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August 24, 2005

Hawaii: Proposed Akaka Bill Changes Get Federal OK

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Governor Linda Lingle has announced amendments to the Akaka Bill that will go before the Senate: 1) Potential claims against the United States, 2) Military Readiness, 3) Criminal jurisdiction and Trust land and 4) gambling. All these are issues promoted by us to consider revising.

Governor Lingle referred to the rhetoric of the Bill's critic as insulting.

The bill seems ready to be heard before the Senate in September. Yet, there are some Republican detractors. Sixteen (16) Republican Senators contend that the bill creates a dangerous, race-based precedent. The 16 senators plead that only tribes, living in distinct communities with a pre-existing political structure, can be recognized as American Indians by the Constitution.

Robert Klein, attorney for the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, claims that "hundreds" of federal programs, designed to benefit Native Hawaiians, will be struck down without the Akaka Bill. That is right, "hundreds" of federally funded programs may be declared unconstitutional without the Akaka Bill. Let me repeat that: "Hundreds" of programs funded by our tax dollars may be lost to the Native Hawaiians who hoist placards: Kill a White Person per Day.

Note that Robert Klein does not itemize who the recipients of these "hundreds" of federally-funded programs are other than to group them as Native Hawaiians. We know how Kamehameha Schools metes out its $6.2 Billion Trust funds, how we can we expect anything fairer from these "hundreds" of programs?

Here is my bottom line: The Akaka Bill wants us to certify the waste of our tax dollars into institutions designed to prop up an aristocracy of self-ingratiating Native Hawaiians who, in turn, just want to kill us. Tell me, please, what was it that I missed? Maybe it is not only the rhetoric that is insulting to the American people.

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