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August 14, 2005

Sunday Night Natalee Holloway Updates Via HarryTho Commentary

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Tonight's Natalee updates come as a HarryTho commentary, with his usual twist-of-mystery:

(via Email) Scared Monkeys interviewed Tito Lacle again today. During the interview, Tito mentioned that there was a report that Natalee Hollway was seen in Punto Fijo, Venezuela, and that people had been sent to Punto Fijo to check it out - with negative results. If this is a case of white slave trade, those involved would make the trail extremely hard to follow. Standard police types are not trained in dealing with these kinds of criminals. And, remember, ample evidence suggests that the military police in northern Venezuela are team players with the traffickers.

As I said in a previous commentary, Punto Fijo is on the western side of the Peninsula de Paraguana. From Punto Fijo, Natalee would have been brought to Coro, Venezuela. From Coro, my guess would be that she was taken east to Caracas. However, for immediate servitude to the oil crews, she could have been taken to Maracaibo (I doubt this option). A slave trade commodity like Natalee: young, attractive, blue-eyed-blond Caucasian would go to an exclusive, private stable. These stables have the protection of the local authorities. It is not inconceivable that high ranking officials would frequent this establishment.

If Natalee entered the Venezuelan stable system, it is quite possible that she could have been exchanged, or sold, to the Brunei freak for a sizeable profit ... after she had been broken in the Venezuelan dungeons. The men who run these stables are quite ruthless with the girls. They have learned to appreciate the good life by subjugating poor girls into slavery. Invincibility captures the imagination of their sick minds.

As a precaution, when probing the channels of thetrade of these individuals, our Western minds need to be discarded. A novel group of individuals with different eyes and a drastically-altered default mode of thinking are warranted.

Later tonight, Fox News interviewed Tito Lacle, Jug Twitty, Bonvenda De Sousa, Art Wood, Jim Knox and Patrick Brosnan. Tito gave some uplifting news on good cooperation between the Aruban police and the new search team. He said that a belt near the lighthouse was found; however, the police and the search team are saying nothing about it. The beach area near the lighthouse has been searched clean. The gardener witness' location remains unknown. However, Tito hints that when the gardener is found that he may not be deported. I suppose the gardener's veracity will determine his fate on Aruba.

Jug Twitty claims Joran is connected and being protected. He says that many tips are coming in that Joran has a negative reputation.

Bonvenda de Sousa has filed a complaint against Deepak Kalpoe for making false accusations against Beth Twitty in his harassment complaint.

Art Wood felt good about the number of tips that he has received and the new search team. Interestingly, Art stated that he has interviewed all the beach bums.

Jim Knox, the financier of the new search team, stated that his team has true cadaver dogs: Astro and Rhino, that only alert on human remains. Jim claims that prior search team only searched, or worked, for two hours a day, brought coolers of ice cold beer to the search sites and had equipment that they did not know how to use. In essence, according toe Jim Know, the prior search teams were best categorized as beer party teams. Jim explains the recent change in attitude of the Aruban police with respect to cooperation, because his team is professional with international success. The new search team has over 2,000 finds in some 17 countries and states.

Patrick Brosnan disbelieved Jim Knox' appraisal of the prior search teams in saying that it is common for one search team to downgrade a prior team. Pat seems hopeful of the new found cooperation with police, but he questions: why team effort now? Also, Pat feels the prior frictions between the inter-agencies and search teams may not be soothed over so easily. If they can turnover information from prior teams and police, then he feels there would be more progress. My input here is that categorizing a prior team as a beer party probably does little for the public relations effort designed to effectuate a smooth turnover of information that had previously been collected.

Later tonight, Fox News Julie Bandaras interviewed Josie Mansur, and questioned Josie over the release of Joran's alleged confession that Deepak raped and murdered Natalee. Josie responded that he is receiving positive response from the people of Aruba. When Julie asked about how Joran's attorney feels about the his newspaper release, Josie responded that Joran's attorney has to defend his client. Josie said he needed to inform the people of Aruba that there was something going on with Joran and Deepak, and that he feels that his newspaper's release will have an impact on the case against Joran - because the "confession" implicates Joran in rape and murder. However, Julie failed to follow up on Josie's statements.

Josie then stated that he doesn't know the whereabouts of the garner witness.

Concerning the press release of Joran's alleged confession, this release comes after the Dairio published an article, questioned by the Scared Monkeys, in which the new search team was portrayed as bounty hunters interested in only the reward money. Interestingly, I have noticed that the new search team deals only with the Aruban police, and Josie and the Dairio newspaper seem to be left out of the information loop.

Julie then hosted Beth Twitty. Beth supports the credibility of the Racquet Club witness (gardener) and realizes that he has gone missing. Concerning her complaint against Deepak Kalpoe, Beth explained that she had to answer for her actions in the Internet Cafe for 3 hours at the Police Station, last Friday. Beth feels that no one in the Internet Cafe even noticed her talking to Deepak, and seems to feel that no one was disturbed by her presence in there. So, she filed a cross-complaint against Deepak for false accusations. As for the alleged confession released in the Dairio, Beth calls Joran a liar and defaults to the finger pointing early on in the investigation by Joran and the Kalpoe brothers.

My feeling is that after Beth Twitty called Deepak Kalpoe a criminal and apologized for it on international TV, made routine appearance daily on international TV referring to Deepak Kalpoe and then bragged on international TV that she gave Deepak a piece of her mind and ruined his day, she is convinced in her mind that no one noticed her presence in the Internet Cafe talking to Deepak Kalpoe. I find that conclusion to be her worst yet!

More HarryTho commentary as available, but in the meantime, don't forget to stop by Dan's Riehl World View for the link to light a candle for Natalee ...

Update: In a late night addition, HarryTho adds that during an interview with Fox News, Julie Bandaras quizzed Mark Fuhrman and Dr. Baden on the situation of there being a lack of forensic evidence. Both Fuhrman and Baden agreed that a body would need to have been seen or found in order to prosecute someone.

A rumor was surfacing on the island that Natalee was buried in a chemical waste plant. Fred Golba, a searcher for Jim Knox, stated that the new team would recheck the old sites that had been previously searched by the other teams, before they entered the chemical waste plant. Fred insisted that he did not want to make comments about the prior search team's efforts, and said that he preferred as a matter of his own practice to just cleanse all the areas previously searched, before he embarked on new areas. It seems that Fred is trying to ameliorate what had said earlier by Jim Knox, concerning the quality of the previous searches conducted by the other search teams.

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