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August 8, 2005

Monday Night Natalee Holloway Updates And Commentaries

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The TV coverage on Natalee continues, but there's still no forward movement on the case, and still, each promising lead goes nowhere. Yet, there's still interesting information coming out.

First, Dan at Riehl world view has several posts with Natalee updates: From OReilly tonight, according to Jossy Mansur - two alleged participants in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway are being investigated, and one is said to have been involved in the burial of the body and is said to be talking. The other alleged witness is said to be the driver of the white truck. Dan also has some interesting news about the word on the street being that Beth Twitty confronted Deepak Kalpoe today, possibly in the Internet cafe. The info is sketchy, but has come from two very different sources - one anonomous, one known and reliable. There's an additional side line claiming that Greta Van Sustern may have also done the same at some point. And in an intriguing comment about Beth Twitty and some documents, Dan points to a CBS article entitled "Natalee's Mom Hints At Cover-Up."

Next, Scared Monkeys, posts an "Editorial from Diario; Natalee: A Mystery That Has A Solution," in which Josie Mansur, of Diario, chastises Arubans for their failure to cooperate and failure to enjoin the U.S. in helping to solve the case of Natalee's disappearance.

And for our evening cable news wrap-ups and commentary, we turn, as usual, to HarryTho - mystery writer, for a summaries (for those who haven't got cable or have missed the updates), and some commentary. Tonight there is some very interesting information about Joran and Natalee!

As usual, you get to decide what belongs in a mystery story, and what is on target. HarryTho so far has worked through the various scenarios we've all seen on Fox News and other MSM, and is still focusing on the possibility of a 'slave trade' scenario, keeping in mind the tragic possibility of Natalee having been murdered by the one or more of the three boys.

9:01 PM EDT HarryTho Email Update:

Fox News(Bill) interviewed Josie Mansur, who has another witness whom Mansur claims participated in the burial of a body on the night in question. Upon further probing by Bill, Mansur confessed that it was hearsay from an employee of the Hyatt Hotel to whom the man in question told this. Unbelievably, even Josie Mansur evaluates the guy's statement as questionable. When Josie doubts the credibility of a witness, then the witness must be a real looney. Nonetheless, the police are trying to track down this person.

Also, Josie has some other witness who revealed the nickname of the driver of the mysterious white truck seen at the beach and the landfill. Not to burst this new witnesses announcement, but the police obtained the license number of the truck and checked it out. It was bogus! Equusearch has returned to Texas. Bill and Josie commented that Equusearch was extremely discouraged. The landfill project is at all stopped due to lack of equipment.
9:45 PM EDT HarryTho Email Update:
Fox News Hannity & Combs interviews Jug Twitty (in Atlanta). Jug reveals that Beth Twitty cornered Deepak Kalpoe in the Internet Cafe in Aruba with two "security personnel" guarding the outside of the cafe and interrogated him for some 90 minutes. Deepak refused to comment or confront Beth Twitty.

Correct me if I am wrong: Beth's behavior with her two "security guards" constitutes a possible threat and assault. Upon Beth's leaving the cafe, Deepak stated: "The media has not seen this side of you!"

9:48 PM EDT HarryTho Email Update:
Fox News Hannity & Combs got Jug Twitty to admit that he has documentation that Joran had sexual relations with Natalee. Jug states that the police have suppressed information, acquired during their investigation. Also, judge ordered Joran to take another saliva test. FBI, as previously reported, has now been OK-ed to receive documentation collected by the Aruban police for this investigation. Jug hints at a cover up.
10:28 PM EDT HarryTho Email Update:
Fox News Greta Linda Allison. Linda confirmed Beth encounter with Deepak Kalpoe.

Greta hosted Toto Lacle who also confirmed the encounter between Beth and Deepak. Tito said the attorney for Deepak may file a restraining order against Beth. Tito said that Beth told him that she gave Deepak a drilled him then gave him a piece of her mind.

