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August 4, 2005

Thursday Night Natalee Holloway Update With HarryTho Commentary

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I'm experiencing a bit of a health problem, hence the light posting today and yesterday. But HarryTho sent in a cable news Natalee summary, and I want to get it posted tonight.

So without further intro., here's mystery writer HarryTho's commentary:

Greta on Fox News interviewed Beth Twitty. Beth's description of Joran's behavior in Carlos & Charlie's could be applied to all men that have connections in a nightclub anywhere in the world. Now, she has some New Jersey belle, claiming to have met Joran in the club. Unfortunately for Beth's appraisal of Joran, the NJ belle was not raped and murdered. She just experienced an evening with a persistent, young man who seemed very connected and well-liked in the club.

Greta interviewed the landfill witness, Junior. Junior related his story. Apparently, he originally thought that he saw three men dump a coconut tree in broad daylight. However, some breeze kicked up, and he felt he saw some blonde hair fall out of the black plastic bag, containing the coconut tree. During the interview, he claims the three men that he saw were Paulus van der Sloot, Joran van der Sloot and one of the Kalpoe brothers. Also, he says that two women accompanied the three men. He says that he is certain. When asked about informing the police, he says he called often but only got a recording. Junior also identified the cars that they drove: a jeep, a van and a pick-up truck.

Greta interviewed Arlene Ellis-Schipper and Jim Hammer (SF Asst. DA). Greta believes Junior's testimony is off the mark. Arlene doubts Junior's tape message was as detailed as he contends. Arlene remembers Junior's message as: "Look in the landfill." Hammer thinks Junior did see these people dump a coconut tree. Arlene and Jim feel the case is tough. Without evidence, there are no elements of a crime.

Greta interviewed Joe Houston from Equusearch. Dogs got some hits at the landfill. Nothing found yet. Equusearch has two backhoes, paid for by Josie Mansur. The dog hits came at 18-feet down into the landfill. The hits came from area roughly-pointed out by Junior. Equusearch needs bulldozers. Greta interviews Tito Lacle. Tito says police cannot find this Racquet Club witness who was supposed to be in court today. It was the intention to interview the witness and then deport him. Tito says that Joran has not said one word to the Dutch interrogators. Tim Miller has been "invited" to the police station in order to answer for damage to habitat and threatening Aruban citizens. Tito explains that Tim Miller will be warned by the police. If he continues with his unacceptable behavior, then he will arrested and deported. Greta interviews Ruben Trapenberg. Ruben explains that Texas Equusearch is not utilizing local experts. Ruben explains that TJ Ward needs a work permit in order to work in Aruba. If he is only helping to look for Natalee, then TJ is OK. Nancy Grace's show really did a number on the turtle egg damaged at the Arikok National Park. That relates to the Arikok National Park Rangers having accused Texas Equusearch of damaging endangered species nests for Hawksbill Turtles. (Apparently their concern for Natalee Holloway is overshadowed by their concern for the damned turtles.
Ian at The Political Teen has the video of a friend of the witness as regards activity at the landfill in Aruba (Hat tip - Reihl World View).

Ian also has the video on "The Witness that didn't Show."

Other coverage of Ian's video includes Tom at Scared Monkeys who who has some additional links of interest.

Scared Monkeys also has some images of the Equusearch activity during the search of Paul Van Der Sloot's neighbor's yard.

Posted by Hyscience at August 4, 2005 8:04 PM

The witnesses are as credible as the suspects. Why have they not questioned anyone else who might be on the beach or in the vicinity? ...Such as, the fishermen, the construction workers at the Racquet club that work into the wee hours of the morning, anyone else whose work takes them in the area during early morning hours, and boats and ships, which may have left the island in the timeframe of her early disappearance.

Posted by: BzL at August 6, 2005 9:21 AM

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