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August 16, 2005

Evening Natalee Holloway Updates With HarryTho Commentary

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And so we begin another evening of Natalee Holloway updates and commentary by mystery writer HarryTho, with points to other blogs.


HarryTho's 8:57 PM EDT Commentary (via Email - Harry still hates our MT software. We think he prefers banging it out on an old Underwood):

The unfortunate plane crash near the Columbia/Venezuela border provides opportunities for the search for Natalee Holloway. The main city near the crash site is Maracaibo.

Maracaibo happens to be a potential destination for sex trade activities. A large oil development facility exists there. These facilities attract hordes of skilled and unskilled labor which in turn demand some form of entertainment. Young girls are one form of provided entertainment. Sex slave providers maintain stables of young appropriated females. For the most part, these girls have been tricked or abducted from neighboring countries: Columbia, Ecuador and Bolivia. I don't believe that Caucasian females would end up in one of these dingy brothels; however, it is not inconceivable. Once at the sex slave site, the sex slavers would not turn a young Caucasian away. Since Maracaibo's oil industry would interface with other oil producing countries, it is conceivable that a connection could have been made with the brother of the Sultan of Brunei, a known admirer of Caucasian sex women.

The US Government has sent four officials to the Maracaibo to investigate the crash site. Why miss an opportunity to probe into Maracaibo?

On the cable news front, Nancy Grace (Jane) interviews Josie Mansur, Paul Reynolds and Mary Fulginiti. Paul tries to play down the friction developing between the two search teams. Joise describes the size of the landfill and its potential for solving Natalee's disappearance. The forearm was discussed, with Josie describing how the authorities conclude that the arm was probably dropped into the sea near the coast of Venezuela. Mary Fulginiti runs through some interrogation scenarios and focuses on Joran's lying. She discounts any hope of trapping Joran into a confession.

Next Josie discusses the time lines. In his discussion, Josie has Joran with Natalee on the beach by the Mariott at 2:00 AM. Then, Josie has the gardener seeing the Joran and Deepak in a car, without Natalee, near the Racquet Club between 2:30 to 3:00 AM. Also, there is an email sent from Deepak's computer at 3:10 AM from his home. Accordingly, if the gardener is correct, then Joran and Deepak had to rape, murder and hide Natalee's body within about an hour from 2:00 to about 2:45 AM. Joe Lawless claims that even the mob's hitmen cannot whack and dispose of someone in that amount of time. Joe discounts the kids could possibly have acted alone. Someone else has to be involved who is familiar with body disposal in Aruba.
Meanwhile, Scared Monkeys has some transcript info from "Tuesday nights Court TV with Catherine Crier's interview with Jossy Mansur."

HarryTho's back and it's his 10:33PM EDT Update and Commentary:

Fox News (Greta): Tito Lacle explained what happened during the 3-4 hour court appearance yesterday. The gardener was so off on his testimony that the judge had to correct him a few times. The witness kept changing his story. Defense lawyers gloated after the witness testified and clearly concluded that he was not credible. Tito avoided the characterization of the witness as useless, but he had only one reservation ... only that the police wanted to continue questioning him. Of course they would, the gardener was in the area of Natalee's disappearance and seems to be more inconsistent than the three kids. Apparently, the gardener outdid the three kids on the rate of changing stories, if that is possible!

When asked about the landfill problems, Tito explained that the landfill people closed the landfill because of improprieties perpetrated by Texas EquuSearch. The Texas team is blamed for the fire in the landfill and had their permits canceled. However, the new group seems to be ameliorating the prior errors, and it appears that a new permit may be issued by Friday. Beth Twitty seemed uninformed of everything that was going on today. She feels the upcoming elections are interfering with the case. She wants an audience with the Prime Minister. Aruba Attorney Ricardo Yarzagawry claims the prosecution has no evidence and the gardener witness is not credible. Jim Hammer feels the case is in real trouble. Geoffrey Fieger agrees with Hammer. Ted Williams agrees, also. Ted really comes down hard on the Aruban prosecutor and her recent romping around the old crime scenes.

Nancy Grace (Jane): Josie Mansure reported that there was no flesh on the bone of the forearm and fingers. Josie says that the ocean-current specialists tell him that the only way this forearm could have floated upon a Venezuelan beach is if the body (or forearm) were dumped into the ocean near the Venezuelan coast. If it is Natalee's forearm, then the she had to have been taken by boat well over halfway to the Peninsula de Paraguara, Venezuela from Aruba. Otherwise, the body (or forearm) would be carried by the ocean currents to Panama.

Also, Jane mentions that the police did not find evidence on the cars, indicating that the cars had been over rough terrain.

