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September 2005

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September 30, 2005

The Muslim Suicide Bomber: Driven by a ' lethal mix of nationalism, zealotry and humiliation'
HarryTho Friday Night Natalee Holloway Update And Commentary
Bennett Supports Abortion and Eugenics?
Diabetes Test Fails Miserably
About That FDNY Muslim Moonbat Who Questions Whether The 19 (Muslim) Hijackers Were Responsible For 9/11 - Does his school have a connection to a 'charitable front' for the Palestinian Islamic Jihad? (UPDATED)
Israelis urge U.S. to stop Iran's nuke goals: Conventional Negotiations Will Not Work!
Poverty of the Muslim World

September 29, 2005

Critics Call Hospital's No-Coo Request Cuckoo
Albany Mosque Leaders Indicted - 'Again'
Science and New Orleans
Taxman Favors Native Hawaiian
Antilleans hold two suspects in Melcher kidnap case
On Saudi Arabia: Can Karen Hughes Bring Them Up To Date From 'Ten Centuries From Normal'
Hugh Hewitt: 'The bottom line on MSM post-Katrina'
About That 'Extraterrestrial Route' In Puerto Rico
A Ronnie Earle Movie Deal ? What About Ronnies Arm-Twisting For Corporate Contributions To His Own Pet Project?
Congratulations Chief Justice John Roberts
Stem Cell Therapy Successfully Treats Heart Failure Patient
An Islamic guide on how to beat your wife
'Heart of Darkness' and the Arab mindset: Prelude to terror
Stem cells seem to rejuvenate failing hearts. The trouble is, doctors still don't understand how.
Borders drawing new kind of illegal immigrant

September 28, 2005

Wounded Marine In Iraq Gives His Attackers The One Finger Salute
Is the Aids virus weakening?
Iraq's First Female Suicide Bomber Kills 6
HarryTho's Wednesday Night Natalee Holloway Update(Updated)
"Newsweek" Confirms Evan Kohlmann's Post: Abu Azzam Was Not Al-Zarqawi's "#2"
Carnival of Life
IDF: We'll turn Gaza town into DMZ if Qassams fired
The Unholy Alliance - Muqtada Al-Sadr and the Iraqi Sunnis' Opposition to Federalism
Sea Monster 'Caught' on Tape
HarryTho Tuesday Night Natalee Holloway Update And Commentary (Updated)

September 27, 2005

Protein Gives Bald Mice Luxurious Locks (of hair)
More Lowdown On Lodi: Judge sets bail at $1.2 million for Lodi father in terror case
N.O. Police Say 249 Officers Left Posts: 'A case of the inmates running the assylum'
Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cells Treat Spinal Cord Injury
Al-Qaeda's Hurricane Lesson: Target the Oil Supply
About Those Superdome Myths (Updated - Shame On Fox)
More On Islam And The Treatment Of Women: Iran's dress code for women comes in way of sports
Why U.S. generals think Iraqis will do a better job of suppressing insurgents
Death by Abortion
Cindy Al-Sheehan, The Pathetic Clown (Updated)
Abortion Case Heads for the Supreme Court

September 26, 2005

HarryTho's "Uncut" Monday Night Natalee Holloway Update And Commentary(Updated)
Family Seeks Legal Relief So Son Can Read Bible During Recess
Hawaii's Akaka Bill
Smoking Linked to Higher Diabetes Risk
Iranian Nuclear Chief Ali Larijani: The West Should Learn the Lesson of North Korea
Pentagon: Top Zarqawi Aide Killed
Croatian Muslims Want Hijab in Passport Photos
New Orleans: Swamp of Corruption
Debunking the Red Cross - AKA Money Pit
SAS in secret war against Iranian agents
Gaza erupts as rockets hit Israel: Gaza pullout opened doorway to terror!
Breast cancer risk doubled for left-handed women
Bush offers Pentagon as 'lead agency' in disasters

September 25, 2005

HarryTho Sunday Night Natalee Holloway Update
Retribution: Sheikh Mohammed Khalil killed in Gaza air strike

