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July 9, 2005

On 'Profiling: It's Just Good Police Work'

Topics: War on Terror

No matter how you slice it, profiling is damned good police work and critical to winning the WOT. Right, Left, or Center, we need to put emotions aside and win this damned war while WE still exist as a free and open society. If after reading the following two posts, you believe the guys that wrote them to be 'Right of Center,' you might want to read Lennie Jarratt's Special Review of Paul Sperry's book, "Infiltration: How Muslim Spies and Subversives have Penetrated Washington," then read the book. Just get ready to be damned angry after you read it.

- Mark Jaquith:
In the wake of the bombings in London, the dialog about how we can prevent such attacks is again being moved to the front burner. One major component of the answer is on the tip of everyone's tongue, but they dare not say it outright for fear of the Political Correctness Policemen Policepersons.

We should look to profiling.

(...) "Oh no!" I hear you say. "We can't treat certain people to increased scrutiny. That's just not fair!" I agree. It's not fair to law-abiding Muslims that the vast majority of terror attacks are carried out by their religious and ethnic brethren. It's also not fair to law-abiding citizens for governments to ignore that fact.

(...) Consider this scenario: 12 people are getting on a plane. 6 are men of European descent, and 6 are men of Middle-Eastern descent. You are required to search half of the men. Which ones do you search? Your answer depends on what you hope to accomplish. If you hope to search the people who are most likely to pose a threat, you'll search the 6 Middle-Eastern men. If you are more concerned with making your search selection appear random, you'll search 3 men from each group. It's not that all Muslims are terrorists. Far from it. It's that almost all terrorists are Muslim, so in any group of people, the Muslim male (or sometimes even the Muslim female) is the one who is most likely to be a terrorist. If you do not search the people who are most likely to be a terrorist, you have a goal other than maximizing the safety of citizens.

(...) I'm aware that this must be very frustrating to the majority of Muslims who are good law-abiding people. They tend to get very angry when they feel that they are being singled out. That anger is good, but is usually misdirected. Why not get angry at those people who are creating the stereotype? Getting angry at the people who are merely observing and utilizing a statistical fact is pointless.

(...) You hear stories about old white ladies getting strip-searched, or honest-to-God Senators being given the "turn your head and cough" treatment in airport terminals. And people actually praise this bullshit. Why should the searching of a Senator or an elderly white woman make you feel safe? These are the people who are least likely out of anyone to be a terrorist or to be a threat to safety. Searching them does nothing to make you safe, and diverts attention away from the actual people who could pose a threat! (emphasis - Hyscience)

Read the complete post...

HT - Wizbang

On the issue of profiling, Naked Pundit is adamant, if not insistant:

And here's a little review for any nutjob liberals out there ...

Don't try to argue with me about what group has been responsible for the VAST majority of terrorist activities. Racial profiling works. That's why El Al has only been hijacked once. Citizens carrying concealed weapons, air marshals, and armed pilots work. That's why El Al has only been hijacked once. El Al flies internationally. They're not a tiny airline. Maybe these methods actually WORK.

Racial profiling works, Period. For politically correct reasons, I'm required to say that it shouldn't be used, but under certain circumstances, there's no alternative that's as effective where the benefit is as great. Liberals, because of their bleeding hearts, are making this country less safe by mandating that there must be less effective methods that do nothing more than annoy law-abiding citizens. Liberals are the reason that the TSA was created and continues to exist. Liberals are the reason that more citizens aren't self-reliant enough to take care of themselves.

When discussing terrorist activities and the groups historically responsible for those atrocities, "some people" doesn't include the 2 white people who've participated in terrorism on the same scale as the Islamic fundamentalists (although I am willing to discuss the Ku Klux Klan at greater length). Or the intoxicatingly few numbers of black people (although I am willing to discuss the Black Panthers at greater length) or asian people (although I am willing to discuss the Japanese Yakuza or the Chinese Tongs at greater length, but I don't necessarily equate organized crime with terrorism) who've participated in terrorism at all.

More at Naked Pundit ...

Posted by Hyscience at July 9, 2005 3:21 PM

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