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July 29, 2005

Possible Aruba Threat Causing Security Concerns? If True Could Impact Holloway Investigation (with 'Evening' Updates)

Topics: Natalee Holloway

Dan at Riehl World View has what he describes as either breaking news, or he figures alternatively, he's been played. So he precedes his post with a qualifier.

However, the subject of his post, if true, is most interesting, although not having to do with resolution of Natalee's disappearance. Apparently, reports suggest that over a week ago a letter came into a government office in Aruba postmarked from the United States, it is alleged that the letter threatened the government of Aruba that "If they didn't give Natalee back," an as yet unidentified group behind the letter would take action against the island.

According to Dan's source, those actions included contaminating water and meat imports flowing to the island from the United States. He did verify that the US is the largest importer of those and other products and goods onto the island. He says that he's unclear as to what, if any other threats may have been made at that time.

Read the rest of what Dan has on the story....

Other Natalee - related Updates:

Dan at Riehl World View writes that ArubaToday, an Aruban publication in english, online here, claims that a witness discovered by Twitty family Private Investigator, T.J. Ward in the Natalee Holloway case may be of little real value.

Also from Dan - (in the good news department)Was just informed that court results are now out in Aruba. All of the DNA evidence is said to have been thrown out - however, the tests can be conducted again through the proper procedures. Defense attorneys had challenged the testing as they claimed to have not been given enough time to argue against the procedure.

In possibly the most important development, a judge has ruled that suspect Joran Van der Sloot can be interrogated by both Dutch and FBI officials.

Well, it's again time for more commentary and info from the intrepid mystery writer, HarryTho: (So far, Harry's thoughts to chew on are as good as the Aruban investigators, and a hell of a lot more entertaining.)

My opinion, almost from the start, is that the police have the wrong guys. These mysterious disappearances of young, attractive girls are not uncommon. For example, a cute, blonde surfer gal, originally from Florida, went missing on the North Shore of Oahu a year back. She was last seen returning to shore, after having caught a few waves with the usual gang of surfers that frequent the site. There has never been a trace found of her.

I suspect that someone, some criminal entity, has put an order in for young, attractive, American females. The Sultan of Brunei and his aristocracy have been in this kind of business. Gangs around the world ensnare these young girls and move them overseas to serve in harems.

White slave trade is alive and well. It is not uncommon to acquire a price of some $100,000.00 for a young, attractive, blonde American girl. The same routes that enable illegal aliens and prohibited items to enter and leave any country are employed in trafficking of young girls. The Russian mafia and the Chinese criminal organizations (Tongs) are adept at these practices. The word: shanghaied, originates from young men and women being snared by the Chinese criminal organizations for the ultimate destination of the port of Shanghai.

In my opinion, Natalee and all these other missing blondes have been routed via these criminal networks to harems overseas.....

More in the category of reality TV, we have:

Larry King Live revealed that an Aruban judge has determined that there is insufficient evidence to DNA sample Satish Kalpoe. (not good)

US callers were asking Arlene Ellis-Schipper if truth serum or psychics could be used in interrogating Joran van der Sloot. You can't make this stuff up!

More already, from HarryTho:
On Fox News, Shipper has stated that the judge ruled that there was insufficient evidence to DNA "both" the Kalpoe brothers.

Also, Schipper made statements that the Alabama teens (via Beth Twitty) claimed that no man was in Natalee's room. This leads to unanswered questions about how male DNA got onto Natalee's toothbrush.

Fox News is interviewing Josie Mansur. Josie contends to have a witness who has stated that he saw three men in a pickup drive to the landfill. Two men from the pickup took a black plastic bag and carried it to the landfill dump area and deposited it there. While the two men carried the bag, long blonde hair fell out of the bag's opening. Then, the two men took out a baby's pool and placed it over the black bag. Keep in mind this is Josie talking.

Josie is also commenting on a white van that was seen around the Racket Club pond. Josie is trying to make a connection with the pond and Joran and the Kalpoes.

HarryTho at 10:33 PM ET:

Fox News (Martha) hosts Bernie Grimm, Ted Williams and Jim Hammer, as they disparage the investigation in Aruba. Grimm and Williams contend that Joran van der Sloot is home free whether Dutch or FBI interrogators get involved. Hammer discounts any useful evidence from DNA can be acquired in order to acquire a conviction.

Arlene Ellis-Schipper reiterates that the FBI has merely an advisory role. They will not get involved in any "active" investigation. Jim Hammer doubts the FBI is too overjoyed about being brought into this case so late.

One comment that I noticed is that the Racket Club pond draining has attracted a flock of huge egrets that seem eager to devour anything the water uncovers. The Aruban search team will not need to walk the pond, the egrets will alert them to anything the draining uncovers.

Also - Candiotti on Nancy Grace confirms that police report that the car seen by the Aruba Racquet Club by TJ Ward's witness was not the Kalpoes car. Candiotti reviews TJ Ward's interpreters notes and speaks to the woman witness. The story has not changed: it turns out that it was not Kalpoes car.

AND Nancy Grace hosts TJ Ward. Ward concedes that his witness has changed her story. It appears now that the witness claims to have seen the Kalpoes car before the night in question around the Aruba Racquet Club.

Nancy Grace is addicted to Josie Mansur revelations. Josie is just Josie, as ever, tonight.

Nancy had a female attorney on her show that hints that other islands need to be searched. The attorney feels that Aruba has put forth the required effort to sanitize Aruba for Natalee's whereabouts.

More HarryTho 11:30 PM ET - The AP has carried a version of the appeal decision on the DNA tests that is inconsistent with what has been promoted on the cable news networks. Though the judge has conceded not to disallow DNA sampling for Joran van der Sloot, the prosecution must first provide the judge with proper documentation, requesting the DNA sample from Joran and "specifying with what the DNA sample will be compared" prior to acquiring the court's approval. Hence, without a caparison, the prosecution cannot acquire a DNA sample from Joran. The Kalpoes have already been exempted.

More to come soon.

Posted by Hyscience at July 29, 2005 2:03 AM

Thanks for the tip. Lots of disturbed people out there; some serious and capable of their threats and some not. All threats have to be considered. Unfortunately, energy that could have been focused of Natalee is now weakened.

Posted by: hobo at July 29, 2005 11:28 AM

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