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September 13, 2005

HarryTho Opines On Natalee Hollaway's Disappearance

Topics: Natalee Holloway

Earlier today, I received word from Aruba that word on the results of the prosecutor's appeal to have the release of Joran and the Kalpoes rescinded will be after 2pm on Wednesday. My source expects to receive the results by fax. Since the news on the Natalee Holloway case has been delayed one day, I have some thoughts on her disappearance.

These thoughts probably are best put under a category of "stirring the mystery pot," and serve more to light creative juices than to lay out an investigatory trail:

A previous comment from one of the investigators, claiming that Natalee seemed to disappear without a trace, is worth revisiting. Had Natalee been killed and her body disposed of in the time allocated, chances are very good that her body would have been found. It has not been found. Accordingly, the probabilities favor an abduction scenario.

There would be little reason to abduct an American when South American women are readily available for mining camps. Americans would likewise not be attractive as sex slaves in Europe where many abducted South Americans end up. Natalee, an attractive, blue-eyed blonde would carry a hefty price in the Asian sex industry markets. Reviewing the illegal trafficking routes, we discover that Suriname, not Venezuela, is a conduit for Chinese women. Interestingly, two of the suspects are Surinamese: Deepak and Satish Kalpoe.

In support of Suriname as a possible destination for Natalee is the fact that a blog investigation concluded from eye-witness testimonies that Natalee left Carlos & Charlie's with Deepak Kalpoe. We have a loose connection between a Surinamese individual and a sex slave trafficking country Suriname.

Sex Slavery is a pipeline industry. As with most pipeline industries, they do not operate continuously. The key is to time abductions so that they coincide with transshipment opportunities. Targets are selected, abducted then included within the pipeline. In this way, the abductee seems to disappear from the face of the earth. Once within the pipeline, the abductees become invisible.

Sex slavery between China and Suriname would employ waterborne containers. The abductees would be housed within sealed containers. Currently, the USA overseas trafficking authorities have determined that Chinese sex slaves are smuggled into Suriname for further transshipment into the USA. It follows that the same containers can be used to transship sex slaves abducted in South American countries to China and Japan ... and have been documented.

As a reference, an attractive, blue-eyed, blonde sex slave would carry a $100,000 price tag in Japan or China. Though the amount seems exorbitant, Chinese and Japanese businessmen would pay up to $500 for twenty minutes with such a sex slave. Accordingly, 200 performances would recoup the purchaser's outlay. For 6-7 experiences per day, the purchaser recoups his investment in one month. By now, the purchaser would have tripled his investment in Natalee. Unfortunately, Natalee would be in demand more than 6-7 times per day. Furthermore, the sex freak in Brunei would pay more than $100,000 for Natalee. With 15% of the Surinamese population being Javanese, it follows that her sale could have gone the Indonesia-Brunei route.

If we concentrate on which vessels, with ultimate destinations in China or Japan, moored in the major ports of Suriname: Paramaribo, Niuew Nickerie and Nieuw Amsterdam, then we can begin to track Natalee's fate. The USA overseas investigative authorities may have already minimized the number of vessels under suspicion of sex slave trafficking entering Suriname.

As to how Natalee got to Suriname, I believe she was, in fact, drugged and taken by street boat (fast boat) to Puento Fijo, Venezuela and then overland via Coro, Caracas and Isle Magarita to one of Suriname's ports. The early lead that Natalee was seen in Puento Fijo was accurate.

The best sites for sex slaves of Natalee's caliber would the Roppongi District in Tokyo or the fast clubs of Beijing or Shanghai, China. She would draw the highest prices in those establishments. In the Soaplands of the Roppongi district, Natalee could draw $1000 for full service per client. Casablanca is a recommended hostess bar in Roppongi.

Welcome to shanghai online!

In Beijing, China, the hot sex places are the Howard Johnson Paragon near the train station for 1200 RMB (US $150), Great Dragon Hotel 600 RMB (US $70) for one hour, and Fong Jon, a hot new dance club, with private rooms at $800 for all night sex. The Zhaolong Hotel caters to Chinese military officers ... a likely location to imprison Natalee.

Sex Trade Thrives In China (

In Hong Kong: Club Butterfly

In Macau: Macau Night Life

Am I saying that Natalee 'IS' a sex slave? Certainly not, but just what if, what if she hasn't been murdered and stuffed in a hole on Aruba, or fed to sharks offshore - then the 'WHY' she would be is almost as important as the 'WHERE' she would be, at least if trying to find her is the issue, and it is! Can you think of a better reason to usher her off the island other than to cover up the crime of a drugged rape by giving her to sex traders?

The only other practical alternative answer is that she died, somehow, and that she's buried on the island of Aruba. But so far, no one has come up with a body and it appears that an awful lot of people have looked. As we all go to bed tonight, we're still having to ask - where's Natalee. Maybe we haven't looked in all the right places.

