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August 26, 2005

News On Natalee Holloway Case Starts Early Via FoxNews (With running evening updates)

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Dan at Riehl World View has that Fox(TV)reports the re-arrest of the Kalpoes and an individual identified as "Freddie." That individual is known to Dan at Riehl World View as a "good friend of Joran Van der Sloot who allegedly stayed over at the apartments of Joran on the night of Natalee Holloway's disappearance as reported here."

Dan also offers that "some sources are now claiming the arrests or interrogations are related to another potential crime with another victim and not the Holloway case, and that there are two boys along with the Kalpoes now at police headquarters. One is said to be an individual identified only as Freddie, at this time - the other is not known."

A news conference is expected at 10 AM EST(but could be much later).

The AP has "Aruba Cops Arrest Two Brothers Again."

3:07 PM EDT Update from HarryTho via email:

MSNBC News Michelle Kosinski reports arrests have to do with photos of girls. She says the court informed her that the prosecutor has to bring the Kalpoes back in 4 days for another hearing. Michelle then read the prosecutor's brief to the public. The new arrestee, Freddie, is not associated with the Nat Hol case.
You'll find more images of today's events here...

[Image on right from The Dark Side Blog - enhanced}

Dan Riehl has "Natalee Holloway: New Arrest Expected Saturday."

According to sources on the island, along with today's arrest of Deepak and Satish Kalpoe, Freddie ("Locoman Pimp" slow loading time) Arambatzis-Zedan (dark hair - top three pictures) aka badboy_956, authorities will apprehend Jamie Carrasquilla tomorrow for allegations unrelated to the disappearance to Natalee Holloway.

Confusion over Freddy's last name is said to result from naming conventions which can be difficult for some to interpret. Apparently the name of both parents or their family names are taken at birth and Zedan may be Freddy's Mother's maiden name.

The arrests are said to be related to an incident that occurred back in April of this year. There are conflicting stories as to the alleged incident. One local news person is said to have stated that the incident involved a gang rape of an unidentified accuser.

The Dark Side blog also has more on today's events in Aruba.

HarryTho's email updates:

Larry King gets into the act. He hosts Michael Cardoza (Defense Attorney), Joise Mansur, Benvinda de Sousa, Harris Faulkner, Steve Holloway and Paul Reynolds. The basic comment is that they all believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Larry questions the veracity of the witnesses coming forward with rape charges against Joran van der Sloot. Michael Cardoza provides examples of men preying upon female tourists with the tactics alleged in the interview. However, he doubts that those same tactics would be employed on Aruban girls, claiming that the police would be quick to apprehend them. Faulkner mentioned the sexual ads on the Tickle sites of Joran and the Kalpoes. Faulkner says her staff called Joran at his cell phone which was posted on the Internet at his Tickle site.
HarryTho's earlier 8:41 PM EDT update included:
Greta was interviewed on Fox News and mentioned sources telling her about wiretaps as the culprit that caught the Kalpoes. She relays stories about rumors of a date rape ring, the fast nature of C&C, and the intent of the arrest is to put pressure on Deepak and Satish Kalpoe. Fox News reported that Aruba had no immunity avenues to break those incarcerated.

Nancy Grace has her Council of Cacklers together. They are in their element tonight, playing Elvis' Jailhouse Rock, as they film Deepak walking. Wiretap reports come in from Harris Faulkner, Eleanor Dixon and Renee Rockwell. Regrettably, it is all speculation. Josie Mansur and Helen Lejuez discount the cacklings. Josie holds to no wiretaps, but he does say the boys were followed by the police. He says the boys were arrested from earlier statements in which they could be prosecuted for sexual assault.

Helen Lejuez claims the new evidence of the rape is what got the boys arrested. She mentions a gang rape and that the boys are members of the gang.

Bethany Marshall suggests the reason for the arrest is to terrorize the Kalpoes into a confession. Another, male, guest quickly sinks Bethany's cackle.

