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September 14, 2005

HarryTho Natalee Holloway Wednesday Update And Commentary

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mickey.gif Natalee Holloway-related activity has been a bit more active today than in previous days post Joran van der Sloot's departure from Aruba.

Earlier today, Scared Monkeys posted "Beth Holloway Twitty on Nancy Grace; "I certainly didn`t know they were cowards."

Well, you know, Nancy, I was thinking, I knew there was corruption and cover-up involved. But I certainly didn`t know they were cowards either, and to hide beneath the cloak of Hurricane Katrina is just reprehensible. And you know, I think -- I think of the Dutch government, and I want to keep the focus on this political party in place, NEP (ph). I think of this judge, Rick Smit. And I can`t imagine putting the suspects` rights or the suspects, you know, before the victim of Natalee, and that why should he choose to be concerned about Joran attending university in The Hague? It just is unbelievable.

Beth would later go on to make more statements(SM has transcript).

Also at Scared Monkeys, the Supreme Court of Aruba determined that the suspended detention of Joran van der Sloot and the Kalpoe brothers has been suspended completely. The Court determined that there was insufficient evidence to maintain the detention.

Here is the latest AP story(Updated: 07:16 PM EDT) that reports the Aruba court has lifted the curbs on the three suspects in the "missing U.S. teen case." The 10:46 PM EDT version of the update is here.

From Julia Renfro of Aruba Today(recieved via email):

Decision of the Superior Court

This afternoon, the Superior Court announced the decision of the appeal presented last week in the case of the three suspects Joran v/d Sloot, Satish Kalpoe, and Deepak Kalpoe.

The Superior Court terminated the suspended detention completely for all three suspects. The Superior Court is in the opinion that there is not strong enough evidence or serious motive to continue the detention.

The three persons will remain suspects in the case of the Natalee Holloway disappearance.

Continuing on a little further from where we left off last night regarding a possible scenario for Natalee's disappearance, Let's look at a bit of my side of the email conversation I've had with reader "Frank," since the post: Since we're only playing a game of scenario, I believe these companies to be a good lead for shipping to the Far East ... all ports ( United Suriname Shipping Company and Uniblue Shipping of Paramaribo). They ship competitively to the Far East, and are the sole contact for Maersk Sealand. Maersk vessels are as popular in Chinese ports as junks.

Interestingly, they cross the Atlantic and moor in the Middle East as their entry port to Asia. They have a Maersk Hong Kong vessel that moors in Paramaribo.

Continuing - The slave trade angle is probably accurate. Natalee Holloway, as a young, attractive, blue-eyed blond, becomes a bountiful commodity in the Far East.

Let's look at some numbers.
Attractive Caucasian women can get over $1,000 for twenty minutes in Honolulu. For countries like Japan and China (and others not so affluent), where blondes are a rarity, the price for such experiences increases. To us in the West, these prices seem extreme, but to countries that savor special opportunities, they are the norm. In comparison, what would an American pay to drive, just once, a $400,000 Italian sports car? In the movie: Scent of a Woman, the American author suggested $2,000 for a comparable ride in a cheaper, yet luxurious, automobile.

From my article, at say an average of $500 per "visit" combined with an average 10 "visits" per day, Natalee would make $1.8 million a year. And, Natalee is just 18, she has a desirability time of some 6 years. To a sex slaver in a high-caliber community, like Tokyo, Osaka or Shanghai, Natalee is worth some $10 million. Accordingly, the one million dollar reward for Natalee's return does not even match the wholesale value of her earning power for a sex trader.

We must keep in mind that Natalee is no longer a person to a sex trader. She is merely a commodity.

If she is in Japan, she is in the hands of the Yakuza. If she is in China, I suspect the Triads have her. She will not be returned easily, if ever. Their tentacles of power are quite persuasive with established authorities in the Far East. Also, that video of Natalee performing as a high school cheerleader, aired by the cable news networks, will undoubtedly become a selling tool for the sex traders.

Regarding detection, this intercontinental sex slave industry is beyond the capabilities of the FBI. I am sure they get memos and briefings on the aspects of the trade as it effect the USA; however, that is where the boundary lies. Regrettably, there exists little enforcement power in this industry in the form of inter-country cooperation. Within individual countries, law enforcement can exert an effort to minimize the trade. I am sure it is not a secret to the Surinamese that their port of Paramaribo is the center of sex trafficking in South America. The empowerment for enforcement seems lacking. Keep in mind that a relative of the current president was just arrested for cocaine smuggling.

The key to this type of illicit industry is to operate outside the bounds of the influence of countries concerned with the surveillance of this sex trade industry. Frank, over 2,000,000 (two million) girls form the ages of 5-15 are ensnared into this prostitution industry every single year. The USA complains about it, but hey, it is a livelihood for many enterprising and politically-influential people in the countries that thrive in the industry. It is no secret that the Netherlands, for example, participates in the sex trade industry. When our young women leave the USA, they become en pris.

As for Joran and the Kalpoes, I doubt, if they were even involved, were aware of the ultimate disposition of Natalee. The sex traders are quite adept at enticing young women into their clutches. Usually, it is job offers. One of our Miss Americas became ensnared with the brother of the Sultan of Brunei for the promise of $127,000 for six weeks to act as his escort. Upon arrival in Brunei, she discovered that she was his sex slave and had to provide "services" for his entourage of, as she put it, "rowdy friends."

Lastly on this particular issue, the FBI is no match for the Yakuza or the Triads. Our FBI are nice boys. They lack the minds of the devious criminals. Now, the old CIA had a few tricks to show the overseas criminals. But, keep in mind, what is so special about an 18-year-old teenager from Alabama that would warrant such a high profile investigation? It is one thing to buffalo the tiny, tourist-dependant island of Aruba. It is quite another to confront China and Japan.

