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September 26, 2005

Gaza erupts as rockets hit Israel: Gaza pullout opened doorway to terror!

Topics: Middle East News and Perspectives

Remember when the U.S. expressed hope that the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza will create momentum toward peace between Israel and the Palestinians? Well, that didn't happen, and count on things to just get worse.

BARELY two weeks after Israel's pullout from the Gaza Strip, the area erupted into violence over the weekend as Islamic militias launched 40 missiles into Israel, which responded by resuming assassinations, as the two sides sought to set new ground rules in the wake of the pullout.
In effect, the Israeli pullout from Gaza just moved the enemy closer for attacks on Israel! After all, we're dealing with Islamists, not rational, normal-thinking, human beings that are capable or living in peace and making what most would consider 'smart' decisions about their future. The only thing accomplished by the Israeli pullout was the opening of a doorway for the formation of an Islamist stronghold, which is not going to be prevented by Egypt, dispite best laid plans. Israel, on the other hand, is going to continue to respond to Palestinian Islamic terrorism.

Yet, just to be fair and balanced, Captain Ed is more hopeful(sort of):

If one tried to construct the most foolish strategy possible on the part of Hamas and the Palestinians, it would have been to use Gaza as an attack site immediately after the withdrawal of the occupation. Hamas just found out that not only does that constitute an act of war, it also makes Hamas at best partisans, not covered under the Geneva Convention. The Israelis have no responsibility to treat them as POWs once captured, but as spies -- unless Mahmoud Abbas wants to claim them as the Palestinian Army, which would then make the West Bank a legitimate theater of war as well as Gaza.

On the plus side for Hamas, the operation has given them an opportunity to look for new leadership, since Israel captured theirs during the operations in the last two days. Perhaps that will improve their strategic thinking, but somehow I rather doubt it.

Are the Palestinian's really capable of becoming a peaceful people? Can Hamas learn to be a peaceful group and put terror tactics behind them? Probably not. No more than a leopard can change it's spots!

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Israel's anti-missile operation is supreme test of its intelligence capability. Hamas terrorist teams in Gaza still have the use of an open escape hatch to Egyptian Sinai.

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Posted by Richard at September 26, 2005 7:00 AM

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