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September 13, 2005

Daniel Pipes: World silent after Muslim gang attacks 'Palestinian' Christian village

Topics: Middle East News and Perspectives

arab.uprising_big.jpeg Daniel Pipes writes, "It ain't just the Jews, folks." Apparently there has been a sustained Muslim assault on Arab Christians that has led to their fleeing the birthplace of Christianity. What some observers are calling a pogrom took place near Ramallah, West Bank, on the night of Sep. 3-4. That's when fifteen Muslim youths from one village, Dair Jarir, rampaged against Taybeh, a neighboring all-Christian village of 1,500 people.

The reason for the assault? A Muslim woman from Dair Jarir, Hiyam Ajaj, 23, fell in love with her Christian boss, Mehdi Khouriyye, owner of a tailor shop in Taybeh. The couple maintained a clandestine two-year affair and she became pregnant in about March 2005.

(...) When her family learned of her condition, it murdered her. That was on about Sep. 1; unsatisfied even with this "honor killing" -- for Islamic law strictly forbids non-Muslim males to have sexual relations with Muslim females -- the Ajaj men sought vengeance against Khouriyye and his family.

(...) The Ajajs and their friends broke into houses and stole furniture, jewelry, and electrical appliances. They threw Molotov cocktails at some buildings and poured kerosene on others, then torched them. The damage included at least 16 houses, some stores, a farm, and a gas station. The assailants vandalized cars, looted extensively, and destroyed a statue of the Virgin Mary.

(...) "It was like a war," one Taybeh resident told The Jerusalem Post. Hours passed before the Palestinian Authority security and fire services arrived. The fifteen assailants spent only a few hours in police detention, then were released. As for Khouriyye, the Palestinian police arrested him, kept him jail, and (his family says) have repeatedly beat him.

(...) for Palestinian Christians "the fact that the Muslim aggressors have been released while the Christian tailor-shop owner is still being held, at best symbolizes the PA's indifference to the plight of Palestinian Christians, at worst shows it is taking sides against them."

Read much more on the Muslim 'cleansing' and violence against Christians in the PA...

If Christians were attacking Muslims and driving them out of their traditional homes, the mainstream media would be all over this story. Notice the literal blackout of coverage on incidents such as this, and just think about the fact that there have been many others. Daphne Tsimhoni, in the Middle East Quarterly, asks, "Is Christian life liable to be reduced to empty church buildings and a congregation-less hierarchy with no flock in the birthplace of Christianity?"

Danial Pipes suggests that one factor that could help prevent this dismal outcome would be for mainline Protestant churches to speak out against Palestinian Muslims for tormenting and expelling Palestinian Christians. To date, unfortunately, the Episcopalian, Evangelical Lutheran, Methodist, and Presbyterian churches, as well as the United Church of Christ, have ignored the problem.

He writes that instead, they pursue the self-indulgent path of venting moral outrage against the Israeli bystander and even withdrawing their investment funds from it. As they obsess with Israel but stay silent about Christianity dying in its birthplace one wonders what it will take to awaken them.

The Bethlehem exodus

Palestinian Arab Muslims Vandalize Christian Graves; More Christians Emigrate

Hat tip - JackLewis.Net

Posted by Richard at September 13, 2005 6:13 PM

No surprise here. A muslim man is allowed to marry both Jewish and Christian women. A muslim woman is only allowed to marry a member of the Ummah or community of believers. The man is the bed owner in Islam and whatever springs from the womb belongs to him. If there is a divorce, when the child is weaned the man retains custody of the child. This would be, the law based on both the Qur'an and also the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammed.


Posted by: tammy swofford at September 13, 2005 9:41 PM

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