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August 24, 2005

Wednesday Evening Natalee Holloway Commentary and Updates

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Continuing with our nightly Natalee Holloway commentary and updates, here's the latest from mystery writer "HarryTho," who's been following, commenting, and updating on the Natalee case since it became national news:

Scared Monkeys has posted on an interesting interchange on Fox News amongst Josie Mansur, Ruben Trapenberg and Bill O'Reilly. When Ruben could not respond if the police were aware of all these other females complaining about Joran van der Sloot, Bill O'Reilly stated that maybe Josie should be in charge of the investigation. As we reported earlier, there are 6 females complaining: 3 Americans and 3 Arubans. It's hard to determine why these young females decided to come forward now. Clint van Zandt has been going over the police files on the case, and he may have been the one contacting the Aruban gals.

Also at Scared Monkeys, divers are being sought to assist in looking for Natalee at the site some one mile off shore from the Holiday Inn. Yesterday, the Aruban diver, Paula, indicated that there was a plan in place to send down 12-20 divers on Thursday.

On an investigative note, the phrase "no body, no crime" has haunted me of late. From my narratology and textual analysis background, I have a hard time associating that phrase with the common vocabulary of Mickey John or the Kalpoe brothers. "No body, no crime" would be spoken by a Homicide detective and not likely anyone else associated with this crime. Although, the phrase seems to have gained widespread usage now, it could not have been popular at the time the media first announced. Even though, lawyers would use the term. It would only come into play after the police had investigated. Hence, to have the phrase emerge early on, as it has, would seem to indicate that a Homicide detective uttered it first.

Our first introduction to the phrase came from Mickey John in what he claims he heard through jail cell cement wall. Whether Mickey did hear it through the cement wall or he repeated it from an earlier conversation does not matter. Somehow a homicide detective was involved in the case, early on. If Mickey heard it first, chances are it was before he was arrested. If the Kalpoe brothers heard it first, then someone coached them before they were arrested. I doubt Paulus van der Sloot would have used the phrase, because his specialty of law is in another area. Either way, a homicide detective got involved in this case early on.

If, according to David Kock, the Kalpoes' attorney, the Kalpoe brothers are clean in Natalee's disappearance, then Mickey John heard the phrase "no body, no crime" before he was arrested. This would seem to indicate a homicide detective, or former homicide detective, was involved in Natalee's disappearance. And, it goes a long way into explaining why this case is so difficult to unravel. Could it be that someone on the inside is hampering the investigation? Back to this at a later date. Meanwhile ....

Fox News (O'Reilly) announced, via Josie Mansur, that 3 Aruban gals have alleged that they were drugged and raped by Joran van der Sloot. Josie reports one is 17 and two are 18. The two 18 year-olds are afraid to come forward. The 17 year-old went to the children's care center and apparently did state that Joran drugged and raped her. Currently, she and her attorney are preparing to make a formal report to the police. The two 18 year-olds will not come forward. Josie explains that if the girls do not want to come forward, then the police cannot go to their homes and question them. Josie knows the names of the girls; however, he has been asked to keep their names in reserve. Josie explains that they have shield laws in Aruba to protect him from divulging the girls' identities. He shared his 30 years of experience in the journalism business, and how his reputation has been built from honest dealings and integrity.

Josie explained that the police have gone back to square one, reviewed the files, and according to Josie, are ready to file charges against Joran and the Kalpoe brothers.

Also on Fox News (H&C) we have the announcement that Natalee Holloway's family is headed back to Alabama.

MSNBC (Kosinski) announced that the court respected the integrity of the news crews who filmed Joran in Kia Prison. Joran testified that he could see the camera. The court decided that the film showing Joran in prison cannot be aired. Michelle described that Joran was reading a book, said that Joran was very polite, and according to Michelle, Joran never asked them to leave. It was about a two minute interview with Joran. Crosby interviewed Michelle on the filming. Warden agreed to allow the film crew into Jorans cell, a cell for three persons.

Dan Abrams reminded MSNBC that they have to respect the laws of Aruba. A court has said you cannot air the video, and Abrams states that they should not violate an Aruban court order.

Larry Walters expresses his feeling that this filming is public relations nightmare for the Aruban government, in allowing such a lapse in security. He points to some international relations issues to resolve. He believes the film is newsworthy and should be aired. Joran's attorneys dragged NBC news into a court for an injunction hearing today on the issue.

Crosby says the legal representatives of NBC will not air the film. However, NBC news has not given up on airing the film. NBC contends that the film was acquired legally. The warden allowed the film crew in and toured them around. Rita says it may be aired later. NBC news is considering an appeal of the court's decision.

Back on the 17 year-old, Helen Lejeuz, new attorney for the Twittys, believes the new 17 year-old gal's claim of having been drugged and raped by Joran, is credible.

And later on MSNBC (Crosby): Kosinski interviewed Freddy Maduro, the Kia Prison warden. Freddy claims Joran was abused by police when his father was arrested. Freddy claims Joran has incorporated himself into the system. Freddy claims the father expect special treatment for Joran, because the father was a judge. Joran is in the new section with two cell mates.