More HarryTho commentary:

Fox News (Greta) hosts Tito Lacle. Tito goes over the morning arrest. Now, police are not confirming the arrest of Freddie. Defense lawyers were informed that the charge was rape. There were no details on whose rape. Neither the prosecutor nor the defense lawyers would confirm the word murder. Joran's lawyer confirms that many people have come forward against Joran. Joran was accused, officially, of sexual assault by one of these new girls yesterday. Tito says that the police are just collecting rape information. He does not know if this will do anything for Natalee's case.

Arlene Ellis-Schipper feels the police has done some good work and enough to bring the Kalpoes back into custody. Arlene says the Kalpoes have been brought in specifically for the Natalee Holloway case, because the police have acquired new facts and circumstances. Arlene reveals that the prosecution is very secretive and are not allowing the defense lawyers information. She states the court has agreed to keep the Kalpoes for 8 days. Arlene thinks this is a big moment in the Holloway case. Arlene corrects Greta on the tolling thoughts of the case. Arlene says Joran's time clock has not been tolled. He could still be released on or before the 4th of September.

Mark Fuhrman feels Freddie's arrests is no coincidence. He feels somehow Freddie fits into the overall picture via some form of collaborating evidence. Mark runs down the Aruban judicial system, as usual. Mark finally figured out that there is no immunity in Aruba. He feels Freddie will squeal on Joran and/or the Kalpoes.
HarryTho 12:31 AM EDT Update:
Fox News (H&C) interviewed TJ Ward and Ricardo Yarzargawry. TJ talks about the voice analysis and how he felt the analysis trigger a kidnapping scenario from Paulus van der Sloot. TJ mentions that Freddie was a name that was passed around when he was in Aruba investigating. He says the police were aware of Freddie. TJ feels that the fourth arrestee will benefit the Dutch interrogators. He believes that a search is still ongoing for a body.

Ricardo Yazargawry believes that the arrest of Freddie could be simply a ploy to confront the Kalpoes with more of their statements. He feels confident that the judge will easily allow Joran to be held an additional 30 days. He claims that there is a sense of frustration over this case in Aruba.

Mai Martinez states that this re-arrest has been in the works for some time. She says that the Dutch Interrogators will be back in Aruba next week. Mai feels that closure is coming in this case.

MSNBC News (Rita) interviews Chris Whitcomb, a former FBI agent, feels anyone in jail is a benefit to the case. He agrees with the Twitty-Hollway group that something in their prior testimonies energized this sudden arrest. He feels that overt surveillance was employed on the Kalpoes. Chris points to a possible error that the Kalpoes may have committed, after they were released. Chris puts in a plug for early FBI involvement.

Rita Crosby says she will go to Aruba on Monday!
Here's the AP report... "Two Brothers Rearrested in Holloway Case"

Hat tip - Riehl World View

Hat tip - reader Jack in So. Cal. (Brothers re-arrested in missing teen case)

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Posted by Richard at August 26, 2005 10:49 AM

RE: KALPOE BROS RE-ARREST: reported at 5:58 PM ET that SATISH KALPOE's lawyer, ELGIN ZEPPENVELDT, was not informed by the authorities who arrested the KALPOES, as to their charges. He will have to wait until the court appearance (presumably this would have already occurred by now).

That story can be found at:


The same article quoted Natallee's STEPMOTHER, ROBIN HOLLOWAY as saying:

"We haven't been told why, but I think it's obvious," Natalee's stepmother, Robin Holloway, said by phone from Meridian, Miss. "We've known all along they had something to do with Natalee's disappearance."

HOW MRS. HOLLOWAY has known this "all along" must include significant powers of PSYCHIC ESP, donchathink?

In short, I will await my judgment until after all the real evidence is disclosed versus the MEDIA-DRUMMED-UP-DIBBLE of which we get so much (be that from NANCY GRACE, SCARBOROUGH or that sexually inappropriate full TV Spinner, BILL O'REILLY).


Posted by: Jack in Southern California at August 26, 2005 5:58 PM

I'm wondering if the forearm bone found on a Venezuelan beach could have been identified as belonging to Natalee and that's the "new" evidence they aren't disclosing to the public. Could this info be kept so secretive that we would not hear about it yet? Any thoughts out there that this could be a possibility?

Posted by: HungryForJustice at August 27, 2005 11:11 AM

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