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August 18, 2005

Trackbacks, Comments, Blogs (updated)

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Michelle Malkin's arch-rival DCMediaGirl welcomes Comments from blogders (Blog Readers, according to Capital Region People) while pointing out the fact Malkin has Comments turned off (her Trackbacks are there). Today Michelle posts links for other "blogger babes" you may not yet encountered on the Net. There's a new threat out there. It's a semi-automated trackback-bot that leaves trackbacks to sites that usually have some sort of money-making scheme involved. Today Michelle gets hit with a trackback (SINCE REMOVED) that leads one to investigate "Second Life," some sort of a digital blogging community.

UPDATE: I received several emails from Torley, who seems sincere, saying that he didn't send an automated trackback, but does send trackbacks like "BoingBoing on tech and compunews and eclectic schtuffs on the web!" Torley seems like a fine fellow and someone must have played a cruel joke on him. He seems as confused as the rest of us. So for now - am removing his email address from our site.

Hat tip - Capital Region People

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Posted by Richard at August 18, 2005 9:16 AM

heyhey RICHARD! what's up! i got your email and wanted to drop by here and explain a few things.

first, i would have most graciously appreciated it if you asked me what was going on instead of jumping to conclusions so quickly! eeep! Second Life isn't a "digital blogging community" and i'm not in there right now, like it says on my blog. :) my blog also isn't affiliated with them in any official capacity, as it says clearly on the left-hand side. it's just a personal one done by one person... moi!

anyone is welcome to visit me at WWW.TORLEY.COM and c-c-check all this out on the mic for themselves.

also, whatever happened, i dunno. it most certainly wasn't automated (or even semi) because i check everything on my blog myself, going from info about autism+Asperger's Syndrome to techno music to insurrealitydreamvision, and yes, SL in the archives. i've gotten my share of unpleasant, definitely automated trackback spam, so i can certainly relate. i do trackbacks to sites like BoingBoing on tech and compunews and eclectic schtuffs on the web! some of my most recent trackbacks were to this article, in fact:

which is about a watermelon house in Japan (erroneously listed as Taiwan). i love watermelons! maybe you were thinking of that?

but you know, i gotta tell you, i end up in so many weird situations in my life. like the time an eagle dropped on me and almost landed on my head, or the time i came across a deer in the forest that simply wouldn't leave until i rode it for awhile (deeper into the woods).

i'm not a terribly political person but just wanted to let you know!

will be more than happy to give ya more info if you have more Q's!

cheerio, yayzerama! =^_^=

Posted by: Torley Wong/Torley Torgeson at August 18, 2005 10:04 AM

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