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August 18, 2005

Evening Natalee Holloway Updates And HarryTho Commentary

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It's Thursday night already, and another week is begining to pass by us with Natalee still missing. As usual, let's catch up on some of the latest information on Natalee with updates and commentary by mystery writer HarryTho, and our customary points to our favorite co-bloggers covering the story. Tonight, lets start with HarryTho's first email of the evening.

HarryTho 11:07PM EDT Update and Commentary (via email):

MSNBC (Joe) has Clint van Zandt interviewing Beth Twitty. Beth believes that Joran's mom is in complete denial about Joran's character, while Clint summarizes the case as if a UFO had come down and abducted Natalee. In reality, Clint says, there is no hard evidence in the case.

Fox News (Greta) interviews Beth Twitty, who believes the gardener and discounts Deepak's 3:00 AM electronic text massages. Beth tells Greta that neither the FBI nor the Aruban authorities ever confirmed the alleged text messages, and defaults into running down Paulus van der Sloot. Beth says she has different time lines than those of Paulus and Deepak.

Next we have Tito Lacle saying that there were no interrogations today of Joran. Lawyers tell him that there are no more questions to ask. Joran is still not talking to interrogators, and even muffles his ears with his hands from time to time. Body language experts are always present for the interrogations.

There has been no invitation for the Kalpoes to be interrogated. Tito shares that from a reliable lawyer for the prosecution there is no case; however, the prosecution claims to have a case. Tito says that the police have more witnesses.

Arlene Ellis-Schipper believes that Joran will be held an additional 30 days; at which time, the prosecution will have to determine what charge to bring against Joran, if any. Arlene feels the charge will be difficult with no evidence.

We also have the gardener's passport has been seized.

Dr. Baden believes a case can be brought without a body, but someone needs to have seen the body.

While we wait to see if anything more is forthcoming from HarryTho tonight...

Scared Monkeys posts on Beth Twitty and the frustration that must be setting in by now, writing that "One can only imagine what it must be like to be Beth Holloway Twitty and have to deal with the roller coaster of emotion, the alleged here today gone tomorrow evidence of the case and the never ending task of having to keep the story alive in the news." We also learn from Scared Monkeys that last night "Tim Miller appeared on CNN's Nancy Grace and although was repeatedly bated by the host, he refused to get into an on air confrontation over recent comments made by Jim Knox."

Dan at Riehl World View has a long post written by one of his readers, George T., lifted from the comments section. It's in the form of a long letter and covers topics from the newly discovered concept of reading a web log and interacting through comments - to defining truth as we know it when it's hard to find. It includes comments from many other commenters.

More as avalable (check back later)...

Posted by Richard at August 18, 2005 11:30 PM

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