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August 2005

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August 31, 2005

Appeals court rehearing urged on Kamehameha Schools Issue (Updated)
Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina Poses Major Public Health Threat
Late Night HarryTho Natalee Holloway Update and Commentary
Hawaiian Sen. Dan Akaka touts bill's economic value
Pope meets Oriana Fallaci - controversial critic of Islam
Utah May House 1,000 Hurricane Refugees
More Al-Sheehan
New Orleans under water: Everyone Must Leave - If They Can! (Updated)
Cindy Al-Sheehan And The Media

August 30, 2005

HarryTho Tuesday Night Natalee Holloway Update and Commentary
Hundreds feared dead on storm ravaged US coast
Warning: IPOD Price Increase Imminent
Scientific Research and Modern Day Fables
Childhood Exposure to Second-Hand Smoke has Long-Lasting Effects: Fruit Fiber May Help
American Tsunami: Help Information For Hurricane Katrina Victims (with updated Katrina info)
Intelligent Design to be Taught in Australian Schools - Opponents Are Furious
On the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri: Is Syria's Assad the 5th Man?
The Flip Side Of Abstinence: 50,000 virgins audition to join a king's harem
Kingdom Ready To Hike Oil Ouput - Why It Doesn't Matter!

August 29, 2005

Honolulu to Honor Little Leagers! (Updated)
Fitness Counts Even for Men with Coronary Risk Factors
Hawaii Is Clamoring For Trouble With The Akaka Bill
Cindy And Osama - Together Again
HarryTho's Monday Evening Natalee Holloway Update and Commentary
Lawsuit Seeks Cancer Warning for Chips and Fries
CAIR And ACLU, A Deadly Combination

August 28, 2005

West O'ahu wins Little League World Series Championship
HarryTho's Sunday Evening Natalee Holloway Update and Commentary
Hurricane Katrina Approaches Mainland
Thinking of friends in New Orleans - Updated
Natalee Hollaway's Mother Expects Answers

August 26, 2005

Microcosm Of The Islamic Agenda: Palestinian Authority Pledges Not To Disarm Terrorists
News On Natalee Holloway Case Starts Early Via FoxNews (With running evening updates)
Islamic Scholars Debate Suicide Operations in a Counter-Terrorism Conference Held in Sharm Al-Sheikh
Militant cleric gaining support from Iraqi youth

August 25, 2005

Police Need Your Help In Capturing Beating Suspects
Thursday Evening Natalee Holloway Update and Commentary
Feinstein Promises Abortion Litmus Test for Supreme Court Nominee John Roberts
The Terri Schiavo Case: Schiavo Tangled Web Extends to St. Petersburg College
Australia To Muslims: Accept Australian values or get out
Pro-war kin take down crosses at Sheehan site

August 24, 2005

The "Super Spike" in Oil Prices - Implications for the U.S. and Saudi Arabia
Study: Lifestyle Changes May Reverse Prostate Cancer
Hawaii: Proposed Akaka Bill Changes Get Federal OK
Wednesday Evening Natalee Holloway Commentary and Updates
C'mon Pat, You Can Do Better Than That!
The Fetal Pain Scandal
UK Unveils New Deportation Rules
Julie Popovich's ID Found
Chertoff assures Arizona of help on border
Feature America First: The IFC MUST GO - PERIOD.

August 23, 2005

Hawaii - Kamehameha requests rehearing of admissions case (summary and update)
Water returns to Iraqi marshlands
Where Is Julie Popovich?
Study Finds Placebo Effect Has Scientific Basis
Deepak Goes Back To 'C & C's,' Joran Beats Up Little Guy, More Alleged Victims Of Joran's, And Other Natalee (Evening Updates)
On ABC's Firing Of Graham For Speaking Out Against The Islamic Agenda: How About A Boycott Of ABC? (Updated)
Al-Jazeera Special: Video of Palestinian Female Suicide Bombers
Jordanians Capture Terrorists Who Fired on Eilat
How To Be An Illegal Immigrant And Win A Ranch By Judicial Fiat
Cindy Sheehan: 'America has been killing people on this continent since it was started (updated)
Has Robertson Gone off the 'Deep End' ?
Judicial Activists Redefine Parenthood

