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August 13, 2005

Iran Used EU Negotiations To Buy Time For Completion Of Nuclear Facilities

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As anyone with any common sense and an iota of experience with, and/or exposure to, the Islamic regime in Iran has already known (excluding Jimmy Carter of course who has always lived in denial of reality) - Iran's negotiations with the EU were simply a ploy; it's intentions from the begining and all during the entire time that it negotiated on it's nuclear program, was to play the EU and all of the leaders of it's nations like a toy on a string. And just how do we know this with certainty? Because Iran is actually bragging about it.

From MEMRI, we learn that Iran's chief nuclear affairs negotiator, Hosein Musavian, now states that the negotiations with Europe were used to buy time for Iran to complete the Esfahan UCF project and the work on the centrifuges in Natanz. And they actually used the North Korean experience as a model (and of course we're still stuck with that issue, thanks to Jimmy Carter's naivete' and the Clinton administration's incompetence).
So while the Europeans were played for fools and the U.S. sat back and played second fiddle to the European dhimmis, even when Iran received a 50-day ultimatem, they managed to continue their nuclear development work for an additional two years, during which time they completed the UCF in Esfahan and completed the work in Natanz. Additionally, the obstacle of America's prevention of Iran joining the WTO was removed, and Iran began "talks" (it's always just talk)to join the WTO. In the two years wasted on negotiation with Iran, it entered the international "game" of the nuclear fuel cycle, and an Iranian delegate even participated in the relevant talks. And Iran even was able to jockey the time into acquiring other benefits as well.

Our take home message here is that the longer we wait to destroy Iran's nuclear facilities, the more there is going to be to have to take out later. And make no mistake about it, it's getting very close to a "now or never" scenario, and should we fail to take action now, it will take all of our fingers and toes to count the number of nuclear terrorist attacks we are likely to experience.

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Posted by Richard at August 13, 2005 12:47 PM

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