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September 20, 2005

HarryTho Commentary To Last Night's Natalee Holloway Update (Updated)

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Following up on last night's post last night, somewhat later - Rita Crosby at MSNBC News hosted Beth Twitty and former FBI agent Harold Copus. Harold Copus makes the interesting connection amongst Michael Posner (Excelsior Casino manager), the Chicago mob and Paulus van der Sloot. Michael Posner actually met with Natalee Holloway during her time in Aruba, however, during the entire investigation, Posner was "unavailable" and not investigated. Interestingly, the Excelsior Casino is locate right next to the Holiday Inn.

In the Crosby interview, Beth Twitty remarks that she was threatened by Michael Posner, or people associated with Posner, when she first arrived in Aruba to investigate her daughter's disappearance.

Michael Posner is the person that allegedly provided Joran van der Sloot with an open gambling account at the Excelsior Casino. Joran and Natalee met at the Excelsior Casino, according to Natalee's girlfriends.

Why Posner was never investigated, we may never know without the right people asking the right questions. You'll recall that Posner and Natalee went missing the same week.

Also last night, Scared Monkeys ran a post about Clint van Zandt's investigations of the Natalee Holloway disappearance.

Van Zandt listed the number of statements given to Aruban police that allegedly where provided by Joran van der Sloot; namely, Deepak raped and killed Natalee and Joran had sex with Natalee. Then van Zandt listed Deepak's latest "She's a slut" and an admission that ecstacy is used to drug women in Aruba. Van Zandt feels that the Aruban authorities have enough to charge the suspects with lesser offenses, and I believe that most of us on the planet would agree with him.

Clint van Zandt, likewise, discussed the "predatory game" that is active on the island of Aruba, something we've alluded to before. Essentially, he describes an old "cutting" game in which women on their last night in town are selected for drugging and gang raping, then dropped off near their hotel. If they complain, the police describe, in detail, how they will be required to remain for the prosecution. Van Zandt concludes that most, if not all women, just pick up their goods and leave without seeking any further action. Not a nice thing to happen to nice people, and not something that is done by the "nice people of Aruba." The only problem, there are people on Aruba, as is the case just about everywhere else, who are not 'nice'! And on Aruba, there's an atmosphere and mindset among some that live there, that "seems" at to be at least "tolerated" by "some" and certainly not all, officials.

(Omitted earlier by error)Clint van Zandt's story is enticing to readers, because it fits quite nicely with what the media has presented about the situation in Aruba with Natalee's disappearance. However, his story lacks a complaining Natalee or a body. After 100+ days of investigation, a body should have shown up. It has not. A cutting or predatory game, as van Zandt puts it, is a mischievous, young man's game. Mischievous, young men are hardly capable of the disappearance phenomenon that we are witnessing.

In a next to final note, one that speaks to why all of us, on an international scale, are so interested in Natalee's disappearance, "The Birmingham News had a nice piece on the 18th that you'll want to make sure you read (hat tip - Scared Monkeys).

And in our final 'early afternoon' note, has "Father Of Natalee Distances Himself From Aruba Blacklisting Call."

Dave Holloway, according to the report, insisted he is on Aruba to show support for the local authorities, "because, it is only with the help of Aruba that we can eventually solve this case."

Holloway also insists that he will not share information with the media, since he gave his word to the police authorities that no new development in the investigation will be leaked to the media.

Now that's what I call having class and playing it smart! It also may mean that he has something not to tell.

Updates in the form of misc. commentary:

What van Zandt has done is to streamline his results to match the current exposes of the cable news networks and stamp his FBI credentials for authentication.. It is an old mind game, designed to lure readers into a false conclusion.

In order for van Zandt's results to have merit, he has to have a complaining Natalee or a body. Without either of those two ingredients, his results are exposed for what they are: misleading. Also, van Zandt has supplied no data on previous occurrences of this "predatory game" on the island of Aruba. What he concludes sounds good, but there exists no supporting data to confirm that it has ever taken place on Aruba. This addition is important, because van Zandt is playing a mind game. He concocts a wonderful conclusion that may fit perfectly with some shenanigans that went down on the East Coast (New Jersey to Maryland area) where cutting seemed to flourish. However, a simple reality check reveals that Aruba does not have a history of such a practice. Yet, van Zandt's super-imposition implies that it does.

On another note: this latest revelation on Michael Posner really explodes with possibilities: A former Chicago mobster associated with Natalee Holloway and Joran van der Sloot. Chicago is known for cementing down victims and dumping them into the river: cement shoes. Why this has gone unpublicized is more baffling than Natalee's disappearance?

The only new info that comes from Harold Copus' research is that Michael Posner served time in prison, then somehow went to Aruba and got into the casino business.

My gut feeling is that Michael Posner is Aruba's King of the Bums. The fact that someone with his background goes uninvestigated seems to point to a cover-up of some kind. I bet he is the one who mentioned the infamous: "No body, no crime," allegedly-credited to Paulus van der Sloot. To me, Michael Posner is the hub of this mystery wheel. Posner would have all the connections to effectuate the disappearance of Natalee Holloway that confronts the Aruban authorities. He is our culprit, or he is one of our culprits!

Even way back in the begining of the investigation, Posner was allowed to go unnoticed, it seemed, by the authorities. Nothing was released on this guy, despite his connection with Paulus, Joran and having met with Natalee.

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Posted by Richard at September 20, 2005 12:15 PM

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