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September 28, 2005

HarryTho Tuesday Night Natalee Holloway Update And Commentary (Updated)

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Here we are on another night, and another MSM spin cycle - still looking for that elusive hint of truth as to what has really happened to Natalee.

Scared Monkeys has posted an article in which Dave Holloway discounts the statements made by Joran van der Sloot in his ambush-interview with Current Affair. Dave also seems to be backing Beth Twitty in many of her comments. Of course, all Dave's comments have the caveat that he is privy to more information than the media. This is the same line given to the National Enquirer by TJ Ward. Though their reservations on releasing pertinent information
may be genuine, their past revelations, a la Josie Mansur, have left doubts.

Also, as a reminder, an old game may be surfacing in Natalee's disappearance. Whenever a kid from the poor-side-of-town gets into trouble, his lawyer will always try to connect or associate blame with a kid from the rich-side-of-town. In that way, there will be political pressure applied to the prosecution and the politically-appointed judiciary to dismiss the case.

Clearly, Joran and Deepak are two different personalities. Dr. Phil and other accredited commenters have been quick to identify Deepak's macabre tendencies. Joran, on the other hand, seems relegated to lying. If we can judge anything, we should trust the initial instincts of the three Alabama teenage girls, friends of Natalee, whom Greta interviewed in Birmingham at the consecration wall for Natalee. Their appraisal of Joran was evident in the Current Affair ambush-interview. Despite the Twitty-Holloway "inconsistencies-extravaganza" default setting, Joran was, in fact, the same teenage boy that the Alabama teens described.

Maybe Joran is perceived as lying, because he cannot control Deepak's statements. Joran may want to tell the truth, but Deepak is blackmailing him with something ... maybe it is something simple, like Satish and I will say you raped and killed Natalee.

Also, let us not forget that Deepak communicated regularly with Steve Croes. Steve Croes was seen breaking into the Fisherman's Huts on the night of Natalee's disappearance. And, for no reason, Steve Croes agreed to lie about the Holiday Inn drop-off. Steve Croes has access to a motorized, inflatable Zodiac (inflatable boat), tied up at the Marriott pier. Joran's guess that Deepak may have returned for Natalee, after Joran left her alone on the beach could be correct. Deepak could have brought Steve Croes (a Curacaon) with him.

Moving on in a similar spin cycle, in this article we have Beth in default mode...

However, Greta brings us a changup, and actually has some things of interest to us.

Greta at Fox News interviewed Current Affair reporter, Jerry Wagschal, and Jug Twitty.

Jerry Wagschal reported that he tracked down Joran van der Sloot in Arnheim where he was attending school. Jerry admitted planning his interview with Joran when he was alone without his father. He interviewed Joran for 20 minutes alone and 10 minutes with Paulus van der Sloot present. Jerry stated that he was pleased with the interview, since he got to cover a lot of topics. The only confrontation occurred when they were about to leave, because Paulus wanted to view the entire interview. Jerry refused to allow Paulus or Joran to view the interview.

Jerry only mentioned two alarming revelations: 1) Joran admitted that the three agreed to lie about the real drop-off, and 2) Joran's statement that their meeting was Natalee's doing. Jerry, lowering his eyes from the Fox News camera, stated that he had experienced this victim mentality in prior instances in which he interviewed criminal conduct.

Greta aired excepts from the video taping of the interview. One of particular interest was Joran statement that the prosecution has not come up with one bit evidence that any of the three were involved in this disappearance in any manner. Joran admitted giving a DNA sample. He said that his DNA did not match the DNA on Natalee's toothbrush. Joran wanted to know just whose DNA was found on Natalee's toothbrush.