When Tito Lacle was answering questions concerning the pitiful performance of the gardener witness in court, he revealed that the employer of the gardener was a prominent person in Aruba whose last name's initial begins with "M." The Scared Monkeys have a post on an interview that the employer was Josie Mansur's nephew, that was mentioned here earlier.

12:33 AM EDT Update: Since we know now that Mansur was the employer of this gardener witness, a number of questions arise.

Early on, Josie Mansur said that he had heard of this witness from a jailhouse domino game. Then, Josie said he was tracking down this witness. Presumably, with Josie's keen eye for journalistic detail, he would have acquired a description of the gardener from the jailbird. Interestingly, it took Josie a considerable amount of time in order to locate this gardener and, only then, was he able to so with the help of his private investigator. Certainly, he must have suspected that someone fitting the gardener's description was doing his(or his family's) lawn. Josie cannot be that non-inquisitive and still sustain the title as the most popular newspaper in Aruba and maintain a vast real estate holding. Additionally, Josie knew where the gardener's family was: Columbia. Therefore, Josie knew he was employing an illegal alien.

Presumably, Josie was quite familiar with the way in which the gardener was able to visit his family from time-to-time without attracting the attention of the Aruban authorities.

The second question concerns the funding of the landfill digging done by Texas EquuSearch. Josie put that money up, presumably on his belief in the dump scavenger's testimony. Third, Josie has gone to great lengths in order to paint a dismal picture of the van der Sloots and Kalpoes. Josie has money to spend in order to help find Natalee. Beth Twitty refers to Josie as a hero for his undying effort to help her family.

Josie defended Texas EquuSearch, even before Jim Knox's ill-advised comment. Actually, Josie went on the offensive early when the new search team was leaving him out of the loop, initially.

The foregoing brings me to an interesting question. Tim Miller of Texas EquuSearch claimed that he searched all over Aruba and proclaimed that Natalee was not on the island. What day was it that Texas EquuSearch's cadaver dogs: Rudy and Ruger, sniffed Josie Mansur's property?

More from HarryTho as available...

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Posted by Richard at August 16, 2005 9:40 PM

The gardener was not employed by Jossie, but his nephew, and why would Jossie be interested prior this horrible event in who is his nephew's gardener?
The name of the country is Colombia, not Columbia. And if Jossie wants to help find Natalee and spend his own money is his prerrogative to do so. He is a journalist and and investigative journalist at that, so why have so many doubts on this man? What interest would he have in helping this family other than find their daughter? Why the negative feeling? Thank you.

Posted by: oneyka at August 17, 2005 1:24 AM

SCARBOROUGH COUNTY on MSNBC has gone completely off the deep end in its efforts (IMHO) to maintain ratings (although NANCY GRACE still reigns Queen Bizarro over the "deep end" department).

Tonight, SCARBOROUGH made a plea to all girls "out there" who have been previously subjected to JORAN VAN DER SLOOT's "socio-pathic predatory nature." SCARBOROUGH urged that such women immediately contact their minister or rabbi and relate the substance of such abuse to them, so that the proper authorities might then be contacted.

Obviously, the comments made the other night by the young woman from New Jersey who only had kind comments to make about JORAN, did not sit well with SCARBOROUGH. This is perfectly understandable, because any characterization of JORAN as a "nice guy" would remove the focus of attack for the media, and thereby, ratings would not fare as well.

Media 101 demands that there always be an "EVIL PERSON" to spotlight. Alas, a "man" is always a better evil focus than a "woman" -- much in the same manner as more men have been executed than women.

For me, the bottom line is that nearly all we are hearing from the broadcast media is just bunk. I get better and more credible information from the HarryTho's and Hyscience's of the cyberworld.

Posted by: Jack in Southern California at August 17, 2005 1:35 AM

This case is no doubt a boon to Aruba's tourist industry. Summer is the slack season in the Carribean. Hotels are normally empty at this time of the year. Yet we hear that business is booming. Solving the case would most likely bring an end to that, and the hotels, taxicabs, charter boats, and restaurants would pretty much have to close up and wait for winter. Therefore, Aruba may not want to have the case solved.

Posted by: John Marson at August 17, 2005 11:03 AM

Burying a body requires equipment. Did these boys carry shovels, hoes, etc. in their car? Or did they drive home to get them? Even with such equipment, it would have taken them an hour or longer to dig a deep hole, throw the body in, and fill the hole. And what are the chances they would be seen, even at night?
The most likely scenario, it seems to me, is that they tied up Natalee with duct tape and took her to a boat waiting close to the beach.

Posted by: John Marson at August 17, 2005 11:13 AM

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