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August 25, 2005

Thursday Evening Natalee Holloway Update and Commentary

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Before begining tonight's HarryTho piece on Natalee Holloway's disappearance, let's take a quick pause to reflect on the fact that had she not disappeared on Aruba during what was meant to be a celebration of her high school graduation, Natalee would have started her first day of college yesterday as a freshman at the University of Alabama. As we all know - Natalee never made it, having fallen victim to naivete', an island culture she was unprepared to experience, and likely, foul play. As put in an article today pointed to by Dan at Riehl World View:

Beth's decision to unleash her daughter, who had just turned eighteen, no matter how level-headed, trustworthy, and deserving she may have thought she was, or how much she may have wanted to join her classmates, into a "Girls Gone Wild" partying atmosphere, in the company of one hundred fifty other teenagers from her school, all of them drinking, dancing, some using drugs, sweaty, with plentiful gonads, exuding hormones, as must have been the situation at the Carlos & Charlie's that night, without proper supervision (yes, one has to ask where were the chaperones supposedly accompanying the group) was an accident waiting to happen aside from any foul play.
Here's this evening's HarryTho updates on the ongoing saga of the hunt for Natalee Holloway:

CNN today has what amounts to a rehash of our last nights post regarding, "Aruban judge quashes taped interview with suspect."

The AP reports that Eduardo Mansur and the Joe Walker didn't have enough divers to search today, so they'll hold the search until they have enough volunteer divers.

Nancy Grace and her Council of Cacklers discussed the NBC News crew's visit of the Kia Prison. The Aruban Warden has been suspended over the incident.

Diane Dimond describes the Aruban jails as loungey establishments, and is somewhat amazed at the manner in which the Aruban court can swing into action in the evening over an infraction by a US news crew. She reports that the family of Joran wants him in Holland, and I'm sure that he'd much rather be there than where he is now. In a negative note, Diana reveals that the US State Department is upset about the abuse the Arubans are getting over this Natalee Holloway affair. Diane explains that the Arubans assist the State Department in curbing drug trafficking to the USA. However, Nancy Grace laughed off the concern of the US State Department, hinting that the Arubans are too incompetent to deter drug traffickers.

Nancy's comments should be taken seriously by the State Department.

Nancy Grace aired positive support for Joran van der Sloot by the Aruban people.

Anastasia Bolton reported that the jogger was still a mystery. Police are still searching the island(they never found Natalee, so what's to make them think that they can find the jogger). Nancy asked where they were searching? Bolton answered that the police are keeping it a secret. Nancy laughed it off as "secret searches." Lastly, Bolton described the auction being held to financially assist the search effort to find Natalee.

David Wohl stated that Joran will walk because there is no evidence that a crime has ever been committed.

Fox News (O'Reilly) reports, via Geraldo, that three Aruban women are complaining about Joran van der Sloot raping them(we've of course heard about this before). Geraldo describes the incidents as the tale of the three girls. He reports that the two older girls (18 y/o) have been interviewed and found to be unsubstantive and unrelative. The younger girl (16 y/o) is credible, but her case is not relevant to Natalee's disappearance. However, Joran can be arrested and held for 116 days on the younger girl's case which effectively tolls his time in Natalee's disappearance. So far, the young girl has not been evaluated by the prosecution.

Julia Renfro explained her "Welcome Mat" comment. Essentially, Julia's comment was directed against CNN's Nancy Grace. Bill tiptoed around making any comments about Nancy Grace's airings, but obviously felt that the Aruban authorities should get their act together and keep the Twittys informed of the case.

MSNBC (Crosby) interviewed the prison warden, Freddy Maduro and Michelle Kosinski. Michelle reiterated her "no intention to violate anyone's rights" line. Freddy Maduro admits that his job is under review and that he has been suspended over the NBC interview of Joran van der Sloot in his prison. Freddy deferred comment on the incident. Freddy apologized to the van der Sloot family, the Minster of Justice Rudy Croes, his workers and the Aruban Cabinet for any actions of his for which they may have taken offense. Freddy sounded very sincere. The implication is that Rudy Croes, his boss, is very angry with Freddy's actions.

Michelle Kosinski and her assistant Arakawa were both present in Joran's cell. Interestingly, Joran, via statements reported outside the courthouse, supports the unintentional interface with the news crew. Of course, we have to consider that Michelle and her sidekick are not babes in the woods here. They obviously have been around the block in order to achieve the positions that they now hold with NBC News. This was not an innocent encounter. Michelle knew what she was doing. The only exception, which I discount, is that Michelle fits the physical description of other young, blond women with a thing for young men. I am surprised that one of the members of the Council of Cacklers has not raised this despicable, predatory behavior. Filming Joran in his boxers should alert someone as to what is and isn't the proper behavior for a young, professional adult.

