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September 29, 2005

Borders drawing new kind of illegal immigrant

Topics: Immigration and Border Issues

When are we going to finally have enough of the borders to our country being nothing more than a line on a map, and wide-open to illegals flooding across it almost at will? And would you believe that the vast majority of these people, if caught, are simply turned loose with a promise to show up in court?

The number of non-Mexicans who are illegally crossing America's southern border has more than tripled over the past three years and is on pace this year to soar even higher.

A congressional study has found that only about 37,300 illegal immigrants from countries other than Mexico were caught breaching the border in 2002. This year, through early July, the number has mushroomed to more than 119,000 - mostly from Latin American nations - a surge so far of more than 58 percent.

The Congressional Research Service report says that no one is sure what is triggering the growing tide, which is surfacing mostly in Texas.

"The reasons for this dramatic increase, and its geographical concentration in Texas, are not altogether clear," said the Sept. 22 report.

From the article we learn that according to a congressional report, "unlike Mexicans caught illegally in the border area - who are sent back almost immediately to their home country - those from other nations are often released on bail because the detention facilities are full. Once released, the would-be migrants never appear for their hearings before immigration judges and simply disappear." What part of this picture can't be seen as unacceptable by the Bush administration?

And just how bad is it? Eugene Davis, retired deputy chief of the Border Patrol sector in Blaine, Washington, says that he absolutely believes "that the next attack we have will come from somebody who has come across the border illegally. To me, we have no more border security now than we had prior to Sept. 11. Anybody who believes we're safer, they're living in Neverland."

So whatever happened to that "drive to halt illegal immigration across America's porous southern border, amidst growing fears that terrorists may be using Mexico as a base camp before heading to Arizona, Texas and California!!!"

Posted by Richard at September 29, 2005 6:47 AM

Don't hold yer breath . . . Brother Jeb is not exactly focused on anti-terror priorities. . .
Jeb Bush Calls for Immigration Changes

Gov. Jeb Bush urged the federal government to change its visa and immigration policies Thursday, saying the country needs to avoid stifling international travel and commerce.

The governor said he recognized that the country had to tighten security after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, but said a better balance was needed.

Posted by: miira at September 29, 2005 10:28 PM

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