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August 9, 2005

Tuesday Night Natalee Holloway Update And Commentary (Updated)

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Another day into the saga of Natalee Holloway's disappearance, and still, there's no advancement of concequence toward a solution. Yet, as usual, there's much to capture our attention:

The Political Teen has "Deepak Kalpoe Files Complaint Against Beth Twitty (VIDEO)." Deepak Kalpoe has filed acomplaint against Natalee's mom, Beth Twitty. You will recall from last night's Hyscience post on info from HarryTho that Kalpoe and Twitty had a confrontation at the internet cafe. Deepak did not confront Beth Twitty and remained silent in the cafe, because he had a security camera filming the entire affair! Dan Riehl also has a post on the confrontation, as does Scared Monkeys.

Dan Riehl also has a post on Joran's ex who was on television tonight with her face clouded. While at Dan's site, be sure to check out his post on Willard "Bud" Larson, who went missing in Aruba five years ago, possibly under circumstances very similar to the Natalee Holloway disappearance. Ian at The Political Teen has the video.

8:31 PM EDT HarryTho email commentary:

Fox News O'Reilly claims that the Twitty-Holloways are scripting the on-running soap opera of Natalee's disappearance by "creating incidents" in order to keep it in the news. A media consultant: Eric Dozenhall, agrees with the effort, technically; however, he admits that morally it is wrong.

My question is: what image does these scripted scenarios create on those nations in which our soldiers are fighting in order to persuade those nations to see the advantages of our way of life? It seems to me a message is coming from the Twitty-Holloway fiasco in Aruba is that the rules of American democracy only work in America.

Clearly, Beth Holloway, her two "security guards" and the NBC News crew who filmed the "created incident" at the Internet Cafe knew what they were engaging in was morally and legally wrong. Yet, they did it. And, it appears that the Aruban police will let the matter slip under the rug, because they are dealing with Americans and their media.
8:56 PM EDT HarryTho email commentary:
Nancy Grace interviews Beth Twitty after she receives the news that Deepak Kalpoe filed a complaint against her for harassment. Despite bragging about the incident all over the news last evening; today, she is all apologetic and in disbelief that he would have thought that Beth harassed him. I recall Beth's quote last night: "I think I ruined his day!" and "I drilled him and gave him a piece of my mind."

Josie Mansur calls the complaint a lie by Deepak Kalpoe. The AP quotes Beth's lawyer as calling Deepak's complaint "frivolous." Nancy refers to the complaint as bogus.

The Internet Cafe has issued a statement that Beth Twitty was welcome in the Cafe provided that she does not harass Deepak.

Nancy quizzed Josie on the missing gardener. Josie pleads that he does not know where the guy is. However, Josie elaborates distances from Aruba to Venezuela. Nancy actually posted a map of the sea area between Aruba and the peninsula above Coro, Venezuela.

I suspect the Cable News Networks are following our posts!
9:32 PM EDT HarryTho Email Commentary:

Fox News Hannity interviews Dave Holloway. Dave plays down the Beth interaction with Deepak Kalpoe. Apparently, Dave feels that Beth, with "security guards" and an NBC film crew, "friendly talking" with Deepak, a suspect in her daughter's disappearance, at his place of business for 90 minutes does not constitute harassment. OK? Hannity and Colmes double-teamed Dave Holloway about the alleged documents indicating Joran and/or Deepak sexually assaulted and killed his daughter. Dave admitted that he had not seen those documents. He believes Beth may have them, in Dutch, or he feels that the Mansur family may have the documents, attesting to those declarations. In short, Dave has never seen the documents that Jug admitted to having implicating Joran and Deepak in wrongdoing against his daughter. Dave is relying on Josie Mansur for these alleged declarations. When asked about TJ, Dave responded that TJ was just as perplexed by this case.

MBNBC news. Rita Crosby, interviewed Jug Twitty. Jug was not surprised by the harassment complaint. Rita discounted that Beth was stalking Deepak. Interestingly, Jug contends that Beth just happened to be in the area of the Internet Cafe for dinner when she decided to confront Deepak Kalpoe. Actually, many media outlets reported that Beth received a tip from NBC News that Deepak was at the Internet Cafe, and that tip is what convinced Beth to go to the Internet Cafe. As a precaution, Beth claims that she asked the NBC News crew to film the interchange in case Deepak assaulted her. clearly, this was a setup, orchestrated by NBC News.

10:29 PM EDT HarryTho Email Commentary:
Fox News interviewed Bonvinda Desousa, attorney for Beth Twitty. Desousa could not document nor support that any unwanted sexual act occurred between Joran or the Kalpoe brothers and Natalee Holloway. Also, there was no confession by Joran or the Kalpoe brothers. She refers to the recent Kalpoe complaint as frivolous. She seems confused by the comment that Joran had 9 lawyers representing him. In short, Bonvinda knows very little about the prosecution's case. One thing for certain, she is not subscribing to Josie Mansur's promulgations.

Greta interviewed Beth. Beth admits to being "in Deepak's face" during her interchange with him in the Internet Cafe. Beth confirms that Deepak was unresponsive to Beth's queries. Beth re-quoted Deepak: "The media has not seen this side of you." Beth admits going to see Deepak at the Internet Cafe, again, today. He was out. Beth acknowledges that the bailiff is looking for her. She has an appointment with her lawyer tomorrow to read what is coming out of Deepak's harassment complaint.

Greta interviewed Arlene Ellis-Schipper. Arlene doubts the complaint against Beth Twitty will result in a criminal charge. Arlene believes the defense is documenting the incident in order to bring a civil suit against the Twitty-Holloways. What has surfaced is that a letter has been sent to Beth Twitty from an attorney, the police or the court telling her to stay away from Deepak Kalpoe.

Greta on Tito Lacle on an Appeal for allowing the FBI to peruse the documents collected in Natalee's disappearance. The appeal should be decided this week. This is a technicality argument. Tito admits that no one knows the whereabouts of the gardener witness. Tito appraises the legal officers' confidence: Prosecution feels confident. Kalpoe brothers lawyers feel very confident. Joran's lawyer is not as confident.
11:10 PM EDT HarryTho Email Updated and Commentary:
Fox News: Only late news from the landfill is that Eduordo Mansur claims that Junior passed a polygraph administered by the private investigator. That is good news. It means that Junior truly believes that he saw Paulus van der Sloot, Joran van der Sloot, Deepak Kalpoe and two women dump a blonde-haired woman into the landfill.
Wednesday morning update - Riehl World View has a very nice video tribute to Natalee. You shouldn't miss it.

More as available..

Posted by Hyscience at August 9, 2005 9:29 PM

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