August 22, 2005

Hawaii's Inouye Blamed by Akaka Critics (Updated)
Clinical trials improving long odds of surviving lung cancer
Hamas Proclaims Victory, Promises to Destroy Israel
Iran's new sex-segregated park gets underway
Aruba PM Admits Mistakes Made In Natalee Holloway Disappearance (With HarryTho Evening Natalee Update)
Malkin is Top Dog
Secret Film Reveals Mugabe Tyranny
The ESC Replacement Hype
LGF: Tell Foggy Bottom: No Shari'a in Iraq
Hagel on Iraq: Wrong Again, and Again
Michele Malken: ISLAMISTS 1, TALK RADIO 0
Original Einstein Paper Found
Washington Times: Pope leads 'Catholic Woodstock'

August 21, 2005

Sunday Night Natalee Holloway Update From HarryTho (With Early Monday Morning Update)
What's The Best Sugar Substitute For Diabetics?
Iraq rebels 'will kill anyone linked to constitution'
Aruba: Lesbian couple caught in Aruba-Netherlands rift
Support for Kamehameha school in Hawaii echoes in S.F.
' THE REAL TARGET of Iraq insurgents'
Pope calls on Muslims to fight 'cruel fanaticism' of terror

August 20, 2005

Supernova shock wave creates halo effect
U.S. "concession" on Islam said to turn Iraq talks

August 19, 2005

Kamehameha Schools: Mainland alumni to protest ruling
Friday Night Natalee Holloway Updates With HarryTho Commentary (Updated)
La. ACLU Head Compares People Who Believe in Higher Power to Terrorists
Attackers Fire Missiles at U.S. Navy Ship
A channel of resistance: Hollywood Joins America's Enemies - Again
NY Sun: 'Bolton's Back!'
Watch Out for the Mad Ayatollah Mesbah
The Best Mexican Refugee Assimilation Plan I've Seen

August 18, 2005

How Chechnya Became a Breeding Ground for Terror
Evening Natalee Holloway Updates And HarryTho Commentary
Researchers make 'embryonic-like' stem cells from umbilical cord blood
Iraq The Model: 78 Percent Support Federal System - 26 Percent Want Islam As Only Source Of Legislation
On That RU-486 Matter
Trackbacks, Comments, Blogs (updated)
Chris Muir On Exploitation Of Children
Backlash: 'War moms attack Cindy Sheehan'
Mexico funding and manning staging areas for illegals
Torturing Bloggers who Fight for Freedom
Investigating Terri Schiavo's Murder
North Korean news now searchable
Chips raise cancer risk for youth as adults

August 17, 2005

Will eating Farmed Salmon cause Cancer?
Evening Natalee Holloway Updates And HarryTho Commentary (Updated)
Gene is found affecting the aging process
More Reasons To Shut Down Our Borders: 'Cartel Assassins'
Media Scandal Rocks Zim
A Lethal Agenda - Part I
More On Sheehan Shenanigans: The Sheehan Spectacle
International News Roundup From Blog Reads And The MSM (Updated)
Exercise In Dhimmitude: Symposium on Islamic terror resisted by Connecticut politicians, media, bank

August 16, 2005

Marines, Navy SEALs forge new special operations team
Bar at Milky Way's heart revealed
Evening Natalee Holloway Updates With HarryTho Commentary
Euthanasia Activist Gives up Starvation Death Effort as Too Painful and "Undignified"
Ayaan Hirsi Ali: UnFree Under Islam
Israel spy chief: Iran to be nuclear capable in three years:
MSM willing to re-discover Iraq?
Online Advertising Soars
Good news for the hundreds of thousands of cancer patients who undergo radiation therapy
Misleading Iraqi Death Rate
Delayed Posting Today
Persecution of Kosovo Christians Said to Reveal Larger Threat

