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August 10, 2005

Wednesday Night Natalee Holloway Updates

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Here are tonight's Natalee updates, including our usual HarryTho commentaries:

Earlier this afternoon (AP) - Defense appeals ruling that allows FBI access in case of missing U.S. teen in Aruba (hat tip -HarryTho)

HarryTho 10:02 PM EDT Email:

Fox News H&C played some video from Aruba in which Joran's attorney explained their motions in court today. First motion was the appeal for the FBI to be barred from perusing the case documents. The appeal will be reviewed on Curacao by a panel of three judges. The second motion concerns the intensity of interrogation in that, Joran's attorney contends that the Dutch interrogators are employing tactics that violate his client's right to remain silent.

Dave Holloway revealed that a new Lake Park search team is coming out to search the island. He admits that police have asked Beth to stay away from Deepak Kalpoe. Interestingly, Dave now refers to the "security guards" who accompanied Beth to the Internet Cafe as witnesses. All questions posed by H&C, concerning the police investigation, were answered by Dave with old Mansur-lore. Also, Dave says that the gardener-witness who claimed to have seen Joran and the Kalpoe brothers near the Racquet Club has completely disappeared.
Scared Monkeys has some commentary of it's own to offer on the issue of a new search team coming to Aruba, as well as excerpts, or more, of the H&C interview with Dave Holloway.

Riehl World View posts on "Jim Kouri writing at The National Ledger who takes a look at the drug trafficking problem in Aruba.

HarryTho 10:57 PM EDT Email:

Scarborough of MSNBC came out hard on Joran and Deepak Kalpoe. Concerning Deepak, Scarborough while interviewing Linda Allison made comments that Deepak claimed in his harassment charge against Beth Twitty that Beth used profanity, threatened and stalked him. Additionally, Scarborough claimed that Beth was planning to sue Deepak for lying in his complaint against her.

These were puzzling comments, because Beth Twitty was almost simultaneously interviewed on Fox News. Beth made no such accusations. Beth's only comment was that her attorney advised her to stay away from Deepak Kalpoe. Sometimes I think Scarborough just makes this stuff up.

On Fox news with Greta, Beth recounted parts of her interface with Deepak. One comment that I focused in on was Beth telling Deepak to look at her when she talked to him. In some island cultures, looking into a person's eyes communicates an intent to fight. It could be that Beth's words to Deepak were misconstrued as an intent to bait him into a physical confrontation. Keep in mind that on the evening of the incident, Beth bragged about the encounter and made comments that would make one conclude that she had harassed him. And, she did confirm that she talked to Deepak at his place of business for over 90 minutes. That could not have been a friendly conversation, and it had to make Deepak uncomfortable. I believe Scarborough's comments emanate from the fact that his NBC news team in Aruba set up the meeting in the Internet Cafe.

Scarborough's comments concerning Joran were not much better. He contended that Joran went to court to claim that his human rights were being violated. I am not sure if "human rights" is the correct interpretation for what Joran's lawyer motioned in court.

Lastly, Beth told Greta that she had a new tip that TJ Ward is looking into. Beth stayed away from any amplification, other than she had a new tip and TJ and her had met with the tipper.

Greta made comments that Joran was not talking to the interrogators at all.
More tomorow.

Posted by Hyscience at August 10, 2005 10:35 PM

I know how to make Joran talk: Post pictures of Natalee on the walls of his cell. Next day, post a copy of the description of Natalee by her classmate, telling what a sweet, kind, and gentle person she was, how she was such a hard worker, her achievements, etc. When Joran realizes what a wonderful person he destroyed, his conscience will be greatly troubled. Finally, play recordings of her voice in loving conversation with her family and loved ones.
Joran will be blubbering and begging to confess!
John Marson

Posted by: John Marson at August 10, 2005 10:27 PM

You are assuming, John Mason, that Joran van der Sloot has something to confess. Don't you think after two months in jail, an 18-year-old, island boy would have broken down by now, if, in fact, he was guilty of something against Natalee? The media can blame the Aruban police all they want, but the fact remains that Joran is an 18-year-old boy (just 18!)and he has outlasted the best criminal investigative minds in the world. Is that possible, if he is guilty?

By the way, all that confession nonsense that seems to intoxicate the media never happened. The Arban authorities have absolutely nothing against Joran van der Sloot, other than he was the last person "to admit" having been with Natalee. As far as the lying, yes, it got him incarcerated, but lying seems to be the norm in this case for all parties.

With aloha,

Posted by: harry at August 11, 2005 12:03 AM

HARRYTHO wrote in his 10:02 PM EDT Email:

"...The second motion concerns the intensity of interrogation in that, Joran's attorney contends that the Dutch interrogators are employing tactics that violate his client's right to remain silent."

I WONDER WHAT KIND OF TACTICS these interrogators might be employing?

I presume that Joran is attended during these interrogations by his attorneys.

I would suggest (seriously) that when the going gets tough, Joran should get "weird" on these interrogators. Make it difficult for them. Joran is innocent until proven guilty. As such, he's really free to act as a free man would in such restrained conditions. Were I his legal counsel, I would encourage him to get especially "weird" -- Ik zou hem aanmoedigen vreemd te werden! In what way? Well ... This is not the proper forum for such suggestions. But his legal counsel would know; or should know.

Posted by: Jack in Southern California at August 11, 2005 1:11 AM

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