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September 12, 2005

HarryTho Natalee Holloway Update and Commentary

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Scared Monkeys is reporting that Art Wood, agent for Josie Mansur's Dairio newspaper, will come forward on Dr. Phil's show and do an expose' on what he has uncovered in Aruba concerning Natalee's disappearance.

Art is contending that no DNA testing was ever done, and a belt found near the light house was never entered as evidence. According to the Monkeys, former Secret Service agent, Art Wood will hint that a cover-up was in operation in order to protect the chief suspect Joran van der Sloot.

It may very well be true that no DNA testing was ever done on the suspects, because, according to Aruban law, some credible evidence must be available in order to request DNA testing. Credible evidence is something the prosecution lacked form day one and continues to be without. As for the belt, it was determined by the police to be too old to be of any value to the investigation. All Art Wood will divulge on Dr. Phil is that he is not a very good investigator. As for an alleged cover-up, you need evidence, first, so that you can cover it up. Art probably slept through that class in Secret Service School.

In Natalee-related stories, certainly not for delicate eyes and ears, we have some possible scenarios like the following:

Intense traffic in women between the Netherlands and Suriname.

Suriname issues temporary work permits for foreign prostitutes. Women and children are sold in gold mining towns. Entry point for sex trafficking is Paramaribo. Traffickers receive $500 for a Brazilian woman. Chinese and Indian girls are smuggled into the country. Paramaribo prostitutes go for $10 to $30. Suriname is indifferent to sex trafficking.

Comment: If Chinese girls can be smuggled into Suriname, then it follows that white slave trade can flourish going to China.

Chinese are smuggled into and through Suriname. Sex trafficked women are in interior mining camps. Suriname trafficked women-obtained to the Netherlands.

January 9, 2004

Putting the Sex Trade on Notice

A study by the Inter-American Commission of Women at the
Organization of American States in Washington shows that
Latin American nations have mostly sat back as women and
children were treated as chattel. Women from Colombia were
smuggled as far away as Japan, and Dominican women ended up
against their will in Switzerland. Young Mexicans were
enslaved in several states, including Texas, Florida and
New Jersey. Costa Rica and Belize became destinations for
impoverished women from Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador
and Honduras. Without passports or money, they were forced
to supply sex to tourists, usually from the United States
and Europe. At least 70 Internet sites promote sex tourism
in Costa Rica.

"In the month she was held captive, Olenka figures she was raped more than 1800 times. The men each paid the owner $50."

Hotels Krasnapolski or Torrarica allow Diamond girls in your room for the night without any extra charge. Hotel service charge (room service) by the girls costs $120 for the night.

There was an article on sex rooms in Paramaribo, but I was unable to retrieve it. Apparently, these sex rooms are the boom now in Paramaribo.

How would anyone find Natalee in a place like this? They have sexual slaves operating near these goldfields. It is good business to keep the camp lively with entertainment.

Fullest involvement essential in fighting human trafficking, says Suriname OAS-ambassador.

So it's clear that sex trafficking is a problem, and that if she is alive, there is no denying the possiblility of her having been taken into the world of sex trafficking. We certainly hope that she is not a sex slave, but at least it would be better than her not being alive, provided she can be found.

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