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August 14, 2005

Germany rejects Iran military option

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In today's ABCNewsOnline we learn that German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder has rejected the threat of military force against Iran, barely hours after President Bush told Israeli television that "all options are on the table", including the use of force. So much for a unified front in the WOT and trying to bring a halt to Iran's program to develop atomic weapons. I'd love to play poker with the self-serving Chancellor, who places much greater importance on the winning of elections over achieving security for his countrymen and the rest of us in the Free World. But perhaps the most disturbing thing is that Germany, and likely the rest of Europe, hasn't learned anything at all from the last two years of being played like a fiddle by Iran - falling for virtually every single lie fronted by the Iranian Islamic Regime.

(...)Iran angered the European Union and the United States by resuming uranium conversion at its Isfahan plant last Monday.

(...) It resumed the work after rejecting a European Union (EU) offer of political and economic incentives in return for giving up its nuclear program.

(...) Mr Schroeder, one of the most prominent European opponents of the US-led war in Iraq, told an election rally in his home city of Hanover that the threat of force was not acceptable.

(...) "I am worried about developments there because no-one can want the Iranian leadership to gain possession of atomic weapons," Mr Schroeder said.

(...) "The Europeans and the Americans are united in this goal. Up to now we were also united in the way to pursue this.

(...) "This morning I read that military options are now on the table. My answer to that is: 'Dear friends in Europe and America, let us work out a strong negotiating position. But let's take the military option off the table. We have seen it doesn't work'," he said.

(...) Tehran says it aims only to produce electricity and denies Western accusations it is seeking a nuclear bomb. (yep, and there's still a lot of swampland in Florida to sell the gullible German chancellor)

Apparently, Mr Schroeder doesn't listen to what the Iranians are telling the world. Yesterday we wrote that all while the Europeans were played for fools and the U.S. sat back and played second fiddle to the European dhimmis, even when Iran received a 50-day ultimatem, they managed to continue their nuclear development work for an additional two years, during which time they completed the UCF in Esfahan and completed the work in Natanz. Additionally, the obstacle of America's prevention of Iran joining the WTO was removed, and Iran began "talks" (it's always just talk)to join the WTO. In the two years wasted on negotiation with Iran, it entered the international "game" of the nuclear fuel cycle, and an Iranian delegate even participated in the relevant talks. And Iran even was able to jockey the time into acquiring other benefits as well. So why is Schroeder back on the world stage dancing to Iran's tune while fiddling as the free world continues to be threatened with nuclear holocaust by an Islamic regime run amuck?

As luck would have it and since most Europeans have thas know-it-all air of being able to talk their way out of the Islamic threat that is eating away at the West like the malignant cancer that it is, "Schroeder's opposition to the Iraq war was seen as a decisive factor in his unexpected victory in the 2002 general election, which he won narrowly after coming from behind." And much to our poor luck and unknowingly that of both him and his countrymen, he faces another election this September, with his Social Democrats currently lagging the opposition conservatives.

AND like many of the democrats in the U.S., and virtually all of the far Left, politics are always the order of the day, and winning an election is far more important than winning the peace and stopping the advancing nuclear holocaust facing our planet.

Whatever happened to statesmanship, patriotism, and common sense?

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Posted by Richard at August 14, 2005 7:42 AM

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