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August 23, 2005

Deepak Goes Back To 'C & C's,' Joran Beats Up Little Guy, More Alleged Victims Of Joran's, And Other Natalee (Evening Updates)

Topics: Natalee Holloway

It's another fun day for Aruba watchers, so here's the early version of today's Natalee summary:

First, this guy Deepak Kalpoe is no rocket scientist, but he has chutzpah.


Scarborough Country has obtained what MSNBC calls "explosive and exclusive new video" of Deepak returning to the place that Natalee as last seen alive. Joe talks to former FBI profiler and MSNBC analyst Clint Van Zandt and Natalee's uncle, Paul Reynolds to look for answers as to why Deepak would return to Carlos and Charlies.

On the Joran front, Riehl World View posted last night that "a confidential source with knowledge of a recent fight between Joran Van der Sloot and another individual currently held in the same jail has reported that the fight took place during a soccer match during a recreational period. The boy involved in the scuffle with Van der Sloot was a smaller individual but managed to land what was described as "a few good shots." The extent of any injuries is unclear, but this could be what resulted in recent reports of his having been seen with a black eye."

And it looks like there may be more victims of Joran's shananigans. Scared Monkeys has a translation of Diario that says "there is a girl of 17 years old who apparently will press rape charges against Joran. According to this information that reached our editorial desks, apparently there are 3 girls who want to press charges, but that two of them have not yet decided, but that the other does have the intention of pressing charges soon. (Hat tip -HarryTho email)

As to Aruba being a safe paradise for vacation-goers, you might want to think again, at least if you're a woman. Dan Riehl writes that last week the FBI indicated that at least three American women have come forward since Natalee's disappearance to report that they had been sexually assaulted while vacationing in Aruba.

HarryTho 10:47 PM EDT Evening Update and commentary:

On MSNBC (Joe): received a report from Michelle Kosinski that there are 6 girls making statements against Joran van der Sloot. One American said Joran was persistent to get her in a car. Two girls said they had sex with Joran. A 17-year-old form Aruba has hired an attorney to communicate with the prosecutor about an incident in which she says that Joran drugged her, then raped her. And, there are two other Aruban girls making similar statements, but they have not come forward, officially.

Clint van Zandt claims to have reviewed the police records, and Joran's name comes up in complaints for sexual assaults by young girls. Clint believes that Joran's behavior has been consistent and yet, it went unchecked. He believes the documented complaints, if valid, will describe a pattern of Joran that could persuade a court to keep him incarcerated.

Joe Scarborough mentions that the landfill witness failed a polygraph given by FBI agents. And, the FBI says that he failed the polygraph in a big way.

Deepak was filmed entering Carlos & Charlie's (image above). Beth almost came to tears when she heard the news, because C&C won't allow her to post her daughter's picture in the establishment. Beth also made a statement that Deepak kidnapped her daughter.

The courts decided that the defense will not be given any more evidence in the case. Chris Lejeuz explains the decision - he reveals that his sister, also a lawyer, has been hired by Beth Twitty. Chris' sister was a prosecutor in Aruba. Chris feels the prosecution has no evidence to charge Joran for anything.

Fox News (Greta) interviewed David Kock, attorney for the Kalpoes. Kock describes a credible timeline for the Kalpoes. The phone calls that Deepak received form Joran at 2:40 AM and 3:00 AM came from the Marriott area. Kock explained away the alleged confession published by the Dairio Newspaper. To Kock, Deepak and Satish, and their car, are accounted for on the night of Natalee's disappearance. And, Joran's timeline does match what the police have on record right now. Kock says that there is no evidence of a murder. We just have someone missing, and Joran was the last one who admits to have been with the Natalee. Kock says Joran's trouble comes from his uncertainty of the events that transpired on the night of Natalee's disappearance. As far as the car ride with Joran and Natalee, Kock states that the Kalpoes sensed nothing unusual or anything that they would discern as alarming in the intimate relationship between Joran and Natalee. Kock describes some sensual moments that suggests that Natalee enjoyed Joran's company.

Tito Lacle says the prosecution will ask the judge to extend Joran for 30 days. Tito says all is focused on Joran. Deepak and Satish are off the radar. The jogger has not come forward, yet. The police want the jogger to match notes. If his story changes, Tito claims they will detain the jogger. Tito claims people are asking how the jogger got on scene at that time. Search teams checked the pond and the Racquet Club without a result, so far. Tito believes that Joran will be held for the next 30 days and that the police seem to think that Joran murdered Natalee.

More as available...

Posted by Richard at August 23, 2005 5:00 PM

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