September 24, 2005

Michael Schiavo Speaks at Ethics Conference

September 23, 2005

The Humane Society Needs Your Help
Rove Presses Lawmakers On Illegal Aliens
Scientists Find That Nanowires Can Detect Molecular Signs Of Cancer
Dhimmi Watch's Fitzgerald: The plight of Iraqi Christians
Al-Qaeda operative nabbed in Somalia's breakaway region of Somaliland
New Orleans Should Be A No Porking Zone
HarryTho On Aruba Redux: Dutch Consulate Allows Defendents To Escape To The Netherlands(Update)
Is Condoleezza Rice Colin Powell with clout?
Hamas To Convert Synagogue to Weapons Museum
Misunderestimated Again: Bush and Recovery from Katrina
Michael Yon - 'Battle For Mosul III: Prelude'
Scotland: NEW lung cancer drug extends survival
Families of troops counter Sheehan
'Light' smokers face tripled risk of heart disease and cancer
Hurricane Rita Water Vapor 'In Motion' Satellite Image
Jimmy Carter: Gore beat Bush in 2000 - Says 'no doubt' Al won, 'country failed abysmally' in election process
'I didn't mean to kill my girl'
EU backs off for now from referring Iran to Security Council
Hawaii's: Akaka Bill's Legality
The Thursday Evening HarryTho Update and Commentary (Late night edition)

September 22, 2005

Feminism Redefined!
Global Warming - On Mars: Perhaps due to gas-guzzling SUVs!
Jihadi In America: Terror charge added against son in Lodi terror case
Nominate a Conservative! Go for the jugular!
Researchers Identify New Target In Fight Against Obesity
Terrorism and the "Katrina Option"
Islamic Extremist Arrested - Threats Continue
Hurricane Coverage
Those Anti-War "Media Events" Provide Aid And Comfort To Our Enemies (Updated)
HarryTho On The Natalee Holloway Case: Was Michael Posner in the mob?

September 21, 2005

Experts Say Faulty Levees Caused Much of Flooding
Former Honolulu Police Chief Donohue considering run for governor's seat
General Honore: Your Stuck On Stupid
Our Friends the Saudis
The World's Thinnest Mobile Phone
Iraq's Catholic bishops seek change to draft constitution
Green Tea For Alzheimer's?
Al Qaeda Running Out of Volunteers?: On Winning And Loosing The War
Social Engineering and Eugenics in France
Late abortion referrals 'legal'
The Roberts Hearing: The Sound and the Fury 'of Democrats trying desperately to stay relevant'
On Bloggers Reaction To Julie Myers As Head Of ICE,
Our Wonderful Post Office Turns Dhimmi: Salutes Muslims
More Muslim-Inspired Violence: Thailand Deathtoll Exceeds 1,000

September 20, 2005

Genetic Research Uncovers New Breast Cancer Target
Join The Rally To Support Military Families
Hurricane Katrina - 911 Audio
Corruption, Democracy Building, And The Arab Mindset: Iraqi defense officials have embezzled $1.27 billion
HarryTho Commentary To Last Night's Natalee Holloway Update (Updated)
Cronyism 101: Bush DHS Nominee Doesn't Deserve The Job
Iran blamed as militias step up Basra violence
Skin Patch Eases Early and Late Parkinson's Symptoms
So You Thought You Converted To Christianity From Islam: But you didn't because you can't
Probing 'Able Danger' Could Turn Out To Be 'Quite The Show"
North Korea Deal Is No Deal Only One Day Later
Exploiting Katrina for Political Gain

September 19, 2005

Katrina's Aftermath From A Minister's Viewpoint
HarryTho Natalee Holloway Update and Commentary
Boston Globe On Muslim Bigotry And Hate
Bottled Water Cited as Contributing to Cavity Comeback
Court TV has a special on Mystery in Aruba
Dog shoots man
Hillary vs Cindy - Round One
New Orleans Death Toll at 579
Islamic Schools Under Scrutiny For Sexual Abuse
North Korea Stands Down
Suspended Posting

September 18, 2005

Hyscience Back Online

September 16, 2005

HarryTho Friday Evening Natalee Holloway Update And Commentary
World Summit Document a Disappointment for Abortion Supporters
Talabani pleads for help against 'forces of darkness'
On Arabs, Islam, And Hate: Disfunction against everything not Islamic

