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August 21, 2005

Sunday Night Natalee Holloway Update From HarryTho (With Early Monday Morning Update)

Topics: Natalee Holloway

HarryTho, our mystery writer/contributor in Hawaii, emails in tonight that he's covering a lot of newspapers, but the entire Natalee Holloway campaign seems to have subsided somewhat following the cease fire agreed to between Beth Twitty and the Prime Minister - it's more or less ebbed the war of words. Arlene Ellis-Schipper's comment about Nancy Grace may have acted like a shot across the bow to the PM's meeting.

Harry continues(via email) with:

The more I think of this case, if we were writing a mystery, we'd bring Mickey John to center stage. He was at the Holiday Inn on the night in question until at least midnight. He has no alibi from midnight to morning. He had access to the rooms and the entire Holiday Inn through his connections. He is the one who said: "no body, no crime," even though he states he heard it through a cement prison wall from one of the Kalpoe brothers. And, he explains, unintentionally, a possible disappearance scenario of Natalee with a submergence of her body into a metal foundry's molten bath. To me, Mickey is not astute enough to think of disposing of a body in a molten bath in order to make all traces of it disappear. Second, he would have had to get the body to the molten bath. He would have needed connections - transportation and access to the foundry. That conclusion would suggest a conspiracy. How big? It has to be big to be concealed as well as it has up to now. Furthermore, there has to be an sustained effort in place generating misinformation as a distraction. Why? Who's really behind it? Did Mickey John just hear about it or does he really know more? It's something to think about!

Meanwhile, Fox News (Julie) hosted Tito Lacle, Jug Twitty, Chris Lejuez, Art Wood and Bill Gavin. Tito discussed the lighthouse check. He stated that the police had not heard anything from the jogger who claimed to have seen something near the Marriott Hotel the night Natalee disappeared. He mentioned that divers were in the water off the Marriott Hotel today. Jug expressed his dissatisfaction with the police for not communicating with the family for 5 days. He felt the search at the lighthouse by Fred Golba was extremely thorough. The Aruba search and rescue team was on scene. Jug believes if Fred does not find anything, then there is nothing there to be found. Jug feels that the gardener is very credible. Also, mention of a fundraiser for Natalee in Mountain Brook will happen on Thursday. Chirs Lejuez (Aruban Defense Counsel) explained the next judicial step in the procedure. Chris believes that Joran will be kept another 30 days, because the same evidence that was presented to the judge some 60 days ago remains unscathed. Chris explains that the only way that Joran could be considered for release would be if some of that evidence was no longer applicable. Chris states that soon the prosecutor will have to charge, extend or release Joran. Also, Chris explained that the prosecutor only has to release sufficient evidence to the defense as she needs to keep Joran incarcerated, nothing more. Only when the time limit of 116 days is up does the prosecutor have to divulge all the evidence. Art wood reported that 6 divers entered the water some 3/4 mile to one mile at sea from the Holiday Inn, Marriott Hotel and Fisherman's Hut. Art explained the spot was selected from a new technology that claims to be able to detect teeth and bones underwater. The team triangulated a number of readings to this spot. The equipment was provided by Joe Walker. Bill Gavin, former Assistant Director of the FBI, tells Julie that a hostage-taking negotiator has been sent to Aruba to help with interrogations of Joran. Bill describes some increased detail in interrogating techniques that need to be employed upon Joran. Bill feels that the Aruban interrogators did not probe, sufficiently, some of Joran's answers.
Harry suggests that since this is a slow news night on Natalee issues, it's a good night for reader contributions and discussion.

HarryTho Early Monday Morning Update:

Fox News (Geraldo) hosted Josie Mansur, Beth Twitty, Craig Rivera, Mark Fuhrman, Julie Bandaras and two CSI Experts - Drs. Baden and Kobilinski. Josie stated that there was no tension on the island of Aruba about the Natalee disappearance. The tension that was overcoming the island dealt with the upcoming election. He confirmed that his newspaper published Joran "confession."

Beth discussed her meeting with Prime Minister Odubar, and emphasized her intention to stay 40 years, if necessary, to bring her daughter home. Beth then, despite the meeting with the PM, commenced to run down the Aruban police for screwing up the investigation.

Craig Rivera in turn described Beth Twitty as the ultimate mother.

Geraldo stepped in and gave some insight into a picture containing Joran and a number of his friends. Craig assisted Geraldo with an explanation that it was some of the blogs that described the picture as one of an infamous group called the "pimps." In Craig's investigation, the picture was just a joke. Craig said that they were just innocent kids getting together for a joke.

Josie was brought back in to foretell if Joran would leave Aruba if released on September 4th or October 4th. Josie said that he would leave; however, he will remain in the Netherlands and is subject to extradition, if new evidence is found to convict him.

Mark Fuhrman insists that a body will be needed for serious charges; however, he would charge on the lesser offenses in order to keep Joran confined.

Julie Bandaras allowed CSI Experts Drs. Kobolinski and Baden to expose some of their equipment: microviper for small hairs etc. and crimescope for magnifications. The two doctors describe things that they could extract from a sneaker, duct tape and hairs. Dr. Kobilinski says the case needs physical evidence to determine anything. Dr. Baden stated that DNA could be extracted from hairs. This lab tour was very informative.
Look for more Monday evening...

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Posted by Richard at August 21, 2005 10:30 PM

HarryTho noted on MONDAY, 22 August 2005:

"...Bill Gavin, former Assistant Director of the FBI, tells Julie that a hostage-taking negotiator has been sent to Aruba to help with interrogations of Joran. Bill describes some increased detail in interrogating techniques that need to be employed upon Joran. Bill feels that the Aruban interrogators did not probe, sufficiently, some of Joran's answers."

ONE JUDICIOUS STANCE WOULD BE FOR JORAN TO MAINTAIN HIS SILENCE. Alas, this may be challenging given the boredom that would ensue on a daily basis. Were I his counsel, I would certainly urge JORAN to perhaps "get wierd," as an alternative relief to such interrogation. Play with them. Make it fun. Make it embarrassing FOR THEM. JORAN is under no obligation to play by any "rules" per se. Go for the entertainment value, JORAN!

Geef hen die commentaar verwarren. Aftrekken voor hen?! (LOL)

Jack in Southern California

Posted by: Jack in Southern California at August 22, 2005 11:12 AM


When we consider that Joran is not talking at all to the interrogators, that should be sufficient in order to deter this new American negotiator's tactics. Unless the interrogation has degraded some 2500 years in arrears and has taken on a Delphe Oracle's nature in which Joran's grunts or windbreaks are being interpreted, the rules that Joran complies with now should take him to the ultimate incarceration date for pre-tial detention. It is the burden of the prosecution to make the case against him in accordance with the rules of evidence. He does not need to embarrass their efforts. God only knows how they would interpret his behavior. The fact that an 18-year-old, island boy, if guilty, has outlasted their best efforts for 75 days should make us all question the mertis of our interrogation procedures.

Posted by: harry Author Profile Page at August 22, 2005 3:59 PM


Yes, yes. I suppose so.
On the other hand, the embarrassment would be most fitting.

Posted by: Jack at August 22, 2005 7:57 PM

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