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July 26, 2005

Vandals Torch 20 U.S. Flags, Car, after soldier's funeral

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This is Sunday's news, but it angers me enough that I want to make sure that everyone knows about the story. It's more liberal anti-military, anti-U.S. activity from our moonbat friends on the left.

Less than twenty-four hours after Army PFC Timothy Hines Jr. was buried, vandals removed about twenty flags from the yard of the soldier's parents-in-law, piled them beneath one of their cars and set them afire. Police doubt that the act was random and believe that the family was targeted. Neighbors, family and friends replaced the twenty flags with two hundred flags.

Hines, 21, was buried Friday after more than 400 people mourned his passing and celebrated his life at the Vineyard Community Church in Springdale. He died last week from injuries suffered when a roadside bomb exploded June 19 in Baghdad. PFC Hines was buried with full military honors, leaving behind a pregnant widow who expects to give birth in about two weeks, and a 2-year-old daughter.

It's bad enough that we're fighting a world wide war against Islamofascism, and having to fight it in a hot war at the core of the Islamists homefront, while also fighting it domestically, but to also have to combat the liberal left's hatred of America and of the men and women dying to help keep us free - within our own country, is just a little too much to have to condone. I say the remedy is to export them to Pakistan with the other Islamofascists that are inside our borders.

Posted by Hyscience at July 26, 2005 1:58 AM

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