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August 2, 2005

Tuesday Evening Natalee Holloway Updates

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Our latest updates are in the extended post.

And so begins another evening's series of updates on Natalee Holloway's disappearance. I'm begining to believe that perhaps she was Shanghaied as HarryTho posited days ago. At this point, almost anything seems credible, and Natalee being a victim of a kidnapping is just as probable as her being buried in the van Der Sloots well or a landfill.

Speaking of HarryTho, let's start off with his cable news update for those without cable news:

Fox News (Bill O'Reilly) interviews Josie Mansur concerning Joran van der Sloot. Josie reported that three Dutch investigators are interrogating Joran. The AP ran a similar story that Joran will be interrogated for the next couple of days by Dutch officers. The AP contends that the interrogations are more in line with body language interpretations. Joran's lawyer is present for the interrogations.

Josie Mansur describes Joran van der Sloot as someone in need of anger management: a hot head that brags about his conquests over females. Josie contends that Joran slips "things" in their drinks in order to conquer the females that he meets in nightclubs. When asked by Bill O'Reilly how Josie knew of Joran's tactics, he responded that Joran's friends at the private school tell Josie these things. When Bill O'Reilly questioned Josie's appraisal of Joran van der Sloot's academic performance, Josie said the Joran was a good student who graduated from the private school with honors. When asked about the six acceptances that Joran received form US schools, Josie only commented that he knew that Joran received a partial-scholarship to a school in Aruba.

And, in a second HarryTho email:

Fox News (Bill O'Reilly) hosts Greta. Greta states that the landfill is a horrible place. Bill and Greta concur on a negative appraisal of the landfill exploration by the police. Greta relates a story of a well-dressed Aruban puling up and yelling at Greta over the media's useless coverage of the case at the landfill. Despite Bill's and Greta's low appraisal of the Aruban police over this latest landfill saga, they both forget that the police checked out the story of the alleged eyewitness to the body dumping at the landfill and determined, early on, that it was bogus. We must remember that only Tim Miller and the Twitty group are exploring the landfill. The police are not there, wasting their time and effort.

Greta then related an encounter with a police lieutenant outside the police station holding Joran for interrogation. The police lieutenant told Greta that the chances of resolving this case were 50/50. Greta stated that Joran is not answering questions from the Dutch interrogators. Truly, this entire latest interrogation effort is limited to body language.

And in yet another email update from HarryTho:

Larry King hosts Susan Candiotti, Casey Jordan and Paul Reynolds - Casey Jordan is a professed criminologist and a total waste of air time. Paul Reynolds follows the same shaman-like perceptions, affecting the rest of his family. Susan Candiotti reveals that the Dutch interrogators questioned Joran for 9 hours today, and Joran's attorney and the FBI observed the interrogations. Candiotti reports that Joran told the Dutch interrogators that he had nothing more to add to the investigation. Candiotti sums up the situation by saying that it's only too clear that the authorities in Aruba do not have enough to bring anyone to trial in Natalee Holloway's disappearance.

Hannity of Fox News hosted TJ Ward and Joe Houston. TJ Ward, always the optimist, contends to have more leads than he cares to discuss, and declines further comments ... for, as TJ says, obvious reasons. Joe Houston reveals the dismal status of the landfill effort as a result of being improperly equipped. Apparently, they are trying to explore the landfill with one backhoe in a situation where at least six bulldozers are needed. One almost gets the impression that Tim Miller's squad is digging into the landfill with their hands.

Concerning the Racquet Club pond draining, Hannity's guests disclose that the pond may be connected to the Caribbean Sea. It appears that at the current rate of draining ... that broke one of the pumps ... they achieved a bleed-and-feed parity with the Caribbean Sea. The pond isn't draining!
Dan at Reihl World View asks if Greta Sustern is selling out!

Scared Monkeys has a plethora of images on their "Texas EquuSearch Returns for further inspection of VDS's Neighbors Property."

Also from Scared Monkeys in an earlier afternoon post, From the AP; Behavior Specialists Question Dutch Suspect in Disappearance of Missing U.S. Teen in Aruba:

Behavioral specialists on Tuesday questioned a young Dutch suspect in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway, and a volunteer group conducted a final search of a landfill where a witness claimed to have seen men dumping a female body.