Jug Twitty commented on the recent meeting between Dave Holloway and Karin Janssen, and he enlightened Greta as to why he is so upset with Karin Janssen, the prosecutor. This interview, despite its default into the typical Twitty-Holloway response, provided some insights never before discussed. First, Jug stated that he felt that there was nothing satisfying that emerged from Dave's four-hour meeting with Janssen. Greta then queried Jug over his dissatisfaction with Janssen. Jug revisited a heated discussion with Janssen on 28 August, the last time Janssen spoke with Beth or Jug. Jug commenced with a disagreement with Janssen over the issue of whether or not that blood was discovered in the suspects' car. Jug insisted that the FBI stated that there was blood in the car. Janssen retorted that the alleged blood was in fact cleaning fluid. Jug vehemently disagreed with Janssen. Second, Jug spoke of three American witnesses who overheard implicating statements made by the suspects: Joran and Deepak. These statements, Jug says, were ignored by the Aruban investigators. According to Jug, Janssen told them to get sworn statements from these witnesses in the USA. Jug said they got a federal judge to take the statements; however, Janssen refuses to return calls to Jug and Beth concerning what to do with these statements.

Now comes the fun part. Jug was stunned when Janssen revealed family problems with Natalee. Jenssen questioned the $1 Million life insurance policy taken out on Natalee. Further contestation led to queries by Jenssen about Jug's brother's money laundering activities. At this point, Jug admitted that he is high strung. However, he feels that Jenssen is either hiding or has no backbone.

Jug takes a few breaths, then continues with the statement that Jenssen will not admit that she erred when releasing the three suspects. He ridicules her response that they were trying to catch the three red-handed exposing the crime. Jug chuckles that their entire, nine-day, surveillance effort of the three suspect produced absolutely nothing.

I believe Jug's statements during this interview with Greta provide some revelation into where the prosecution is headed. First, the idea of a Natalee-originated disappearance is being taken seriously. The prosecution places little credibility in opinions of Beth or Jug, and possibly then the entire Twitty-Holloway camp. The fact that no evidence of any kind was collected after nine days of surveillance and three months of incarceration certainly hint at the innocence of at least Joran and Paulus van der Sloot, and possibly the Kalpoe brothers. And, lastly, whose DNA is on Natalee's toothbrush?

Comment: When providing a sworn statement to a foreign country, an apistle sp?) is the document required for authentication of the sworn statement. It has to do with the United States being separated into 50 states. The Apistle (sp?) certifies to other countries that the person "notorizing" the sworn statment is in fact authorized and certifed to do so. Usually, the LT Governor or Governor of the state in which the person making the sworn statement resides signs an apistle (sp?). This apistle (sp?) may be the hold up with the sworn statements to be provided to the Aruban authorities.

More to come as available ...

In the meanwhile, let's regress a moment to the matter of Michael Posner, who in my book, is or should be "a person of interest," if not at least a "very interesting person" relative to Natalee's disappearance.

A reader wrote:

What about Michael Posner at the Excelsior Casino? The Posner Group reportedly owns hotels and casinos on Aruba, Curacao and throughout the Caribbean. Is Aruba's Michael Posner the same Michael Posner that is an Associate of the Chicago "Outfit?" Is he still on parole, and is he still doing "business as usual?"

Do Posners still own businesses in Miami, Florida? If so, is that why Paulus van der Sloot, soon to be without judge-in-training income, recently visited Miami?

Or was Paulus' Miami visit in direct relation to the "disappearance" of Natalee Holloway and his currently imprisoned primary "suspect" son Joran? Did Paulus schedule a Miami meeting to arrange financing for son Joran's defense? Or was Paulus possibly summoned to Miami to discuss a quick resolution to this case? Some special interests would like the FBI, other investigators and the media gone from Aruba, so business as usual can get back to normal again.

Is it true that Joran van der Sloot has a line of credit at the Excelsior on Aruba and possibly in other casinos, and is Joran really a drug dealer or runner for Ponser? Could that be why Joran has so much money and/or that line of credit? He gets a lot of money and credit from somewhere. Could Joran van der Sloot, who reportedly is an amateur gambler and loses often, be playing and losing big to help the Posners launder money? And is Dutch pappa Paulus van der Sloot in on the laundering scheme, too?

And what happened to that Excelsior Casino Manager who "vanished" about the same time that Natalee Holloway "disappeared?"

Well, where do we begin? have emailed you many researches on Michael Posner and his associates. From my research, if Michael Posner was awiseguy or an associate for/of street boss Michael "Mickey" Marcello, then Posner was connected to Trafficanti, the gambling boss of Havana Cuba. To make a long story short, Michael Posner runs the Excelsior Casino on behalf of the Chicago mob or more correctly organized crime.