Paul Reynolds, unbelievably, referred to the incident as a simple mix up that is being blown way out of proportion. After 80 days in Aruba with no evidence of a crime, Paul comes to this conclusion.

Art wood states that the Aruban Chief Investigator, Roy Trump, informed him that the belt that Art discovered was never sent to Holland, because the police felt that it was too old to have belonged to Joran. Also, the belt was never entered into evidence.

Scared Monkeys has, "Prison Warden Comments on Joran's Temper." Also, they post on," the interesting comparison between Natalee's case and that of Amy Lynn Bradley :

If someone wants further proof they need look no further than the case of Amy Lynn Bradley. This woman was kidnapped off a cruise ship that docked at Curacao in March of 1998. A year later she identified herself to an U.S. Navy sailor in a brothel, which I believe, was in the same port she was kidnapped in.

The FBI interviewed the sailor, who waited too long to report this, and confirmed his story. This means that a kidnapped woman was enslaved in a brothel, and made to work as a prostitute, right under the noses of the local police.

The article goes on to point out that in Natalee's case the police waited long enough for any evidence to be covered up before any arrests were made. Then Van Der Sloot's father was briefly arrested and informed the boys that if there was no body, there was no case.

And Reihl World View has it that "Aruba doesn't seem to be helping."

HarryTho continues...

Fox News (H&C) interviews Dave and Robin Holloway - H&C reports Paulus van der Sloot remarked that his son warrants his privacy while residing in Kia Prison. Dave Holloway considers the NBC crews' invasion of the prison a non-issue. Dave promoted a new email address to inform police about leads against Joran van der Sloot. Robin Holloway reacts to the 3 story changes of Joran's, reported by his attorney, as ridiculous that there are 23 lies and not 3.

Dave Holloway responds to the comment that other women might come forward to complain about Joran. Dave and Robin are so grateful to the girls for coming forward against Joran, the predator. He is so-so on the progress of the investigation. Dave encouraged the prosecutor to go with the charges that they know with which they can prosecute Joran. Robin reveals that one girl on Aruba claims another girl claims to have been drugged and date-raped by Joran. Dave comments that Joran has admitted to sexually assaulting Natalee. He feels Joran will be charged with sexual assault, and sums up with the fact that he doesn't know what happened to Natalee.
MSNBC News reports Michelle interface with Joran in Kia Prison.
Clint van Zandt reports that Michelle got some important information from the prison warden that Joran is a hot head. He does not believe that the NBC News crew did anything wrong. He feels the characterization of Joran by the warden is important. Clint believes the Aruban police missed their opportunities to get vital information from Joran and the Kalpoes.

Pam Bondi, Florida Prosecutor, believes that other women will come forward to support that Joran is sexual predator. She had no problem with Joran having a book and watching cable TV in prison.

My comment: Permission was required by the Minister of Justice to visit the prison. No one got that permission. For whatever reason, the prison warden forget he worked for the Ministry of Justice. Clint van Zandt and Pam Bondi should be aware of the chain of authority. Accordingly, their comments as to the NBC News crew being guiltless are unfounded. Their comments are more inline with protecting their consultant remunerations with MSNBC. Also, unbelievably, no one, most of whom are women newscasters, mentions the privacy issue of filming an incarcerated person in his boxer shorts.

Fox News (Greta) interviews Tito Lacle. Tito reports on the DNA requested from Joran. Tito believes it has to do with Natalee's toothbrush.

Helen Lajuez reports that a young lady has come to her office and told her that she was drugged and raped by Joran. The girl is a minor, so Helen has to respect her privacy. Helen says the girl was upset as to what had happened. Greta asks: Is there evidence to back up this girl? Helen was unresponsive. Helen described her relationship with the girl as a counselor. When asked about the resolution with Natalee Holloway, Helen just provides hope. Helen did not know the reason why the prosecutor asked for a DNA sample from Joran. She dodged most of Greta's questions.

Arlene Ellis-Schipper mentions that some girls on a Aruba have been reporting unfortunate encounters with Joran. If the rape is real, it will handled as a separate case. At best, Arlene feels the rape might evolve into a modus oprandi. Prosecutor can arrest Joran for this rape, and it would toll the Natalee Holloway case.
This might be it for the night!

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