The behavior specialists from the Netherlands questioned Joran van der Sloot to observe his body language and look for inconsistencies in his account of what happened the night Holloway, 18, disappeared, police spokesman Edwin Comenencia said.

SM has a lot of other interesting images that are worth checking out.

10:55 HarryTho comments and news updates:

The pond, at its deepest part right now, is only three feet deep. The egrets have it under control. An egret could stand on Natalee's body, if the body were in the very deepest part of the pond. I vote that Natalee is alive but not on the island. The only chance of death is what Mickey John reported in a Greta interview while expressing what to do with the police who arrested him: "throw them into fire ... volcano fire" ... let them disappear into the fire. That would mean the molten bath at the metal foundry on the island. If someone killed Natalee, in my opinion with the traceless situation that currently faces us, it was Mickey John and some of his friends. But, I hold to kidnapping into white slave trade as the reason for Natalee's disappearance.

On another note, Hannity of Fox News quizzed Paul Reynolds how he knew about the alleged confession Joran made. Paul essentially cited old Mansur lore. It would appear that there never was a confession of any type from Joran or anyone else.
And in Harry's subsequent email:
Greta on Fox News interviews Lt. Rudy Soemers of the Aruban Police force. Rudy believes Natalee is alive in Venezuela. He describes how a street boat could get her there in less than hour, and that she could live there illegally with no problem. He feels Natalee left Aruba voluntarily. As for the investigation, Lt. Soemers feels that there is a 50% chance of resolution. He feels positive about the US media and the FBI involvement, and he speaks well of the resolution rate of the Aruban police force. As a benchmark, the crime resolution rate of the Honolulu Police Department is 9.1%. Aruba's resolution rate, I gather, is somewhat higher than that.

Greta followed Lt. Soemers with LAPD Detective Mark Fuhrman, who immediately attacked the Aruban Police Force for incompetence and Lt. Soemers for fabricating ridiculous scenarios. However, despite Detective Fuhrman's detailed itemization of investigating techniques that may have been missed by the Aruban police, he had no retort for the lack of evidence in Natalee's disappearance. Accordingly, it was hard not to conclude that everything Detective Fuhrman said was useless without evidence to support his techniques. Quite frankly, other than the opinion of Natalee voluntarily leaving Aruba, Lt. Somers' ideas have merit, giving the total lack of evidence discovered thus far. To Fuhrman, the kids are smarter than the cops. I don't care where you practice law enforcement, when it comes to crime, cops are smart. Cops might be lazy, but they are smart in criminal matters. Fuhrman has to know this. I believe Fuhrman is in denial. He refuses to acknowledge that these three kids didn't do it.

Greta aired the confrontation with the Aruban businessman. The Aruban businessman has a point: what are you media people doing? Why are you hanging around this landfill when the police have already cleared it? Is this just for air time in order to improve Fox News' ratings?
11:06 PM ET Update:
Greta interviewed Tito Lacle who explained the court session tomorrow about the motion to throw the FBI out of the case. Tito says that all suspects have been requested to be in court tomorrow. This is unusual, because only the lawyers normally need to appear.

On Joran's next court appearance for incarceration, if the prosecution prevails, he could be extended an additional 30 days. Regrettably, Tito confirms that Joran is not talking to the Dutch investigators. Hence, the prosecution is relegated now to body language. This subjective form of interrogation cannot possible be employed for conviction of any kind ... sounds too much like voodoo.

One last thing, Karin Janssen will be in court tomorrow. Despite all the negative comments on Janssen's vacation, those of us familiar with Europeans know that they shutdown from mid-July to late August. Her vacation was nothing unusual.

Lastly, Greta has Arlene Ellis-Schipper on. She revealed that Joran van der Sloot turns 18 on Saturday which means he will be treated as an adult while incarcerated. To us, it restricts his visitation from everyday to one time per week for 50 minutes.
More updates as available.

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Look how Furman handled the Simpson case, look who

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