September 15, 2005

Bomb Class
Samarra learning from Talafar?
Iran admits: "The aim is a nuclear bomb"
The Truth About Race in America--III
Hawaii: Kamehameha Schools Update
Weird Behavior And Creativity Shown To Be Linked
Study Shows: 'Eat more beans' to stop cancer
Louisianna Governor Kathleen Blanco Caught On Tape:
Islamofascism at CAIR: photo doctored for Islamic correctness
Pledge Of Allegiance - One Nation Under God Who?
HarryTho Update To Wednesday's Natalee Holloway Commentary (with new info)

September 14, 2005

HarryTho Natalee Holloway Wednesday Update And Commentary
Blogs Scoop NBC On The New Orleans Levee Board By A Week
Biden's Hypocrisy
It's High Blood Pressure That Triggers Heart Disease in Obese
Al-Qaeda avenging Talafar
Political correctness kills
The five most dangerous words with regard to Muslim immigration to the West
Dumb Moves: Mistakes By Both FEMA and Local Officials
Al Qaeda: "Plenty Of Blame To Go Around"
Rep. William Jefferson: Katrina Shame - An Outrage And A National Disgrace

September 13, 2005

HarryTho Opines On Natalee Hollaway's Disappearance
John Kerry Requests Silver Star After Piloting Swift Boat Through New Orleans
ABC 1999: Iraq-Al Qaeda Connection - Video Proof?
Daniel Pipes: World silent after Muslim gang attacks 'Palestinian' Christian village
Chicken Eggs Made to Produce Human Antibodies
Is Is Syria's Role In The Iraqi Insurgency Near An End?
Roberts Responds to Questions About Roe v. Wade
US prelate urges 'safe side' on gay priests
Lower gas prices expected

September 12, 2005

HarryTho Natalee Holloway Update and Commentary
Susan Torres' Baby Dies Of Heart Failure
Kyoto University researchers find stem cells in human heart
Firefighter to Replace Brown As FEMA Chief
Vegan Diet Helps Postmenopausal Women Shed Weight
Jihad flags fly from synagogue
Kennedy Wants to Know if Roberts is Stingy (with the constitution)
Doctors: Hurricane Katrina Forced Us to Kill Patients
Beth Holloway-Twitty Rips Dutch Government
$2,000 Debit Cards For Katrina Victims Not Such A Hot Idea
Genetic Analysis Suggests Human Brain Is a Work-in-Progress
Salmon Rushdie: 'Lesson One for the modern Muslim: remember, this is not the 8th century'
No Shame In The MSM: 'The federal response to Katrina was not as portrayed'
U.S., Iraqi forces rout insurgents in Tal Afar: A Model Of Future Offensives?
Cancer Benefit Seen for Popular Diabetes Drug
Iran military says Katrina showed U.S. could be turned into "war zone"
The MSM Wants To Show Bodies Now - Where Were They On 9/11?
'An Islamist threat like the Nazis'
L.A., Melbourne Targeted in Purported Al Qaeda Tape
Down but not out: Signs of renewed life in New Orleans

September 11, 2005

Ontario Rejects Shari'a
Dr. Phil To Do Show on Natalee Holloway
The Ghost Train of New Orleans
HarryTho on Hawaii's 'Very Senior Senators'

September 10, 2005

Flight 93 Outrage: Memorial Using Islamic Symbol An Insult To Those Who Died
Katrina Revealed: Reality Television, Shades Of Gray, And Morality
High Daily Stress Equals Lower Breast Cancer Rate
Hawaiian Democrats: Isle delegation criticizes slow federal response to Katrina
HarryTho Saturday Evening Natalee Holloway Update

September 9, 2005

HarryTho Natalee Holloway Friday Night Update
American Muslim honor student indicted in plot to kill President Bush
About that Federal funding of the Louisiana disaster planning verses how it was spent!
Does Al-Qaida Plan A Spectacular 'Ramadan Offensive' ?

