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August 1, 2005

Natalee Holloway 8/1 Evening Updates (last update 11 PM ET)

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Not a lot happening of substance, but there seems to always be some activity on the case. So starting with an update and comments from mystery writer HarryTho:

The AP ran a story that Tim Millers' team had to halt their efforts at the landfill. Apparently, they were required to return the heavy equipment, used for digging, that was loaned to them. Miler expects to acquire some new equipment soon and continue exploring the landfill.

Fox News (Greta) reports that the Twittys will be back in Aruba soon.

My take on this return to Alabama is that Aruba's visa restrictions limit visitors to a certain stay period; after which, they are required to leave the island of Aruba for a 24-hour period, before that they can re-enter.

As I understand the requirement, the first 14 days are permitted with merely an entry permit, acquired at the airport. Any stay beyond the initial 14 days requires a special permit from the government that allows the visitor to remain on Aruba for 90 days. After the 90 days, the visitor must leave the island of Aruba for 24 hours. Upon return, the visitor must re-apply in order to remain for a time approved by the government. I believe that as much time as the Twittys had stayed on the island, their 90-day required departure would have occurred sometime in early September. Rather than have to depart during a crucial time of a Joran-incarceration benchmark, the Twittys most likely opted to leave earlier in order to restart their entry visa. By returning in early August, it is conceivable that the Twittys could remain in Aruba until early November without encountering a visa restriction stay-limit.

Scared Monkeys posts that EquuSearch was notified this morning of a potential place of interest located in the area known as the old Atlantis Hotel, an old run down hotel abandoned for at least 15 years. SM writes that three dog teams searched numerous buildings and underground pool areas of the area. Other camera equipment was brought in to search the more difficult to-get-to places, and after about two hours of "dealing with the dangerous environment, wasps and bats the search only found a plastic bag with a dead animal in it." (Another dead end!) SM also has some clear images of the fisherman's huts we've heard so much about.

Riehl World View has some snippets of an extended profile of Tim Equusearch's Tim Miller, and has an update with news that Robert Abel, the man that Tim Miller believed to be his daughter's killer, was previously reported at another website (Scared Monkeys) to have committed suicide.

And don't forget to stop by A Legend In My Own Mind for his take on what the case of Jennifer Wilbanks, the runaway bride, can tell us about the Natalee Holloway case.

9:42 PM ET HarryTho update:

Larry King hosted Dr. Henry Lee, a purported, foremost, world forensics authority. Dr. Lee outlined his preferred line of research which, for the most part, was based on the exposes of Josie Mansur. In my opinion, Dr. Lee was not even in touch with the particulars of the case. Succinctly, Dr. Lee wished for "a little bit of luck."

Larry King interviewed TJ Ward who intends to use the voice analysis machine on the recent pond and landfill witnesses, produced by Josie Mansur, in order to ascertain their veracity.

On Hannity of Fox News, John Fulton explained the accuracy and sensitivity of the dogs. Without reservation, Fulton asserts that if there were a body anywhere, the dogs would detect it from a good distance. I agree with Fulton's assessment of the dogs' capabilities. A dog's sense of smell is 200 times that of humans. Accordingly, the recent dog search on the property adjoining the van der Sloot's home was close enough for the dogs to detect human remains, if in fact there were any such remains on the van der Sloot's property.

As in prior appearances, Arlene Ellis-Schipper remains the most credible guest on any of the cable news networks. It would behoove the US experts to commence aligning their research efforts in collaboration with her representations. Quite frankly, the only creatures to benefit from Josie Mansur's exposes have been the huge egrets in the Racquet Club pond.

11 PM ET HarryTho UPdate:

Fox News (Greta) interviews Beth Twitty. Beth contends that there was a break in the surveillance tape at the Holiday Inn that prevented the authorities from determining whether or not Joran and the Kalpoes returned Natalee to the hotel on the night in question. Second, Beth contends that 17-year-old Joran van der Sloot has an open gambling account at the Excelsior Casino. Regrettably, according to Beth, the manager of that casino cannot be located.

Fox News (Greta) interviewed Laura Allison who claims Joran to be continually lying to interrogators. However, Arlene Ellis-Schipper contends that Joran has been uncooperative with the interrogators. If Joran is not talking, how can he be lying? Laura Allison describes the efforts at the landfill. Only Tim Miller is at the landfill. Aruban Law Enforcement discounts the eyewitness' account of the events. Aruban Law Enforcement checked out the story and have ascertained that the truck that the witness identified was not at the landfill, as the witness contends.

Arlene Ellis-Schipper on Greta commented on a motion before the court this week that will determine if the FBI can get as involved in the case as the Prime Minister requested. Arlene went on to say that the new Dutch interrogators are experienced with kids. Apparently, the new interrogators are body language experts. Greta commented that body language seems a desperate reach for the Aruban Law Enforcement. Reluctantly, Arlene acquiesced to Greta's appraisal of the status of the investigation by the Aruban prosecution.

Greta interviewed Tim Miller's team who checked out an abandoned hotel and cesspool, located near the Marriott, as well as the van der Sloot's neighbor's property. Only a dead cat in a bag was discovered at the abandoned hotel by the dogs. Tim Miller's boys describe the use of a vision stick in van der Sloot's neighbor's cesspool. Vison stick is a 15-foot stick with a camera attached.

It is quite obvious that there exists a large chasm between the Mansur-adulterated Twitty representations to the media and those of the Aruban Law Enforcement representatives. It would appear that one party is lost in the twilight zone.

More to come in the morning ...

Posted by Hyscience at August 1, 2005 9:09 PM

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