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August 21, 2005

Pope calls on Muslims to fight 'cruel fanaticism' of terror

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Only time will show whether or not the Pope's plea for Muslim leaders to help bring a halt to the fanaticism of the Islamic terrorists will have any effects; the radical Islamic agenda has a broader base of support for their Islamic extremism and terrorism than political leaders are willing to admit.

(AFP) - Pope Benedict XVI used the first foreign trip of his pontificate to urge Muslim leaders to do more to combat the "cruel fanaticism" of terrorism that aimed to poison ties between Christians and Muslims.

The pope was later greeted by at least 700,000 young Catholics at a giant open-air prayer vigil as the penultimate day of his four-day visit swung from the political to the spiritual.

In his address to some 20 leaders of Muslim communities across Germany, the 78-year-old pontiff told them those behind terrorist attacks wished to "poison our relations".

But delivering the same kind of conciliatory message he had given to Jews the day before, he said he was "profoundly convinced that we must not yield to negative pressures in our midst, but affirm the values of mutual respect, solidarity and peace."

Reminding them of their "great responsibility" in educating their young, he told the Muslim delegation who met him in Cologne there was "no room for apathy and disengagement, and even less for partiality and sectarianism."

Young people, like those he would later address at a candle-lit prayer vigil as part of the World Youth Day festival, were "the first fruits of a new dawn for humanity."

However, it appears that the mindset of Muslim leaders on terrorism is either in support of terrorism or in denial. For example, the most "senior Islamic cleric in Birmingham claimed that Muslims were being unjustly blamed in the war on terrorism and that the eight suspects in the two bombing attacks on London "could have been innocent passengers". I can't help but wonder what that Muslim cleric has been smoking in his pipe, or is he speaking for all Muslim clerics, and if not, where's the outcry of so-called Moderate Muslims against his claim of innocence!

Posted by Richard at August 21, 2005 9:12 AM

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