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August 24, 2005

Julie Popovich's ID Found

Topics: Missing Persons

There's new evidence suggesting that Julie Popovich may be a victim of foul play.

A piece of identification believed to have been in Julie Popovich's possession the night she vanished has turned up near Hoover Reservoir. That's according to two sources close to the investigation.

The reservoir is 13 miles from the Ohio State campus-area bar where Julie was last seen. Sources tell 10TV that the ID was mailed to one of Julie's friends. That friend called police since she believes Popovich had that very same ID on her person the night she disappeared from Ledo's on North High Street.

Investigators are said to have searched near Hoover Dam on Tuesday, and were expected to return on Wednesday.

Why mail the ID to a friend? One would think the first place to send "evidence" would be the police. How would an uninvolved person know about the friend of Julies, in order to send the friend Julies ID?

Just Lost In Lima Ohio asks these questions and a few more, and also has that "one major news report indicated that the "person of interest" in the case was described as being a dark complected white male, with dark hair."

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Posted by Richard at August 24, 2005 10:14 AM

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