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August 13, 2005

Saturday Night HarryTho Commentary On Natalee Holloway

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Tonight, with no real news to offer, we still have a HarryTho commentary (via email):

Viewing several cable news channels for new info, one channel ran a stream of information along the bottom of the screen. Although no one mentioned this during the interviews, one stream ran that a special secret interrogation technique would be used on Joran this next week.

Beth praised that Josie Mansur was a hero to the Aruban people. Clearly, Josie is four squares in the corner of the Twitty-Holloway group.

Lastly, the statement "I think Deepak raped and killed Natalee on the beach" would seem to imply that Joran and Deepak did split up during the evening ... even if this statement had no meaning or truth. Dan at Riehl World View on Friday concluded from his own investigations that Natalee left C&C with Deepak and not Joran. I believe that the foregoing statement, spoken in the early days of the incarceration of the boys, indicates that it was Deepak running the show that evening and not Joran. A similar story was relayed by the boys but discounted by the police. Also, the statement, even if purely speculation, indicates that it was Deepak that was left alone with Natalee, if anyone was left alone with her.

Also, Tito Lacle in a Scared Monkeys' interview (also on Friday) revealed the missing Excelsior casino manager is a guy named Michael Posner. This is an interesting tidbit, because Posner and Joran were associates. If I am not mistaken, some of Natalee's girlfriends mentioned seeing Natalee talking with this guy in the Excelsior casino. Now, this guy went missing, or unavailable, at about the same time that Natalee was determined to be missing. Whether we can rely on this information or not is questionable, but according to Twitty-Holloway group, it is this casino manger that gave Joran open gambling credit lines at the Excelsior Casino. Tito Lacle only confirms that Joran frequented casinos. The fact that Posner and Natalee went missing during the same week is too much of a coincidence to overlook. Posner would have had all the connections at his disposal to scoop Natalee out of Aruba unnoticed.Yet, Posner's name never seems to surface in any news interview or blog post. Another acquaintance of Natalee's in Aruba is this mysterious guy named Lorenzo. Tito Lacle in a Scared Monkeys' interview revealed this Loranzo's name is Wever and that he had left for Holland. Lorenzo supposedly dined with Natalee a few days before her disappearance. Some posters on another blog contended that Loranzo had a drug connections. To my knowledge, police interviewed Lorenzo during the first month after Natalee's disappearance. I find this last name of Lorenzo - Wever, interesting, because in the early days of the investigation he was referred to as Lorenzo van Rihn or something like that.

A late Saturday night comment on crocodiles, yes, crocodiles - A comment at Fox News asked if there were crocodiles in Aruba. Whether or not there are, I could not find out. However, if there are crocodiles, they are not the vicious man-eaters of Southeast Asia: saltwater crocs. Venezuela has 5 species of crocodiles; yet, they are only dangerous if attacked or provoked. I doubt if Natalee was captured by an crocodile.

More as available...

Posted by Richard at August 13, 2005 11:17 PM

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Posted by: DANESSA at August 25, 2005 9:44 PM

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