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August 5, 2005

EU recognizes Iranian right to peaceful nuclear energy - Countdown to nuclear terrorism begins

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And so we begin phase one of the world's march to nuclear terrorism, facilitated by a Europe too fearful of confrontation to have the fortitude to stand up against Iranian threats.

Iranian nuclear facility.jpg
[(Nuclear power plant (UCF) 295 km from Tehran March 2005 (AFP/Henghameh Fahimi)]

By caving in now and "recognizing the Islamic Republic's right to peaceful nuclear energy but not to making atomic fuel with possible weapons use," the EU has set in place the fullfilment of certain forthcoming tension to develop nuclear weapons throughout the Middle East with Iran, Syria, Egypt, and Saudia Arabia - all scrambling to be the new kid on the block with the latest in nuke-em technologies. And along with these exercises in random acts of insanity, we can expect to experience random acts of nuclear terrorism by terrorists using weaponry acquired from Iran, it's agents, and Islamic terrorists facilitated by it's agents.

If there is a single leader in the free world that seriously believes Iran does not intend to develop atomic weapons - then they haven't been listening to the Islamic regime. They are living in a dream world so common to moonbats, and there will soon come a time when in the midst of "recognizing the Islamic Republic's right to peaceful nuclear energy" - nuclear weapons will rain down upon our cities and nuclear weapons will be the weapon of choice for Islamic terrorists who have no qualms about dying while destroying entire nations.

VIENNA (AFP) - The European Union offer submitted to Iran on Friday recognizes the Islamic Republic's right to peaceful nuclear energy but not to making atomic fuel with possible weapons use, diplomats said.

The EU says it "respects Iran's rights under the (nuclear) Non-Proliferation Treaty for the peaceful use of nuclear energy," a diplomat at the UN atomic agency in Vienna told AFP in summarizing the report.

If Iran does acquire atomic bombs, which it fully intends to do, it will most certainly put pressure on other countries in the region do the same, especially since many Arab countries believe it's unfair that Israel has nuclear weapons and they don't. If Arab countries, particularly Saudi Arabia, Egypt and possibly Syria, found themselves caught between a nuclear-armed Israel and a nuclear-armed Iran, it would greatly increase pressures to pursue their own nuclear options - increasing the potential for terrorists to gain access to nuclear weapons. Such events can only result in not only a regional arms race in the Middle East which is extremely likely to be destabilizing, given the number and intensity of conflicts and instabilities in the region and rapidly spreading throughout the world.

Posted by Hyscience at August 5, 2005 10:59 AM

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