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August 12, 2005

Friday Night Natalee Holloway Updates

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Tonight's a light night for me so I'm going to post on just a few quick items.

Rield World View has a, "Damning Statement in Natalee Holloway Case Publshed In Diario." From a cable network news source: Aruban newspaper Diario published what the newspaper says is a signed police interview with Joran van der Sloot in which van der Sloot says Deepak Kalpoe raped, killed, and burried Natalee Holloway. Dan writes that, "The Diario has been reporting on this document for some time but have been accused by competing local media for making it up. The item was published verbatim today. Jossy Manur assures claims it is a direct copy of the police document, obtained through one of his sources. It has not been independently verified."

HarryTho offers several commentaries:

Nancy Grace hosted Josie Mansur and Beth Twitty.

Josie stated that the gardener has been found. Nancy said the gardener had returned to Columbia to visit family and friends and now he is back on Aruba. Apparently, Nancy has the opinion that the gardener did not know that people were looking for him. Question here is: how does an illegal Columbia travel so easily between Columbia and Aruba without documentation? What will deportation do, if this gardener can move between countries so effortlessly without any documentation?

Harris Faulkner, some guest expert, claims that the gardener's testimony will blow Joran and the Kalpoe's brothers' alibi right out the window. Interestingly, Harris believes that the gardener will testify that he saw Joran, the Kalpoes and Natalee in the car at about 3:00 AM near the Racquet Club. How she believes that is yet another story? Up until now, the gardener has only mentioned seeing Joran and the Kalpoes. Natalee was not in the car. Then, we have to consider that the testimony is coming from an illegal alien who dodged a court order. And, no cross-examination has taken place to ascertain the veracity of his testimony. Let us not forget that three people are saying that they were not near the Racquet Club. Three to one would seem to lean in Joran's favor. I am unsure what form of magic to which Harris alludes, the gardener's testimony will bestow upon the clarity of this case.

Nancy revealed that some 536,000 Americans visit Aruba. Some 74% of all tourists to Aruba are Americans. Also, tourism to Aruba has increased since the Natalee Holloway disappeared. Tourism now brings in over US $1 billion to Aruba.

Most of the airtime seemed to be utilized by Nancy and her Atlanta girlfriend, Renee Rockwell, in the pursuit of understanding the Napoleonic Code of Aruba. Some 75 days into Natalee's disappearance, and these two gals still appear to be as clueless of Aruban laws as Mike Fuhrman.

Renee seemed confused as to how a simple walk on the beach resulted in a lost shoe and a belt. How she got to this shoe and belt is another mystery of the case? How the shoe and the recently found belt have entered center stage in this investigation just simply baffles me.

Josie reported that the Lake Park group is searching the beach near the lighthouse, and the landfill search has been suspended as a result of an unfortunate fire. It will resume on Monday.

Beth's entire oration was a rehash of the alleged lies told by suspects
Fox News (Jodie?) interviewed Tito Lacle.
Tito discounts the prior Mansure report that the gardener had been found. The gardener has not been found. Tito says the gardener is now a fugitive and warrant has been issued for his arrest. Joran is not talking to the investigators. Joran's lawyers are contending that the constant questioning by the interrogations violates Joran's right to remain silent. Tito claims the deputy police chief is interrogating other persons and feels the case is at a critical point.

Fox News interviewed Linda Allison. Linda claims that an Aruban girl told her that Joran accosted her in Carlos & Charlie's. When she refused to dance with him, he followed her to the restroom and pulled a knife on her. Linda claims the girl told her that Joran said the girl could not do anything about him because his father is a judge. Linda claims Joran has 9 or 10 attorneys and open accounts at casinos in Aruba.
Scarborough interviewed a former federal prosecutor, Mary Fulginati. Mary
spent the entire interview attempting to square away Scarborough's erroneous thinking about the case. Mary told Scarborough that despite his beliefs no confession has been made by Joran van der Sloot.

Scarborough then brought on Dave Holloway. Dave utter more old Mansur lore (OML) and then admitted that nothing was happening. However, he downplayed the Sept 4th date as a drop dead in that, all is not lost if Joran goes free on Sept 4th.
Fox News interviewed Josie Mansur about a release "unsigned" confession in which Joran says he thinks Deepak raped, killed and buried Natalee by the Fishermen's huts.
When confronted with the fact that Joran never signed the confession, Josie said that he did not care if Joran never signed it. Josie said he had four police officers attesting to the confession.

Note: former federal prosecutor Mary Fulginiti stated that Joran introduced this alleged confession as: "I think ... Deepak ...." She stated clearly that this is hardly a confession under anyone's law.

Once again, Josie contends, from unnamed police sources, that the gardener has been found and will be brought to court on Monday or Tuesday. Whether Joise is spitting wind or not, I do not know.
More tomorow...

Posted by Richard at August 12, 2005 11:50 PM

I appreciate Harry Tho's Comments. His view of facts versus hyperbole is refreshing.

Posted by: Biff Tannen Author Profile Page at August 13, 2005 7:41 PM

I hope this case and others like it will result in a policy at all schools to train youngsters, particularly young girls, in self defense. If Natalee had been properly trained, she would have quickly jabbed her fingers in her attacker's eyes. If she had done this, it would have ended his attack, and she would most likely be alive today.

Posted by: Marson Author Profile Page at August 13, 2005 10:19 PM

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