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September 12, 2005

Beth Holloway-Twitty Rips Dutch Government

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MykeMyk posts that Beth Holloway, in an interview with Geraldo, accused the Dutch government of taking advantage of the media's coverage of Hurricane Katrina to release Joran van der Sloot and the Kalpoe brothers.

At first glance, Beth's verbal assault on the Dutch government doesn't appear to really hold water. The fact that the judge had until Sept. 4 to decide as to whether or not to hold Joran van der Sloot had already been established. To someone who has not been following the case, it would appear that the judge was just acting in accordance with the time line that had already been pre-determined.

Yet, for those who have been following the case from the beginning, the days leading up to the judges decision had seen the Kalpoe brothers re-arrested, another youth taken into custody, and reports that another girl had come forward and was preparing to make a statement. There were statements being made concerning charges that were being brought against the Kalpoe's and Freddy, a close personal friend of Joran van der Sloot. Charges were said to include premeditated murder and rape.

With all of the above thrown into the mix, Beth Holloway-Twitty's remarks may not be far off the mark.

The most alarming news of all came when Beth announced that she held in her possession a statement from Joran van der Sloot saying that he had engaged in sexual intercourse with Natalee Holloway as she drifted in and out of consciousness. Natalee's mother said she had not spoken publicly about the statement for fear of compromising the ongoing investigation into the disappearance of her daughter. As offered by Mike, knowing now what Beth has known, it's both 'easy to understand' Beth Holloway-Twitty's frustration and anger, and 'difficult to understand' why the Aruban government, certainly under the influence of the Dutch government, let Joran van der Sloot out of jail.

Other coverage - Scared Monkeys, with more commentary:

In an interview last night with Geraldo Rivera, Beth Holloway Twitty finally made a comment that has never been made yet. Beth also said she had with her police statements from Joran Van Der Sloot admitting that he had sex with Natalee at his home while she was drifting in and out of consciousness.
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More Natalee-related later this evening

Posted by Richard at September 12, 2005 2:37 PM

This is really a disgrace not only for justice but to a life taken without remorse. It is evident that these three boys are involved and/or quilty. They are a disgrace to society and if not only for the case of Natalee, for previous actions of young girls. Our heart goes out to Natalee's family. They are to be commended for not taking action into their own hands. It is evident that Aruba's definition of justice is from the "backwoods" and shows little intelligence in any of their procedures. It goes to show, money talks and politics is of more value than a life. It is not over and God will have His final say. Justice will prevail but maybe not in these three boys lifetime on earth.
Praise God.

Posted by: patricia sayen at September 14, 2005 9:46 AM

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