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August 19, 2005

A channel of resistance: Hollywood Joins America's Enemies - Again

Topics: International News

Regular Hyscience readers are familiar with our regular contributor on the Natalee Holloway updates, HarryTho, who hates MT software and we suspect uses an older cousin to our modern day keyboards - so he simply emails in his commentaries.

In this morning's piece, HarryTho writes that, if he read this article correctly, the countries of Cuba, Argentina, Venezuela and Uruguay are joining forces to develop a counter-electronic warfare communication station, Telesur. The article claims that Voice of America, right-wing Fox News and CNN distort the world image and pulse anti-Chavez propaganda into Venezuela. Telesur will provide a correct image of Latin America.

Latin American here refers to the Caribbean, Central and South America. A claim to a Bolivian vision of achieving Caribbean and Latin American integration has been expressed.

Telesur will be Caracas-based and team up with Al Jazeera. Uruguay's Telesur director calls the US invasion of Iraq a genocidal invasion and states that Telesur will be an instrument in the war of ideals with the West. Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru have indicated a willingness to exchange television programs with Telesur. Brazil has agreed to participate, as well.

The ongoing saga of the Natalee Holloway case might have other reasons for being aired so persistently by Fox News and CNN.

As a parting shot, Independent World Television (IWT) has been launched in Canada as a "left-wing CNN." The Mexican border hordes may well have another agenda here in the USA. I hope these border-crossers are coming to escape the ills of their regimes and not for mischief. South Americans have been identified among those detained for border crossing.

Of interest is that Hollywood personalities are on the advisory boards of Telesur and IWT.
Just as alarming - the reported plans of Telesur to go in for a "strategic alliance" with the Arabic language broadcaster - Al Jazeera. Al Jazeera has plans to launch an English language news channel in the near future. If there is a strategic alliance between Telesur and Al Jazeera, then together they could reach a global audience.

As to the participation of the Hollywood types, we all know that for every left-wing anti-American topic or project, there's no scarcity of Hollywood lefties to jump in to promote it. The man behind the venture is the noted Canadian documentary filmmaker Paul Jay. Jay, the maker of films like Return to Kandahar has denied that the new channel will have a Left-wing bias but has stressed that it will be truly independent. (Canadians, left-wing bias, Hollywood lefties, Latin American dictators, Al-Jazeera, wow, a totally impartial and agendaless group of dribblers to help get out the Islamists' peacefull messages...)

Posted by Richard at August 19, 2005 9:51 AM

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