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August 19, 2005

Watch Out for the Mad Ayatollah Mesbah

Topics: Iran

A reader emailed this piece to us and it's written by "Azarmehr," an Iranian now living in London. Azarmehr writes that while going through some of his archives of Iranian dailies, he came across a copy of the Khordad daily from six years ago. It was one of the first in a series of dailies which were one by one banned by the judiciary in Iran. The big headlines grabbed his attention:

"Mesbah-Yazdi: If anyone insults the Islamic sanctities, Islam has permitted for his blood to be spilled, no court needed either"

He writes that many of the so-called Western Iran-experts or as his friend Ann Leslie of the Daily Mail calls them, scallop-salad nibblers, don't even know who this mad Ayatollah is and how he has risen to power. More importantly, they don't know that the mad Ayatollah is also the new selected president's mentor and that he may even become a rival to the Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei.

According to Azarmehr, in order to learn about Mesbah-Yazdi, one needs to become familiar with the Hojjatieh group. This was a semi-clandestine religious group that was set up in the 1950's during the Shah's time. Soon the group's network spread and many of its members secretly gained influential positions. The foremost objective of the group's founder, Sheikh Halabi was to eradicate the Bahaii faith and its members. Hojjatieh thugs targetted the Bahaii places of worship, gatherings and cemetries. According to the Shiite version of Islam, the 12th descendant of prophet Mohammed , Mehdi or the Lord of All Ages, went into hiding when he was a child, some 1300 years ago. Shiites believe he will reappear again when the world has become full of oppression and tyranny. Bahaiis on the other hand believe that their prophet, Sheikh Bahaollah, was the reincarnation of Mehdi and he has already appeared and spread the Bahaii faith.

Members of the Hojjatieh group think such a suggestion is blasphemy, for the coming of the Lord of All Ages shall be the end of the world as it is. Interestingly, and this is where the West really has to understand what is going on in Iran, the Hojjatieh group took no part in the 1979 revolution. For they actually believe in the spread of tyranny and oppression. They argue that if the Lord of All Ages is to appear when the world is full of oppression and tyranny, then we ought to help spread evil, tyranny and oppression in order to facilitate the coming of the 12th Imam, Mehdi. If you stand in the way of tyranny and oppression then you delay the coming of the Lord of All Ages, the Hojjatieh argue.

READ THE ABOVE CAREFULLY, then think about nuclear technology at the hands of these people and how they yearn for the coming armageddon. And read the rest of what Azarmehr has to say that all of us in the West need to know...

Posted by Richard at August 19, 2005 8:40 AM

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