Comment: Deepak did not confront Beth Twitty and remained silent in the cafe, because he had a security camera filming the entire affair! He will use this film against Beth!

Note: Deepak has Beth on film terrorizing him and assaulting him, accusing him of things she apologized for earlier, and if her "security guards" are on film guarding the entranceway to the cafe, the attorneys can claim kidnapping!

Tito told us that Joran is definitely not speaking to the interrogators.

The defense lawyers have appealed the judge's rule to allow the FBI to see the documents of the case.

The judge has ordered the gardener arrested for interrogation, and sworn testimony then deported.

Greta interviewed Arlene Ellis-Schipper. Arlene explained Dutch law to Greta with multiple witnesses.
Earlier today HarryTho sent some general information on slave trafficing in Venezuela:
Venezuela experiences a significant narcotics-related money-laundering activity on Margarita Island (Isla de Margarita). Margarita Island is also a prostitution hot bed and sex slave trafficking center.

Cocaine is smuggled from Venezuela in multi-hundred kilo to multi-ton lots via "go-fast" boats. "Go-fast" boats are what the Aruban police refer to as "street boats."

A large amount of oil is exported to the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba for refining via larger merchant vessels. The important ports are Maracaibo, Puerto Cabello, La Guaira and Camana.

Maracaibo is the oil capital of South America.

Puerto Cabello is a Dutch smugglers hideout.

La Guaira is the main port of Caracas.

Cumana acts as the gateway to the infamous Isla de Margarita.

The air outlet for Venezuela is Maiqueta International Airport in Caracas ... also known as Simon Bolivar International Airport. The airport is some 30 kilometers form Caracas. A culture of corruption exists at Maiqueta. Mid-level military officers are well-known for taking bribes in order to allow contraband, usually heroin and cocaine, to exit Venezuela.

Within Venezuela, smuggling occurs on the Pan-American Highway, the Orinoco River, Guajira Peninsula and hundreds of small airstrips.

Venezuela is inundated with sex slave trafficking.

HarryTho also sent an image of Miss Venezuela - perhaps to let us know that there are already beautiful women down there and they should keep their hands of American high school students vacationing in Aruba.


On the other hand, perhaps HarryTho is simply getting bored over the lack of real news about Natalee and the steady stream of misinformation.

10:53 PM EDT HarryTho Email Update:

The judge made his decision on Friday evening to let the FBI peruse the case's documentation, because he knew the Aruban Law strictly forbade such involvement. So, he made his decision in time to prevent any injunction by the defense counsels. Now, the FBI has had the weekend to review the documents. On Monday, today, the defense lawyers filed appeals and a request for clarification. The judge has postponed the appeal to the 22nd or 26th in order to allow the FBI to see the paperwork. The judge knows that the appeal will be granted to the defense lawyers. This is an old judicial trick when political interference muscles its way into the case.

More tonight as available.

Posted by Hyscience at August 8, 2005 10:19 PM

I know how to break Joran: Post pictures of Natalee on the walls of his cell. Next day, post a copy of the description of Natalee by her classmate, telling what a sweet, kind, and gentle person she was, how she was such a hard worker, her achievements, etc. When Joran realizes what a wonderful person he destroyed, his conscience will be greatly troubled. Finally, play recordings of her voice in loving conversation with her family and loved ones.
Joran will be blubbering and begging to confess!
John Marson

Posted by: John Marson at August 8, 2005 10:02 PM

I don't know if that will work. The kid sounds sociopathic. If he just sees blonde American girls as objects of his obsession, he won't be able to comprehend the humanity of Natalee.

Posted by: Biff Tannen at August 8, 2005 11:01 PM

MSNBC's Scarborough Country just noted on its evening program that Joran v/d Sloot was involved in a punch fight in jail today, where he was hit in the face. Also, Scarborough said that now that Joran is 18 years old, he will most likely be held in the "general jail population" and will now have to share a cell with another man.

Posted by: Jack in Southern California at August 9, 2005 2:10 AM

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