Clint van Zandt reported on Joran's interrogation, and says that Joran handles himself like a much older person during the interrogations. Van Zandt goes on to say that MSNBC is working hard to resolve this case.

Pat Brosnon is pleased with Joran's two cellmates, because they could report information that he says.

Wendy Murphy went overboard degrading Joran and his father, and calls Joran a monster.

Mickey Sherman condemned the news crews in Kia Prison, and claimed that they took advantage of an inexperienced prison warden and entered the prison. Sherman contended that the pictures in the prison violates Joran's rights, which resulted in Wendy going nuts over Sherman's opinion. We can't help but wonder how Wendy can even have a license to practice law of any type, given her reactions. Sherman hat to remind her that Joran has not been charged with anything.

Van Zandt claimed that if the new gals pan out, the clock will stop on Natalee's case but will commence on these other cases, and that Joran could be held on the new cases.

On MSNBC News (Crosby) Joe Mammana, from Philadelphia, was interviewed. He donated $250,000.00 for the Holloway case. Apparently, Joe speaks to Beth Twitty on a daily basis, and intends to stick with Beth to the very end. Joe believes that celebrities should get involved in missing persons' cases, and spreads his money around to help others. Joe went on to mention his own scraps with the law in his early life.

Fox News (Greta) revealed an emergency court session tonight over the Michelle Kosinski visit to Kia Prison and the filming of Joran van der Sloot. Antonio Carlo, Joran's attorney, gave a statement that NBC actions were unethical, unprofessional and nothing to do with journalism. The judge awarded injunctive relief against NBC and Michelle Kosinski and agreed to a fine of US $1 Million per airing of the filming. Carlo stated that the judge did not find Michelle Kosinski and NBC news faulty of unprofessionalism in using the tour of the prison in order to gain access to Joran.

Joran's mother raged against the Kia Prison personnel for allowing a news crew inside the prison to film Joran. She claimed that there was no safety for her son in the prison.

Tito Lacle claimed that Carlo described the NBC News team as using guerilla tactics in order to film Joran in his cell. But it wa the warden that allowed the news team inside the prison. Tito claimed that the director of the prison (warden) gave NBC news permission to film Joran, and that measures are being pursued to suspend the warden (director?) for this infraction. Tito also claimed that Joran never gave the NBC news team permission to film him, while Carlo insisted that the NBC news team had only one purpose in mind and that was to interview Joran. Joran was stuck there in front of the camera in his boxers.

On to Fox News (Greta), we have her interview of Bonvinda de Sousa, attorney for the Twittys. The issue in court was a issue of privacy violation - Joran was cornered and had no place to hide. Joran was allowed to be filmed by the warden. Joran wanted to hide in the back, but his roommate was in the shower. As mentioned earlier, the fine will be $1 Million Aruban guilders or $600,000.00 US for each filming.

Ted Williams feels the Aruban prison security director needs to be fired, not suspended, and feels that the director of the prison was too stupid to be in charge.

Bernie Grimm supports Ted Williams' position of the breach in security at Kia Prison.

Jim Hammer defends the media and says the director allowed them in, so they are faultless.

Bonvinda said that the citizens of Aruba were waiting outside the courthouse to support Joran. The feeling from the citizens of Aruba is that Joran is being treated unfairly by the media.

10:45 PM EDT Update - final for evening:
Fox News (Greta) hosts Ted Willimas, Vinda de Sousa, Jim Hammer and Bernie Grimm.
Vinda and Greta discuss the inconsistencies in Joran's stories about what he did after he left Natalee on the beach. Apparently, the latest story is that Joran got a ride home. All this talk about him walking home is old news. He got a ride. By whom? The police are not informing anyone. Vinda claims that these discrepancies are what is keeping Joran behind bars.

Greta questions: did Deepak return to pick up Joran?

Another revelation is that there are only 3 inconsistencies in Joran's testimony and not the 20 being hawked by other news channels.

Ted Williams harped vehemently that there is no evidence in the case. Ted called out the Aruban prosecution to show him any, if they have any.

The group discussed the shortcomings in evidence. In a sense, despite all the inconsistencies, they do not point to a murder. At best right now, the inconsistencies point to a kid trying to evade the predicament of being the last one reported to be with a missing person.

Nancy Grace described the bone-detector. Ellie described it as something like a mystery rod ... ??? Anastasia Bolton feels that this device is grabbing at straws. Josie Mansur supports the bone-detector's capabilities. As I hear the description of this device, it sounds like a sophisticated water stick that points to bones underwater. We may have gone Medieval here!

This could be it for the night!

Not quite: It seems that the American media aren't very popular on Aruba!

Another side of the Natalee Holloway case.

Some comments:

Julia Renfro, Aruba Today: "We put out the welcome mat and we were trampled on."

Edith van der Wal: "It's like gold-digging."

Juan Lampe: "They are giving Aruba a very bad name. The American media should apologize."

Munzenhofer: "Did we get a thank you for washing their clothes. No, instead we got in trouble for mixing them up."

Ruben Trapenberg: "CNN used to be held in high regards. Today, we don't even consider them respectable media."

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