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August 11, 2005

Evening Natalee Holloway Updates With HarryTho Commentary (with ongoing evening updates)

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Here we are on yet another evening, and WE still haven't solved the mystery of Natalee's disappearance:

Scared Monkeys has posted an article from the Dairio newspaper in which police action against Beth Twitty was outlined in response to an harassment complaint filed by Deepak Kalpoe. The Dairio goes on to mention that the police, understanding Beth Twitty's grieving situation, will take no action, other than to allow Deepak's lawyer to send a warning letter to Beth Twitty.

A response article is published in which the Dairio contends that Beth Twitty, through her attorney Desousa, will ask the prosecutor to reveal the contents of Deepak's complaint. If Beth deems the complaint inaccurate, then she intends to file a complaint against Deepak for making inaccurate statements in his complaint.

4:09 PM EDT HarryTho Commentary (via email):

Despite the legal technical-correctness unfolding, Beth Twitty was aired on a number of cable news networks admitting to receiving information from an NBC news team that Deepak was at the Internet Cafe. She chose to go to the Internet Cafe in order to confront Deepak, accompanied by the NBC news team and some "security guards." Beth Twitty proclaimed on the cable news networks that she: 1) "ruined Deepak's day," and "gave him a piece of her mind." Furthermore, she admits commandeering 90 minutes of his work time in the pursuit of her quest for information concerning Natalee. I believe, Beth Twitty would have to know that Deepak Kalpoe is a suspect in her daughter's disappearance, and that he has been advised by his attorney not to discuss the case with anyone. Given the foregoing, Deepak Kalpoe had to be somewhat concerned about Beth Twitty entering his work place with "others" and confronting him for 90 minutes. I would find the foregoing hard to conclude otherwise, and that Deepak Kalpoe indeed felt threatened by the presence of Beth Twitty and her "company" for 90 minutes ... even if Beth never said a word to him. Considering that Beth and her "company" stood between Deepak Kalpoe and the entrance/exit to the Internet Cafe, kidnapping seems more appropriate a charge than harassment.
As to HarryTho's last sentence, although it does sound a little harsh and unsympathetic, can you imagine a defense counsel's reaction should such an event occur here in the U.S.?

Dan at Riehl World View has an interesting post that makes it sound as though the State Dept. has been listenting to HarryTho.

Anecdotal reporting suggests that the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba, autonomous regions within the Kingdom of the Netherlands, are transit and destination regions for trafficking of women and children for sexual exploitation. Curacao and Saint Maarten, in particular, reportedly are destination islands for women trafficked for the sex trade from Columbia, the Dominican Republic and Haiti. In Curacao (and neighboring Aruba) observers estimate that 500 foreign women are in prostitution, some of whom may have been trafficked.
Read the rest in Dan's post... Dan also has a post on the 'Beth Holloway stalking Claim' by Kalpoe.

The AP News reports that the "Eyewitness in case of missing U.S. teen fails to show in court, possibly fled Aruba" (Hat tip - HarryTho) A witness fleeing the island adds yet another dimension to the mystery surrounding Natalee's disappearance.

10:01 PM EDT HarryTho Comments (via email:

Scared Monkeys posts that the Alabama Legislature has passed a motion to boycott Aruba. Interestingly, Jug Twitty, in a letter, pleaded with the Governor of Alabama to refrain from boycotting Aruba.

Fox News (O'Reilly) hosted some travel experts. One expert, Cheryl Hudak, stated that the tourist industry has witnessed no decrease in travel to any of the Caribbean islands, particularly Aruba and Jamaica. The other expert explained that since 911, Americans have been insensitized to the dangers. She believes Americans are saying: "I have no control over these world events. To hell with it. I will enjoy my life and whatever happens, happens." Accordingly, a boycott of Aruba maybe as effective as using a squirt gun to extinguish a forest fire.

So far, the news has discussed some belt buckle that Joran van der Sloot wore the night he was with Natalee. Apparently, Mark Fuhrman (LAPD) recommended obtaining a search warrant of the van der Sloot home in order to locate the belt buckle, if it is anywhere to be found.
10:23 PM EDT HarryTho Commentary (via email):
Jug Twitty just told Greta on Fox News that the Headmaster at Juron's school told him that the Holiday Inn could not verify that the three kids dropped of Natalee, because there was a break in the surveillance tape.

Do you suppose that the real story is that Joran and the Kalpoe brothers really did drop Natalee off at the Holiday Inn? When it became obvious that Natalee's family intended to keep the fires burning looking for her, could the boys have altered their story in order to cover up the 'shanghaiing' of Natalee by, for example, the Excelsior Casino people? Remember, Steve Croes claimed to have seen the three boys drop off Natalee at the Holiday Inn. So far, everyone seems to have taken the bait that the kids lied. What if the great mystery is that the kids originally told the truth!
Riehl World View has, "Surprising Development In Natalee Holloway Case."
Information gathered in reporting on the Natalee Holloway disappearance suggests there was actually another male who claims to have spent the night, or "crashed" at the apartment of Joran Van der Sloot on the night of the disappearance of Natalee Holloway. As Joran's one room, one bath apartment is set off from the family home, it was suggested this was not an unusual development among some of his closest friends.
More HarryTho (10:31 PM):
MSNBC Scarborough facilitated a Deepak, Paulus van der Sloot and Ruben Trapenberg cut down session. Deepak is a punk harassing a Southern Woman. Paulus is a dishonor to the Aruban people. Trapenberg is an arrogant liar. Jug just seems frustrated. Keep in mind that most of these comments were commenced by Scarborough and not Beth or Jug Twitty.

Beth, on the other hand, qualifies her 90 minutes with Deepak as a "brief visit."

The only positive news is the discovery of a belt, resembling the one Joran wore on the night Natalee disappeared. The belt was discovered on the beach by the lighthouse near the Marriott.
More developing ...

Posted by Richard at August 11, 2005 3:36 PM

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