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September 20, 2005

Exploiting Katrina for Political Gain

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Just when I thought Sen John Kerry couldn't stoop any lower I came across this campaign (*cough*) speech (HT:Anklebitingpundits)that uses the Katrina disaster to impugn the Republican half of the federal government. Kerry whines,

Katrina stripped away any image of competence and exposed to all the true heart and nature of this administration.


This is about the broader pattern of incompetence and negligence that Katrina exposed, and beyond that, a truly systemic effort to distort and disable the people's government, and devote it to the interests of the privileged and the powerful.


Katrina is a symbol of all this administration does and doesn't do.
Predictably, Kerry plays the race card and proceeds to blame his opponents for every major problem facing the nation. His personal aspirations continue to trump the needs of Americans and his exploitation of one of the worst disasters of our times is appalling.

No John, President Bush couldn't stop a hurricane or overcome the mistakes of the corrupt New Orleans government. By design, the President's powers are limited. And, despite your desire to make it so, the Federal Government is not the savior of the American people.

Many - who are not US Senators - are making a positive difference and giving sacrificially to aid the victims of the Katrina disaster. Harry Owens (via Richard) lists some of the ways here.

The Christian people with love and compassion are doing the work. The gripers in Congress and some of these beautiful people should come on down and get in line to pass the water and the ice.

Update: see the image posted by Sherri

Posted by tim at September 20, 2005 12:37 AM

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