August 15, 2005

Cindy Sheehan Debacle Heats Up - Updated
More Dirt on Roberts: he is a prayer sympathizer
Lifestyle change can slow prostate cancer
Hawaii: Kamehameha Schools And The Akaka Bill
141 arrested in terror swoop, as expulsion procedures against 701 people begins
'Beer Can Party' Comment On FoxNews Angers Previous Natalee Holloway Searcher (Includes Evening HarryTho Updates And Commentary As Arm Washes Up On Venezuelan Shore) (New update)
The False NARAL Ad is a 'Republican Diversion' says Howard Dean
Good News for Blog Advertisers
The Zimbabwe Government is Starving its People
Is Iraq to become another Islamic republic?
How Bush the world would gain from war with Iran
Was Natalee Holloway Drugged and Gang Raped?

August 14, 2005

Sunday Night Natalee Holloway Updates Via HarryTho Commentary
Radical links of UK's 'moderate' Muslim group
Germany rejects Iran military option

August 13, 2005

US warns of new attacks on London and in the U.S.
Saturday Night HarryTho Commentary On Natalee Holloway
As Zimbabwe Crisis Unfolds, Bureaucracy Delays Food Aid
Natural scientists are less likely to believe in God than are social scientists (But more believe than don't)
NARAL's Deception
Iran Used EU Negotiations To Buy Time For Completion Of Nuclear Facilities
Casey Sheehan Loved To Serve - But Cindy Sheehan Seeks Only To Be Served (by attention and limelight)

August 12, 2005

Friday Night Natalee Holloway Updates
A message to Cindy Sheehan From Iraq
Senate Democrat Boxer May Filibuster John Roberts Over Abortion
President of General Assembly Defends Exclusion of Pro-Life Groups
Is This Guy One Of The Al-Qaeda 'Aussies' ?
UK Considers Embryo Screening for Cancer
Green Tea Inhibits Invasive Behavior of Breast Cancer Cells.
Family Of Fallen Soldier Tells Cindy Sheehan To Please Stop! - Accuses Her Of Personal Agenda
NARAL Pulls False Attack Ad

August 11, 2005

Was Sudan Leader John Garang's Death an Accident?
Kamehameha School Lawyers Seek More Time
On Multiculturism, Immigration, and Dhimmitude - Three Steps To Terrorism
Evening Natalee Holloway Updates With HarryTho Commentary (with ongoing evening updates)
The Myth of Moderate Islam
Scientists Develop Powerful 'Stealth' Anti-Cancer Drugs With Ability To 'Sneak Into Tumors'
Steven Emerson Writes About New Al Qaeda "Documentary" (updated with video)
TSA nabs their first bomber
Preacher linked to al-Qaida to be kicked out UK
The Democrats' 9/11 slush fund
Hollywood's New War Effort: Terrorism Chic
About CAIR's Phoney Fatwah
Scientist Says That Cells Direct Membrane Traffic By Channel Width
Smoking Women Married To Smoking Men Have Higher Stroke Risk
Britain struggles with how to prevent terror legally: More on the dangers of judicial activism
The 9/11 Commission, What Did They Know And When Did They Know It?
Illegal immigrants have no right to sue!

August 10, 2005

Uneasy conservatives sticking with Roberts
Wednesday Night Natalee Holloway Updates
Akaka bill gaining higher profile
Researchers discover new tumor defense system
Australian Troops Bound For Afghanistan May Face Home-Grown Jihadists
The Right Time for An Islamic Reformation
The Muslim Rock: Boogie to 'Put a bomb in your shoe ..dadada'
Bakri: I'm coming back - Britain: Not so fast!
Dhimmitude at Virginia Tech: Classes segregated for Saudi students
Strawberries most effective at inducing cancer cell death
Whistleblower broke secret of Russian sub and 'saved men's lives'

August 9, 2005

Firefly protein lets researchers monitor molecule linked to cancer
Is It A Case Of "Today Gaza, Tomorrow Jerusalem?: Are Critics Of Israel Correct?
Tuesday Night Natalee Holloway Update And Commentary (Updated)
Lawyers for non-Hawaiian file new enrollment request
Briton Used Internet As His Bully Pulpit
Placenta May Yield Alternative to Embryonic Stem Cells
Dissident Claims Iran Has 4,000 Centrifuges
Weight of evidence against low-carb diets
Michael Schiavo: Guardian Of The Year?
Faith-Based Evolution

