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August 17, 2005

Evening Natalee Holloway Updates And HarryTho Commentary (Updated)

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It's Wednesday and Natalee is still missing, with little learned of her disappearance since the day she missed her plane. So we have yet another evening of Natalee Holloway updates and commentary by mystery writer HarryTho, with points to other blogs. First a couple of links to other blogs, then we'll go on to HarryTho's updates and commentary

My usual first stop to another blog for Natalee info is Dan at Riehl World View, who has some quick updates on a demonstration planned for tomorow against the anti-negative coverage of the media in Aruba. Dan also offers up some humor on Natalee's grandmother now being in Aruba.

Checking out Scared Monkeys, they seem to still be upset over "More Texas EquuSearch Bashing; Now blamed for Landfill Fire," and seem pleased that "Paul Reynolds Speaks Out for the Family and Defends Texas EquuSearch." They also have an interesting post on an interview with Natalee's grandmother: "In an interview done by Rita Cosby of MSNBC Natalee Holloway's grandmother, Christene Holloway, speaks out regarding her missing grand daughter and dealing with talking to her son Dave Holloway during these difficult times."
Now on to HarryTho with his 10:33PM EDT Update and Commentary: Let's start with the AP, which has run an article that the defense lawyers for Joran van der Sloot are demanding, via an appeal, to have access to more evidence that the prosecution has against their client. The appeal is expected to be heard on Monday. Interestingly, the court originally denied the defense lawyer's request. The prosecution is not commenting on the original judge's decision nor the upcoming appeal.

Fox News (H&C): Dave Holloway hopes that a kidnapping charge will be brought against Joran van der Sloot. Dave defends the gardener's testimony as common sense that Satish was in the car, although, the gardener could not identify him. Dave feels the defense lawyers went overboard demeaning the gardener's testimony and that the defense lawyer's have a lame excuse. Concerning the forearm washing upon the beach in Venezuela, Dave says the FBI discounted the possibility that it could have come from Natalee. Dave goes on to describe the landfill as a fiasco out of control. All the work of the Texas EquuSearch team was buried by the landfill bulldozers, after the Texas team's permits expired. Then, as Dave puts it, the landfill caught fire. When asked who could be paying for Joran defense lawyers, Dave points to all of Joran and the Kalpoe brothers' friends, and envisions a large conspiracy that has encircled this entire case.

MSNBC News (Rita) hosted Art Wood and Clint van Zandt. Art believes the gardener and quotes his 30 years of experience interviewing people. Art was dismayed that Joran has not been interrogated all week. Clint quotes that 40% of eyewitness accounts are incorrect; however, he feels we have to go with something. Clint was shocked to understand that no official search of the van der Sloot's home has taken place yet. Clint questioned the adequacy of the Aruban Police's tactics.

Nancy Grace (Jane): Jane informed Jim Knox that someone may be suing him. Tim Miller is really upset about the criticism that Texas EquuSearch has received: fire in the landfill, threatening a judge and the turtle egg destruction - Tim denies them all. Jane illustrates a time line of about two hours as a window of opportunity for Joran to rape, kill and dispose of Natalee.

Fox News (Greta): Tito Lacle says the prosecution will not pursue DNA sampling from the Kalpoe brothers. Only Joran will be DNA sampled. Tito does still feel that the prosecution is pursuing the case. The DNA is being tested in order to determine whether or not the DNA on Natalee's toothbrush is Joran's. Tito runs down what the defense counsels asked the court today, basically all the information on the current interrogations, telephone transcripts and computer info accumulated by the prosecution.

Beth Twitty knew that the prosecutor had no evidence to support a request to DNA test the Kalpoe Brothers as early as 4 August. Now, Natalee's toothbrush is triggering a DNA sample from Joran. Beth is upset about the lack of information coming to the family, and criticizes the negligence of the early Aruban investigators.

Mark Fuhrman offers some ideas, confirms a two-hour timeline, and believes that any harm to Natalee was not pre-meditated. Mark feels that if they hid Natalee's body, then it would have been a place that the kids knew well. Mark feels the routes from the Marriott beach to Joran's house, Kalpoe's house or the hotel are the best locations for the kids to hide a body. Mark mentions a rumor that Paulus van der Sloot picked up Joran at 4:00 AM. Mark runs down the Aruban police, nothing new for him. The inquiry into the toothbrush seems to baffle both Greta and Mark.

Seems like it's been a slow day in Aruba, and the media's just been digging for something to report(no pun intended here).

Late night update (Hat tip - Red at Scared Monkeys for the email)- According to multiple sources in Aruba and also from Aruba Today, the supposed planned American Media Boycott planned for tomorrow has been canceled. Sources say, "There will not be a demonstration tomorrow or anytime in the near future." I am wondering if my initial thought that the Minister of Tourism better do something to head this off may not have been not too far off.

Even later night update via HarryTho: MSNBC (8:00 PM Hawaii time) Joe Scarborough interviewed Beth Twitty and mentioned something about Joran van der Sloot being a social predator. From that comment on, Beth machine-gunned Joran. She said the Aruban police lied to her from the beginning about Joran. Examples of people knowing Joran as predator of young American and European girls eased off Beth's tongue like a cartridge belt being fed through rapid-fire chamber. Then, Joran's gambling took center stage with his open account at a casino.

Joe ended the conversation with a plea to all Americans (not just Alabamans) to contact their legislators in Congress and tell them how they feel about Joran being released in 18 days.

More if available and newsworthy...

Posted by Richard at August 17, 2005 10:54 PM


Notwithstanding all the boot-strapped efforts of NANCY GRACE, JOE SCARBOROUGH, MARK FUHRMAN and the other media SPIN-ARTISTS, it would appear that there is ZERO evidence to sustain the further jailing of JORAN VAN DER SLOOT.

Were JORAN in the USA, he would have long since been released -- if not, never jailed.

Unless someone comes up with some big bunny from a magical black hat, the Aruban law would prescribe his immediate release on September 4.

Vaste Joran bevrijd!

Jack in Southern California

Posted by: Jack in Southern California at August 18, 2005 11:15 AM

Natalee brought this entire event on herself.
She got herself drunk, enticed Joran, walked out with Joran, and probably sent him home alone in the middle of the night. She probably went for a swim by herself, got caught in a riptide, and is probably part of the food chain. Being intelligent does not prevent a teenager from doing something stupid! Beth needs to look in the mirror for someone to convict; crucifying innocent Joran won't bring Natalee back. They are trying to BUY a conviction with all their media blitz. I hope the Twittys/Holloways/Nichols have deep pockets for all the promised persecution of Joran. Good grief!

Posted by: Yvonne at August 18, 2005 11:49 AM

I have seen it all now. All I can hope is that this Joran creep is let lose and comes to Amereica to school. Boy do we have a lesson for this bastard to learn. Oh and yes for his lovely dark skined friends and his father these individuals need to come and visit urine too, I doubt that they would be found either, just like Natalee.

No matter if they come here or we have to go there, these boys are going to pay for their crimes, it's only a matter of time,they are smiling today, but one by one, they are going to be singled out, plink, plink, plink. It's called JUSTICE.

Posted by: Jackbenimble at August 19, 2005 1:49 PM

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