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July 31, 2005

Natalee Holloway Sunday Night Updates

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Here are the latest updates on Natalee Holloway's disappearance, including a couple of HarryTho's comments, our intrepid reader and mystery writer.

First, my own view of where we're at in Natalee's case is that it's turning into a circus, sort of a version of reality TV and a competition of 'who can have his face on Fox' the most often. I can't help but get the feeling that some of the ES 'dog and pony' TV appearances might have a little to do with donations. But on the matter of the 'face on Fox' issue, my friend Dan seems to share those feelings.

Dan at Reihl World View:

Sorry for the ES fans, but this is pathetic. If you genuinely want to search the property of anyone involved in a murder investigation, you do not show up unexpectedly at the front gate with Fox News filming in the background.

Miller greeted TV audiences with a smirk tonight when the Fox reporter led him into what was likely a pre-planned discussion of an alleged confrontation with Paul(us) Van der Sloot at his home yesterday. Apparently, Miller is also taking some enjoyment from his plans to "keep up the heat" on Van der Sloot to facilitate a search of his private property.

Dan also writes that In what was a controversial story at the time, he reported that Natalee Holloway left Carlos and Charlies with Deepak Kalpoe and not Joran Va der Sloot. In addition to sources used for that first report, he apparently has now confirmed through another independent witness that the report was in fact accurate.

As to Beth Twitty's return to Alabama, Dan writes that it was not unplanned and has been anticipated for a few days. While she will return for any developments in the search for her missing daughter, Natalee Holloway, for now she'll get to spend some time with her son. Speculation suggests she may return this week, or earlier if anything significant develops. Dan has more on Beth's return, and also a post on a missing shoe investigators are looking for.

Dan also has an update on T.J. Ward, and writes that in tomorrow's issue, The Atlanta Journal Constitution is said to be profiling the increasingly famous private investigator - the man with the million dollar income charging the family of Natalee Holloway $125 an hour to help find their missing girl. He has a link to a pdf file which previously did a profile on the prolific detective.

ABC News has "A court ruled Friday that DNA samples collected from the Dutch youth jailed in the disappearance of an Alabama teenager and one of his friends could not be used in a case against them."

CBS is carrying the same story.

(Unfortunately, it's begining to look as though Joran van Der Sloot is going to walk free at the next hearing.)

You'll recall that CNN and other media reported on Saturday that the search of the pond on Aruba ended with no sign of Natalee Holloway. It's an un-ending string of dead ends that I am willing to bet a 'free trip to Aruba in a canoe' is going to lead right back to the van Der Sloot home - how about that well?

The Armageddon Project has a piece on several girls that have disappeared, including Natalee, and asks that everyone work just as hard to find the others, including Cheryl Ann Magner and Latoyia Figueroa. (Hyscience has previously posted on Cheryl Ann Magner, and will be posting on Latoyia Figueroa tomorow)

Now for the fun stuff - HarryTho's summary and comments in the form of excerpts from his emails:

Fox News (Geraldo) hosted John Walsh and TJ Ward. Both men are convinced that Joran van der Sloot and the Kalpoe brothers are guilty. Most of the bases for their convictions are the reports of Josie Mansur and his Dairio exposes on the recent eyewitnesses. I find it interesting that two somewhat-experienced investigators hold such high convictions in a case in which there is no body, no crime scene and no forensic evidence pointing to the suspects. That is rather remarkable for three kids to pull off, yet no one questions the absurdity of the currently-held conclusion.

(...) TJ Ward reports that the Racquet Club pond draining and investigation is complete without any results. TJ believes the new FBI involvement will produce results.

(...) Tim Miller, apparently, tried to search Paulus van der Sloot's home and property today with his new methane-detection equipment and was refused access.

(...) Eduardo Mansur of the Dairio related the latest female-eyewitness' account of a white pick-up truck being seen at the landfill. It was a white jeep, according to someone else who spoke with the witness. Whatever the case, and however many witnesses, the dogs and the methane-detection equipment has revealed nothing after three days of digging. At whatever depth that they are at in the landfill, they have dug deeper by boring 8-foot penetrating holes large enough for the dogs to enter and sniff. Still, nothing has been detected. Tim Miller, earlier, mentioned that the only "hits" turned out to be band aids. You must have sensitive equipment to detect spots of blood on discarded band aids. The baby's plastic pool, described by the first eyewitness, was found on the first day. No blonde female's body was found anywhere below the baby's pool.

(...) For the benefit of John Walsh, TJ Ward, Tim Miller, Geraldo and the Dairio gang, let me share some insight: the "credible" eyewitnesses of Josie Mansur are lying. Now, the question to follow up on is why they are the lying. Is it merely a distraction in order to mislead the investigation? I doubt that this is a masterminded effort to discredit a failed judge-in-training and his family. Accordingly, Joise Mansur might know what happened to Natalee Holloway and is trying to protect his friends or a clandestine enterprise operating in the Caribbean.

(...) Given all the ridiculous reports and "credible" eyewitnesses brought forth by Josie Mansur and his gang, the investigation into Natalee Holloway's disappearance needs to include Josie Mansur. There has to be a reason, other than seeing his face on Fox News, for Josie to orchestrate such perplexing reports. The authorities in Aruba have wasted too much time and expense catering to Josie's nonsense. Josie needs to be brought in for questioning.

(...) Tim Miller and his boys found nothing at the landfill, after three days of intense searching with dogs and sophisticated electronic equipment. The Racquet Club pond likewise turned up nothing. Beth Twitty left Aruba last night for Alabama.

(...) caught the Natalee Holloway segment on Fox News tonight. The only news considered breaking for today was:
1) Tim Miller refused access to search the van der Sloot property,
2) Beth & Jug Twitty left Aruba for Alabama, and
3) nothing discovered from the landfill or the pond draining.

(...) The only item that I missed in my earlier emails was that TJ Ward will commence employing the services of the voice analysis people with every new witness that comes in with new information. Apparently, TJ Ward is getting to know Josie Mansur!

More to come as it develops, from both the news media and from blogs...

Posted by Hyscience at July 31, 2005 11:52 PM

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