September 8, 2005

Democrats' anti-Bush petition also seeks political contributions
Liberals Call Abortion a Religious Freedom
HarryTho Thursday Evening Natalee Holloway Watch
Police Have Possible Suspect in Julie Popovich Murder
Iraqi Sunni Who Died Saving Shi'ites Unites Old Enemies And Provides A Step Toward Bringing A Country Together
200 Suspected Militants Arrested in Iraq
Drug may help protect kidneys of type II diabetics
New Moonbat Bumper Sticker: Blaming Republicans For Hurricane Katrina
Delayed Posting

September 7, 2005

The Katrina Saga - What's Going Right
Police In Europe Reveal Biggest Ever Drug Haul Intended For Iraq
Lest we forget: This Woman Deserves To Know Where Her Daughter Is!
FEMA to issue debit cards
Author Marc Siegel's 'False' Sense of Security
Abortion Clinic Caught Shredding Documents as Kansas Court Considers Mandating Records Release
Smokers' blindness risk 'doubled'
BREAKING: FoxNews reporting Roy Hallums has been rescued
Leftist Air America Radio Host Urges Poor To Loot
Muslim Cleric Threatens Norway With 'Punishment'
Man 'killed by Islamic zealots'
FARC Leader Says 'Kill Priests'
Who Authorized those Evacuations?
Cindy Who?

September 6, 2005

Stem cells from fat could be used for treatment
Joran van der Sloot's new home: He's in familiar surroundings
New Orleans Levee Board Under Fire BEFORE KATRINA
Study Finds Dutch Doctors End Kids Lives
Sailor on leave from Iraq killed by suspected gang members
Akaka Bill Updates
11 teens in Holland sentenced for group rapes
Mel Martinez for Supreme Court?
The blame game
Katrina Timeline
Natalee Holloway Update: A contrast of images
Muslim missionaries questioned in terrorism probe
Islamists Conduct Pogrom Against Christians In West Bank
Katrina: Mississippi's Gulf Coast - A Comprehensive Report

September 5, 2005

If meditation is good, God makes it better
John Roberts and the Third Amendment: Another Liberal Nightmare
British Expert Says 'Benefits of stem cell research oversold'
On Katrina And The Blame Game
Katrina Victim's: Sean Penn To The Rescue - Well, Almost!
U.S. Court Freezes all PA and PLO Assets
An Unnatural Disaster: A Hurricane Exposes the Man-Made Disaster of the Welfare State
New Lnk Between Stem Cells And Tumors
Suspects Released, Natalee's Mom Leaves Aruba (Updated)
Air America and the Christian Coalition - a contrast
Roberts Nominated as Chief Justice

September 3, 2005

Supreme Court Judge William Rehnquist has Died
Iraq: Battle along the Northern Ratline
Natalee Holloway: Activity Going On In Aruba, Etc.
Confirmed: Julie Popovich's Body Found

September 2, 2005

Latest Satelite Image of New Orleans
Natalee Holloway: Satish Kalpoe To Be Released (with HarryTho Update)
New Orleans: A View From The Ground
Gangs Blocking Relief Efforts In New Orleans
Omega-6 fatty acids cause prostate tumor cell growth in culture
Planned Parenthood Solicits Funds to Offer Chemical abortion for Hurricane Victims
A Blame Game Named Katrina
Extremist on deportation list is linked to Islamic advice group
SOS from New Orleans
New Internet Virus Discovered (Updated)

September 1, 2005

Administrative Note
'Islamodribble' 101: 'The Terrorist Katrina is One of the Soldiers of Allah'
Court OKs challenge to taxpayer funding of Office of Hawaiian Affairs
Buying Your Gas From CITGO Is Doing Business With Hugo Chavez!
Images From Hurricane Katrina
Researchers Find Chemotherapy and Radiation Together May Be Better for Patients with Locally Advanced Lung Cancer
Security Chaos in Hurricane Aftermath - What Does It Mean for the Future?
HarryTho Evening Natalee Holloway Update and Commentary (amid report of Joran release)
Airborne Troops Alerted For Katrina Duty
More Al-Sheehan
Everyone ordered out of New Orleans
Gas Rage Spikes as Fuel Prices Soar
Hurricane Katrina: America Is The Shelter From The Storm