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August 22, 2005

Aruba PM Admits Mistakes Made In Natalee Holloway Disappearance (With HarryTho Evening Natalee Update)

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The Aruban PM now says that Aruba needs to review the first stages of the investigation into Natalee Holloway's disappearance to find out "who let this go wrong." And that's going to accomplish what? It's months late and many man hours (and dollars) short. Finding out "who let this go wrong" and $1.80 plus tax will get you a vente cup of coffee at Starbucks, nothing more - definately nothing in the way of finding Natalee.

Although not exactly admitting that the case had been "botched," Aruba's prime minister said he believes that authorities made mistakes at the start of the investigation of the Natalee Holloway case. Beth Holloway Twitty, who's often criticized Aruban authorities on the Dutch Caribbean island since her daughter disappeared on May 30, met in private with Prime Minister Nelson Oduber over the weekend, and said on NBV's "Today" show that she believes that he's in "absolute agreement that the initial investigation has been so badly botched." She said the prime minister also told her that Aruba needs to review the first stages of the investigation to find out "who let this go wrong."

Evening Update via email from HarryTho:

Nancy Grace hosted Josie Mansur. Nancy offers some rumor about Natalee's body being initially buried and then removed and disposed of again. Josie states that an early witness claimed he saw some people move a body to the lighthouse area and bury it.

Anastasia Bolton, via telephone, reported that there is no word from the jogger witness who claimed to have seen a vehicle near the Racquet Club pond at about the same time as the gardener. My comment: It could have been the gardener's car. According to the final testimony, the gardener decided that he drove to the Racquet Club.

Nancy Grace mentioned a Star 66 system that can track a phone call for at least a week to any number. The jogger apparently made his input from a payphone.

Josie reported that some 12-20 divers will explore the site that is about one mile off shore of the Holiday Inn, Marriott Hotel and Fisherman's Hut.

Fox News (H&C) hosted Paul Reynolds and Mark Fuhrman. Paul reviewed the PM's statements to Beth Twitty. Mark Fuhrman felt Joran and the Kalpoe brothers should be prosecuted for lesser for offenses.
HarryTho 10:39 PM EDT Email Update:

Fox News (H&C) interviewed Paul Reynolds and Mark Fuhrman. Mark does not believe the Aruban prosecution has any evidence to charge anybody of anything. However, he feels that some form of obstruction of justice can be levied against Joran and the Kalpoe brothers. On another question, Mark feels that between 2-4:00 AM is when the kids and Paulus van der Sloot had to dispose of Natalee's body.

Paul Reynolds stated that the search groups needed equipment in order to probe the landfill. Mark Fuhrman stated that landfills are popular spots for the mob to dispose of bodies, because they are continually being filled with additional garbage.

MSNBC (Crosby) hosted Clive Paula, an Aruban diver, stated that 6 divers searched an area 500' by 200' some 100' down for 45 minutes. No evidence was discovered. More dives are planned.

Art Wood and Beth Twitty mentioned another witness, produced by Josie Mansur.

Greta (Fox) asked Arlene Ellis-Schipper about the motion in court today, concerning the request for evidence. Yet, there was no decision on the evidence. No polygraphs admissible in courts in Aruba or USA. Jim Hammer feels negative about the case. Jim feels prosecutor needs to hold onto whatever evidence she has. Ted Williams claims case is moving toward a circus and sideshow. Ted cuts down the efforts of Clint van Zandt in Aruba. Arlene explains the separation of powers, again, in Aruba. Bernie Grimm believes Joran will eventually be charged with this crime.

Nancy Grace is informed, via telephone, by Anastasia Bolton that the Prime Minister's Office is backing off the "botched" word reported by the AP in his conversation with Beth Twitty, concerning the early stages of the investigation. Joe Lawless states clearly that a homicide case cannot be botched in the first few hours or days; otherwise, it is all over. No one will ever confess. David Horowitz claims the PM in Aruba is a PR guy doing damage control on the eventual release of Joran van der Sloot. He recommends going some place other than Aruba on vacation. Josie Mansur deflects a comment about the PM warning Beth about comments against the judiciary. Josie said it was more a PR move to ameliorate the tension with Beth. Lauren Howard (?) just mentioned that the Arubans have closed ranks on this case. Dr. Kobilinski showed the arm found in Venezuela and described its appearance. It looked like a dirty, red-brown skeleton.

More as available...

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Hat tip - HarryTho for Aruba article

Posted by Richard at August 22, 2005 8:22 PM

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