Yet, back in the conventional world, Scared Monkees has posted a transcript from their telephone conversation with Dave Holloway:

"We have two years to do something and gain evidence if this is a murder case. The prosecution better have the evidence to go forward to try the case or wait until they do. I do not want this to be a mock trial and there be double jeopardy if there is no real evidence. I do not want the Prosecution to jump to any conclusions because they feel they have to do something."
Posted for HarryTho (received by email)

Posted by Richard at September 13, 2005 9:55 PM

Joran is a punk! I wish I could fight him in a head up streetfight to prove what a punk he really is. Down with the Dutch!

Posted by: Pacman712 at September 13, 2005 10:09 PM

My question for Harry is: When do you expect her to emerge? Assuming she isn't found. two years? three? A slave doesn't hold that kind of value forever. If she's in Brunei do we have any recourse?

Posted by: DSy at September 14, 2005 7:35 AM

Dear Pacman:

I do not expect her to ever emerge. Since she was not solicited into the sex trade industry, she will be kept and then disposed as refuse.

At 18, she has a six-year shelf-life as a high-caliber commodity. I suspect in the Far East, her sex traders could gross some US $10 million over that six-year stretch from her services.

The first thing is to determine where she is being held captive. If in Brunei, we can negotiate with the Sultanate. The Sultan will not be too pleased with his brother's abduction of yet another American woman. If she is being held by the Yakuza in Japan or the Triads in China, then the negotiations will be more delicate.

Our authorities know the sex trade routes in an out of South America. Besides, there are only so many waterborne carriers, and our authorities have them under surveillance. They could narrow down the possible routes and carriers that facilitated Natalee's abduction.

Posted by: harry Author Profile Page at September 14, 2005 12:40 PM


Does any of this make Joran, the 2 kalpoe's and the father innocent?
Why did the prosecutor bring back the kalpoe's for suspicion of rape and premeditated murder.
Why did the minister of justice personally confirm her death (I have the video) and then retract.
I want to believe your story but don't see the connection to the suspects.

Posted by: Frank DeSimone at September 14, 2005 2:45 PM


As incredible as this may sound, I believe the re-arrest of Kalpoes was a legal ploy orchestrated by the prosecutor as an attempt to add leverage to her motion to keep Joran van der Sloot incarcerated an additional 30 days.

As for the confirmation of death, I beleive that may have been a miscommunication between the deputy police chief and the ministry for justice. This alleged death orignates from the erroneous conclusion utter by the deputy police chief: "Something bad must have happened" which the press re-quoted as "something bad happened."

Innocent resides in the discource of jurisprudence. Accordingly, with no evidence to indicate otherwise, all the suspects remain innocent. Actually, the Sacred Monkeys just emailed me that the Aruban Supreme Court has just suspended all the detention of the suspects, citing the lack of strong evidence with which to hold them.

Posted by: harry Author Profile Page at September 14, 2005 4:27 PM


Don't ever condone my son or daughter -- especially my daughter -- to take a post-high school trip to "certain" countries; and/or

If my son or daught does go on such a trip, I must be there as a chaparone making certain all of those in my charge are accounted for 100% of the time.

For starters ... eh?


Posted by: Jack in Southern California at September 14, 2005 10:53 PM


I feel we have a misconception in our society. Within our national boundaries, women have achieved some for of parity with men. I will leave the exactitude of that parity up for discussion. What is important is that outside our national boundaries the status of our women varies form country to country. Despite the eloquence of the international entities, designed to appease the USA, overseas the rights of women truly lag behind those of men. Accordingly, an American woman carrying on, as she does in the USA, will be confronted with an array of responses in foreign territories. Adorning flimsy attire and extending less than cordial greetings to overseas gentlemen will elicit less than approving responses. In a patriarchal society where women are hardly distinguished above chattel such social presentations would evoke extreme disdain and may lead to undesired sexual confrontations.

American women need to understand that their status in our country is not as transferable into other countries as that status of our men.

In example, many South Asian and Southeast Asian countries affectionately refer to Caucasians as white monkeys. Now, to Americans, this nickname may carry humorous connotations, because of the connotations that we, as Americans, have for monkeys in general. That is not the case. Female white monkeys are somewhat relaxed and can be a source of humor. Male white monkeys, on the other hand, are absolutely ruthless and quickly kill the competition. A similar distinction carries over with Caucasians traveling through these regions.

As for South America and the Caribbean (Latin America), I suspect a similar distinction evolves from a reminder of the mannerisms of the 16th and 17th Century, male Caucasians that wandered through these regions.

Having such a weak overseas diplomacy, covering American citizens in foreign lands, likewise adds to create a lower opinion of the stature of our women.

In short, American women need to realize that they, and their opinions, are not worth much overseas. What worth that American women do acquire comes from the prowess of our military projection into foreign lands.

With Aloha,


Posted by: harry Author Profile Page at September 16, 2005 5:54 PM

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