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September 2, 2005

A Blame Game Named Katrina

Topics: Natural Disasters

For those wishing to play 'Katrina' as a tool for playing the blame game, there's a long list of "candidates for blame" to choose from.

Dean Esmay at Dean's World, in addressing the issue of "Holding Politicians Accountable," writes:

For a lot of people, looking to throw blame at politicians in times of national disaster seems tawdry and nasty. Nevertheless, the question has been raised recently by critics of the current administration in Washington why they didn't do more to prevent this, or trying to blame certain policy decisions they made for it.

In their defense, many point out that it is entirely fair to hold elected officials accountable when things go wrong. Some of the same people harshly criticizing the administration have also, interestingly enough, gone after the Governor of Mississippi. Strangely, the only thing I can find in common between the President and Governor Barbour is their party affiliation--and these critics going after the President don't mention any other Governors or elected officials. Hmm.

Read the rest of Dean's systematic 'undressing' of those wishing to play 'Katrina' as a tool for playing the blame game.

Posted by Richard at September 2, 2005 9:14 AM

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