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August 11, 2005

Smoking Women Married To Smoking Men Have Higher Stroke Risk

Topics: Health Issues

In a study of women smokers, those whose spouses also smoked had a higher risk of stroke than those married to nonsmokers - and we're talking about almost a six times higher relative risk of total stroke than cigarette-smoking women with nonsmoking spouses. The relative risk of total stroke was 5.7 times higher in cigarette-smoking women with cigarette-smoking spouses and 4.8 times higher for ischemic stroke. Nonsmoking women married to smoking spouses did not have a significantly higher incidence of stroke compared to nonsmoking women with nonsmoking spouses. The findings emphasize that it is not just one's own smoking that contributes to stroke risk, but also spouses' smoking.

Posted by Hyscience at August 11, 2005 8:23 AM

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