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September 23, 2005

Families of troops counter Sheehan

Topics: Our Nation's Warriors in the war on terror
When Cindy Sheehan demonstrates the MSM coverage is all about her anti-war and anti-administration comments and activities. When an anti-Cindy Sheehan group demonstrates in support of the troops and their commander in chief, the entire story is delivered in the context of, and mostly about - Cindy Sheehan, while including as much of Cindy Sheehan's standard dribble, as possible. In the excerpt's below, I've included only the anti-Sheehan, pro-troop information:
As Congress this week honored parents whose sons or daughters have been killed in Iraq, some families said Cindy Sheehan and her anti-war group do not represent them and are disrespecting the fallen soldiers.

"You can't call into question the integrity of the commander in chief without having it call into question the integrity of those under his command," said Diane Ibbotson, whose son Army Cpl. Forest Jostes, 21, died in April 2004 outside Baghdad.

"Let's talk about the things they've accomplished," she said, listing the end of Saddam Hussein's dictatorship, Iraq's first free elections, and the building of schools and hospitals.

Mrs. Ibbotson said it "angered" her that Mrs. Sheehan seemed to be speaking for all of the families who lost children, so she decided to speak out.

"What has she done, rather than bitch, gripe and complain?" said Gary Qualls, whose 20-year-old son, Marine Reserve Lance Cpl. Louis Qualls, was killed in Fallujah, Iraq, last fall.

"There should be nothing but full honor and full respect. Coming from Cindy Sheehan's camp, there's has been nothing but dishonor and disrespect," said Mr. Qualls, who created "Fort Qualls" in Crawford, Texas, to counter Mrs. Sheehan.

"These families are oftentimes very frustrated with what's occurring in Washington with the anti-war protesters, and they feel it's time to speak out," You can read the entire article that includes Sheehan standard-speak, here... The Washington Times article has made the anti-Sheehan focus, the crux of the story, while focusing on the points of Cindy Sheehan and her ilk. It would be refreshing to read, at least now and then, about how most of us in America really do support our troops being in Iraq because we have the good common sense to know that they need to be there, for now - we can't bring them home, Vietnam-style, without facing a total disaster in the War on Terror. Do ANY of us WANT war? Hell no! But we can't live with Islamofascism, and we can't tolerate a stone-age existance in a world under Sharia, either.

Let's pull out the stops, Mr. President, finish what we started as quickly as possible, and then bring our kids home. But let's get on with it proactively. Enough political correctness, after all, we are at war.

Posted by Richard at September 23, 2005 10:44 AM

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