August 8, 2005

Kamehameha Schools and the Akaka Bill: Soverignty or Apartheid ?
Heart drug becomes cancer killer
Monday Night Natalee Holloway Updates And Commentaries
On 'Disagreeing about Iraq'
'The Right Nation' is now available in English
On 'The Price You Pay For Socialized Medicine'
Crisis looms as Iran resumes nuclear work - The clock is ticking
Better Body Scan for Cancer

August 7, 2005

HarryTho's Sunday Night Natalee Holloway Commentary
American Red Cross Fires Employee for Refusal to Celebrate "Gay and Lesbian Pride Month"
About That Rescue Effort To Save The Russian Sailors - Think About It!
Nuclear Iran

August 6, 2005

Saturday Night Natalee Holloway Updates With HarryTho Commentary
Rescuers start to cut free snarled Russian mini-sub (With Some Interesting Details From A Submariner) UPDATED
Mexicans pose Social Security drain (Updated)
A Joke
U.S. Says Some Bombs Used in Iraq Are Made in Iran
Michael Yon on Pundit Review Radio this Sunday

August 5, 2005

On Ahmadinejad - Clock Starts Ticking
Shipment of high explosives from Iran intercepted in Iraq
Friday Evening And Saturday Morning Natalee Holloway Updates
Bush Remarks On 'Intelligent Design' Theory Fuel Debate
About That Hawaiian School Decision (Updated)
US may deny visa for Iran leader's UN address
Internet worms could wriggle around warning systems and affect our national defense
Steven Vincent: 'Words Matter'
Study Suggests Diabetes Raises Pancreatic Cancer Rsk
On 'Muslim Critics Bash Phoney Fatwah'
US joins Russian submarine rescue
A 'Galloway Watch Update'
Goodness of milk 'offset by ovarian cancer risk' ?
Iraqi women urge U.S. to protect their rights
EU recognizes Iranian right to peaceful nuclear energy - Countdown to nuclear terrorism begins

August 4, 2005

About Al-Zawahiri's Latest Tape: Al-Qaeda's Attempted Deception Continues
Thursday Night Natalee Holloway Update With HarryTho Commentary
World's first canine clone is revealed

August 3, 2005

Who Are The Muslim Brotherhood Trying to Fool?
On Natalee Holloway: CBS Consultant Says No Body - No Case (Updated with HarryTho evening comments)
Malaria mechanism revealed
On Michael Yon's 'Battle of Mosul IV' (Updated)

August 2, 2005

Federal appeals court strikes down Hawaiians-only admissions policy at Kamehameha Schools (Updated)
ABC Gets Banned In Russia For Broadcast Of Interview With Terrorist Leader
Tuesday Evening Natalee Holloway Updates
Methane On Mars - The Plot Thickens
Cheryl Ann Magner Missing No More Not True!
DNC Uses President's Physical Fitness Report For New Political Attack
Life and Family Groups React with Avalanche of Outrage to Frist Betrayal
Palestinian Rocket Fire Kills Palestinian Child
On 'The Road Through Syria to Jihad in Iraq' - And Elsewhere
The Iraqis Are Working Tirelessly To Complete Their Constitution By August 15
ACLU Opposes Tax Exemptions For All Churches But Supports It For Satanic Witches
Your Body Is Younger Than You Think
How radical Islamists see the world

August 1, 2005

The Perfect Answer To IslamoFascism
Is Europe Being Run By Cowards And Appeasers?
Nanoparticles Pass Muster as Vectors for Gene Therapy
Natalee Holloway 8/1 Evening Updates (last update 11 PM ET)
UN Agency Confirms Pill, HRT Cancer Connection
More Evidence That European Nations Are Fed Up With Islam - Italy bans Islamic burqas
Religion of Peace(sic) Update - Some Of Today's 'Islamic Terror' - related Activities Around The World
Size Matters - at least to our immune system