In the chart, I believe, the title "associate" refers to a made-man in the mob. I am assuming that you understand mob talk.

Michael Posner's story: Acting through his underboss, Rocco Ernest Infelise, head of one of the largest "street crews" in Chicago, Ferriola directed Jahoda to lure 51-year-old Robert Heyden Plummer to the outfit's elegantly appointed "Murder Mansion" in northern Libertyville Township. The secluded Lake County mansion in the woods once belonged to a local millionaire, Bruce Rouse, and his wife, Darlene, until they were brutally murdered in 1980. Their case was never solved. The mob bought up acreage and spent $50,000 converting the former residence into a high stakes casino that employed eighteen full-time people to accommodate the gambling high rollers and fun- loving clientele who parked their cars in the rear. Reportedly, the outfit raked in $400,000 for just fifteen nights of casino gambling. According to Jahoda, political protection was supplied by former Lake County Sheriff Tom Brown, whose elected term spanned 1978 - 1982.

The Murder Mansion was an appropriate setting for what Rocky Infelise had in mind. He told the skittish Jahoda a few short hours before a well-planned murder to lead the unsuspecting Bobby Plummer up the flight of stairs to the second-floor casino and "just keep going." Plummer was a "revenue collector" for Ferriola, and a gambler of long standing in the northern suburbs. He also operated the Front Runner Messenger Service, a horse-betting parlor in Highwood belonging to Michael Posner, a protégé of Ferriola and a kingpin in Lake County mob vice operations. Plummer, of north suburban Lake Forest, was attacked on the stairway and savagely beaten to death. His body was found in the trunk of his wife's Lincoln Continental in a Mundelein Holiday Inn parking lot. Jahoda still cannot forget the horrible death cries of Plummer as he was dispatched from this world.
Good Ship Lollipop: Part 1: Murder. Extortion and Loan Sharking.

Posner was involved in "Good Ship Lollipop," the gang term for Chicago street mob (Joe "Oscar" Ferriola gang) that captured the gambling operations. Posner ran gambling and prostitution establishments in Chicago. It is a good bet his resume in Chicago is being utilized in the Caribbean.

That's my quick stab at some of the reader's questions, the rest we'll get to later.

Update: One side note - Jug works for Phoenix Metals Company. I am unsure how he is connected to the McWayne company, other than the Director-at-large position. It was the McWayne jet that took Beth to Aruba. And from Riehl World View, Jug is a director-at-large for the Metal Services Center Institute. Jug went to the same school as some of the Mansur family, now living in Aruba and working for the Dairio newspaper (also has some other case trivia).

Since Dan has brought up some case trivia, and since we've spoken of the Chicago connection with Michael Posner, our casino manager in Aruba, would you believe that "$250,000.00 average profit can be made from one woman in Chicago?"

Posted for HarryTho

Posted by Richard at September 28, 2005 12:14 AM

When we got back from Rita evacuation, I received a vanilla cardstock from Beth Holloway Twitty, dated September 22nd:

"...for Natalee"
I want to thank you for reaching out to me in my time of crisis. Like you, many people have offered their prayers and asked how they can help. Please consider refraining from travel to Aruba and other Dutch territories, whether by air or cruise ship, just until Natalee is returned to me. Thank you again for your love and continuing support which have sustained me.
Sincerely, Beth Twitty, Natalee's Mom

I have written about 4 cards to Beth and sent them to Aruba to encourage her. This is the first response that I have received.

Posted by: molly at September 28, 2005 10:38 AM

The tootbrush was not Natalee's, it was her roommate's , Beth said it on the interview last night attention

Posted by: Jillian in Boston at September 28, 2005 11:16 AM


If the police received authorization to acquire a DNA sample from anyone because of this toothbrush, it would have to have been positively identified as belonging to Natalee.

Jug's revelations about the Aruban prosecutor not communicating with the Twittys seems relevant to your post.

With Aloha,


Posted by: harry Author Profile Page at September 28, 2005 1:57 PM

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