dr. Phil.
JVDS blog has links to more on these items... (Warning - inappropriate language appears in the comments section - the language of commentors, some of which is foul, has not been edited)

In an email conversation with reader 'Frank', and in what speaks to the Deepak matter addressed on the Dr Phil Show, I offered what we include here as an update to last night's post, a couple of additional comments. Believe or not, it has been established that Natalee Holloway left Carlos & Charlie's with Deepak Kalpoe and not Joran van der Sloot on the night of her disappearance. I communicated personally with the individual who did the research.

So, not to beat a dead horse, but (referring back to last night's post) it has also been established that sex trade and illegal immigrants are shipped via containers into all countries. Whether Maersk is involved or not, I cannot ascertain. However, it is a Maersk line that ships to Miami from Paramaribo. Chinese sex slaves enter the USA from Suriname via Miami. Although I cannot prove with certainty that they employ Maersk, the backdrop fits the scenario.

Without question, the surveillance of illegal immigration and drug trafficking in the USA is at the highest level ever. I certainly believe that Maersk would not jeopardize their reputation by willfully engaging in such practices. Nonetheless, the illegal activities continue to flourish, despite all our safeguards. It is quite possible that we have a workable theory, but the wrong steamship service. That is the goal of these discussions. Having said that, we cannot overlook that Maersk ships everywhere. And, credibility of shipping documents fluctuates with the social constraints of the community within which they are monitored. For instance, perhaps we could both agree that personnel monitoring the accuracy of bills of lading in the port of Los Angeles might be more thorough than those of personnel in Paramaribo, Suriname.

For the record, hundreds of pounds of crystal meth (ice) were recently discovered being shipped in cattle containers from Los Angeles to the Big Island (Hawaii). A DEA bust determined that a million-dollar-a-month industry was flourishing between Los Angeles and Hawaii. Texas was determined to be the origin of the crystal meth. Matson is the major waterborne carrier to Hawaii from Los Angeles. Of course, it was never divulged which waterborne carrier service was employed in the scheme. Somehow the surveillance and the shipping documents were neglected in order to allow such a trade to flourish.

Sex traders have been well documented operating in many Caribbean islands and Latin America. The neighboring island of Curacao has been identified as a participant in this trade.

Casinos have excellent surveillance systems that could have been used to identify women of interest.

All things considered, Deepak 'could' indeed be our culprit. But let's keep digging, together! Our real problem is that we don't know how much we don't know, we only know for sure, how little we've learned so far, and that's a scant number of facts with a large number of possibilities - only a few of which fall into what we could call probabilities. More and more, it looks like the types of things that we've been discussing, all of which seem to lead to her having been abducted, appear to have merit. Let's face it - if Natalee is dead she's most likely to be on the island, where, in spite of having been searched by everyone but "Whistler's Mother," she hasn't been found. If she isn't on the island, where is she, and why was she taken from the island? From Joran Van Der Sloot's testimony (mentioned above), Natalee was alive, at his home, and she was "coming in and out of consciousness." In other words, Natalee certainly didn't get up in the wee hours of the morning and walk off the island on her own. She had to be taken, and if so, by whom, and for what purpose or purposes (such as concealing a crime and to be forced into an industry that at least Deepak would consider her worthwhile destination). Let's keep thinking and digging for facts.

Our friends at Scared Monkeys are also covering the Dr Phil Show story, and seem equally disgusted with Deepak Kalpoe.

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