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August 21, 2005

Aruba: Lesbian couple caught in Aruba-Netherlands rift

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Although this article has little to do with Natalee Holloway, it does point to a sovereignty issue developing between the Netherlands and Aruba. Also, notice the last name of the married couple: Oduber-Lamers. Oduber is the last name of the Prime Minister.

Chicago Sun Times
When two women tried to register as a married couple in Aruba last year, people on this Dutch island threw rocks at them, slashed their car tires and protested outside Parliament against gay unions.

The hostility eventually led Charlene and Esther Oduber-Lamers to flee the Caribbean territory, which refused to recognize their marriage even though the couple legally wed in the Netherlands four years ago.

Apparently the couple's(sic) fight to force Aruba's government to recognize their marriage(sic) has underlined a deep cultural rift between liberal Holland and its conservative former colony. Ruben Trapenberg sums it up nicely with questions about Holland's marijuana and euthanasia laws, by saying, "If we accept gay marriage, would we next have to accept Holland's marijuana bars and euthanasia? They have their culture; we have ours."

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