I do suspect that the Aruban authorities know how Natalee left the island. She was taken on a street boat (fast boat) to Puento Fijo, Venezuela (it's a port on the peninsula de Paraguara). The Aruban police checked out a lead, allegedly reporting a sighting of Natalee there. Keep in mind that the Venezuelan police are not as police-minded as the Aruban authorities. Data abounds that they are in cahoots with the trafficking schemes all over Venezuela. Some suggestions (I'm being polite) consider the Venezuelan military as the traffickers (mostly drugs).

Please keep in mind that it is the US media promoting the demise of Natalee on the island of Aruba. No evidence exists to support any such conclusion. The Twitty-Holloway camp is supporting the Aruba demise scenario in order to keep the story alive, so to speak. Morally, you can condemn them; however, realistically, they just want their daughter back.

There is no established involvement of Joran and the Kalpoes in Natalee's disappearance. If they were involved in an abduction, they would not have been seen with her on the night she disappeared. Whoever orchestrated this abduction knew that Natalee would be at Carlos & Charlie's that evening. I seriously doubt that this was a spur-of-the-moment abduction. In my opinion, Natalee was singled out at the Excelsior Casino and followed. I believe the abduction was planned, because of the rendezvous with Venezuelan the street boat.

Could Deepak Kalpoe have initiated this abduction? It is possible. He seems most likely of all the suspects. He could have sent a picture of Natalee via email anywhere. His employment as a cashier in an Internet cafe allows him surveillance opportunity of visiting females desirous of communication. In the process of setting up their computer access services, he can probe them for personal and timeline data. And, he has access to their picture without their knowledge. One can envision his collateral job as a stock purveyor of desirable women. Deepak checks the prospects out for possible abduction. Please note that a cashier at an Internet Cafe cannot be the extent of Deepak's aspirations. He frequents Carlos & Charlie's and the casinos, so he is aware of the benefits of being rich and carefree. What better way is there to achieve that standard of living than to become a sex slave trader? In Suriname, he must have been well aware of the road to riches available to sex traders.

After watching the numerous interviews of tourist women on Aruba by the cable news networks, only Natalee seemed to be a worthwhile prospect for the high-caliber sex slave trade.

As to a boycott, it will not work. Tourism is actually up in Aruba. It seems the media coverage enlightened more visitors to the island's benefits: out of the hurricane area, low crime rate and beautiful beaches (and lots of drugs!).

We know little about Deepak Kalpoe. What has been exposed, in great detail, is Joran van der Sloot's background. How is Deepak connected in Suriname? To me, this question remains unexplored. Until we can unearth Deepak's connections, his threat-level remains a mystery. On the surface, Deepak spilling the beans seems rational to us Americans; however, Suriname may contain threats of violence against his family there, if Deepak should mention a word about an abduction scenario. This is a common threat hanging over everyone head from a less than stable country. In the USA, the mafia refers to this as "putting an ad in the paper." Specifically, if someone rats on the mob, they kill one of your relatives or friends to remind you to shut up. In Thailand, if you rat on a gangster, his group kills every member of your family that they can find. The threat is persuasive and commands silence.

Joran may not be aware of Deepak's involvement, if any. Joran may be maintaining silence, because he really doesn't know anything. Keep in mind, this 17-year-old outlasted some of the world's best interrogators for over three months. How could that be possible, if he knew anything?

The recent arrest of the Venezuelan Freddy creates a possible connection to Puento Fijo. Juxtaposing Deepak and Freddy creates some interesting scenarios that hint at a possible abduction. Another interesting character that as faded into the background is the Curacaoan Steve Croes. Croes and Deepak are connected.

In my opinion, the abduction was Chinese in origin. The Chinese pride themselves on delivering a blow without providing knowledge of how the blow was delivered. This is precisely what we have here. So, the Paramaribo sex trade connection to China surfaces as a real possibility: Freddy represents Puento Fijo, Deepak creates the Paramaribo connection, and then the sex trade route from Paramaribo to China. It fits!

Of course this is all just a speculated scenario and cannot be assumed to be accurate without supportive evidence. However, until someone can show me why it's got no chance of being right-on, I think its as good an explanation as we've seen or heard so far.

Posted for HarryTho (received via email)

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Posted by Richard at September 14, 2005 11:15 PM

OMG! This is what I've felt happened all along without having any real reason to base it on other than instinct. Amazing to see you spell it out now when it really wasn't addressed by the US Media!!! Any thoughts why the media didn't concentrate more on this sex slave angle??? Thanks again for your insights! Always a fascinating take! Kat

Posted by: kat at September 15, 2005 9:20 AM

We, too, have felt all along that Natalee was sold. We felt like everyone was going like crazy, searching the wrong place. I think that Anita VDS also knows what happened to Natalee. Her comments come across as rather odd..."That won't bring Natalee back." Anita could have meant from the dead, but it didn't come across like that to me. I feel very bad that Natalee may be suffering in a faraway land while everyone has been looking in the wrong place.

Two websites that you might want to read give Aruban history and all their mafia connections as well as the story about the Miss America who was taken to be a part of the Sultan of Burnei brother's harem.

Posted by: molly at September 15, 2005 9:30 AM

I agree with your scenario completely. I don't think Joran knows anything about the situation with Natalie, I do think Deepok does,because of his comments about natalee-(that are inappropriate as far as I'm concerned)-read scared monkey's article on that one. I still Believe that Natalee is alive & wonder if she couldn't have been abducted.

Posted by: R. decker at September 15, 2005 12:08 PM

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